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Shop Clearance by Brand. Looking through the dinners, think I'm gonna really enjoy it! Message 9 of 27 Views. They will probably refund your money, you won't know if you're satisfied until you haven't lost any weight in that month. If she has any questions or you want an update after my next three weeks, beginning tomorrow, let me know. Sign In Help Standards.

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How to return Nutrisystem if you've eaten the food

I've gotten mostly tomato-based, including two pizzas, with this vegetarian plan. I did think I'd just be nuking, but find I'm cooking for my dog now! Have about ten pounds to drop - hopefully in my middle since I carry my weight in my core.

Thank you all for your encouragement! If you follow the plan, and adhere to ot I encourage everyone as they loose weight, to study their mantainance plan. You have to titrate your diet, add foods and wean off slowly. Give yourself a few months. Talk to the councellors, the maintainance is critical. You cant go from calories to or calories right away. It is a process, and works. As you wean you may gain 2 pounds, but can loose it after. Do not get discouraged.

The food isnt that bad. Depends on what you choose. It isnt as healthy as real food, but it is short term, and beats being overweight! My daughter is considering trying. Well, I've completed the Fast 5 on Friday. I found there was an awful lot to eat - wasn't used to eating 2 cups of plain veggies a day.

I did cheat one day - had a wicked salt craving so had some saltine crackers. I'm a fussy eater and even enjoyed a few dishes. I did not like the Curb bars - sandy feeling in mouth - but getting used to. Overall the food was good to very good - now I'm talking diet food with no butter, sauces, etc. Must admit have some Turbo Shakes leftover - just 'cause I wasn't hungry. But will incorporated them into my regular program - three recipes sound yummy and the shakes weren't bad alone.

But, overall it seems to be working! Cannot say how much weight I lost, but feel much less bloated and believe it's starting to work in my core where I carry all my weight. Just wondering if anyone here has tried it, were you successful, did you like it I have been on the program three different times.

The food they sent me was food I could not eat, such as sea food, etc. I liked some of the food, but did not care for some either. They selected what we ate.

I would rather choose my own food tastes. That way, I could stay with it more. When you purchase straight from the company I think you get to choose your foods.

I need to do something to lose, as I have a number of health problems and need to lose as well. Try it, you will like it, especially with Marie putting the foods together.

I hear it is beyond horrible. Shame on Marie for peddling this unhealthy product that most people can not even get down. I lost 25 pounds 2 different times on it in the 80's. I do remember it is very salty and couldn't do it now for that reason. If you order it from Nutrisystem you can get the My Way Program where you select your own food. It does cost more when you choose your own food but that's so much better than taking whatever they decide to send you.

I think the food is good and I didn't think it was overly salty. It IS a diet, so the portions are small, but it's good and you won't go hungry. In fact you'll be eating frequently. If you remember that it's a diet and not a five star restaurant I think you'll be pleased. If you decide to try it, best of luck! As with all weight loss programs A few years back I lost 60 lbs by doing just that I put it back on If you do a little research, and are willing to put in a little extra time in the kitchen, you can make your own "nutrisystem" meals My sister and two of my friends tried it and none of them could get past the horrible food.

All rights reserved Trademark Notice. Shop Clearance by Brand. How to return Nutrisystem if you've eaten the food. Sign In Help Standards. Auto-suggest helps you quickly narrow down your search results by suggesting possible matches as you type. I don't see that anywhere again in print. Does anyone know about this policy? Message 1 of 46 1, Views. You need to call CS and follow their advice. Message 2 of 46 1, Views. I'm pretty sure they don't expect one to eat a months worth of food and then be dissatisfied.

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