Shaking up the Salt Myth: The Dangers of Salt Restriction


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Its mind blowing to me the things that people want to argue about, other than common logic and sense. This flimsy assault on salt elimination was paid for by the International Salt Miners Association. Sunday, Sep 16th 5-Day Forecast. There are some minerals in the impure salts, but it does not matter with regards to your health. Comedian David Frye gives some impressions. Curl March 14, in Hernando, MS. Every creature on our earth dies without sodium chlodide.

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You are being deliberately obtuse. You could just help by answering the question instead of letting your ego take the wheel. Some people are happy to work with misinformation, try and read in between the lines and then get the diagnosis wrong. My preference is to know exactly what someone means and leave others to cock it up.

To answer your question: I assume you are referring to the possibility of a low sodium diet causing you to pee more and the answer is yes. Sodium helps retain water. So if you are on a low salt diet and are not eating enough veggies with natural sodium, you could become deficient and will pee more. Sodium is important to your diet. Squeeze the tip of one of your fingers.

If it springs back quickly you are hydrated with sufficient water. If not you are dehydrated. Dehydration can be because of not drinking enough water or urinating too much due to either not ingesting or not retaining enough minerals.

High quality sea salt is not white. It contains a lot of minerals beside sodium and chlorine. It acts as a salt lick for humans. Sometimes I need a little more. Check with a doctor of functional medicine if you need specific medical treatment advice in this area. So am I truly staying hydrated? Will taking salt help to retain water in my digestive system? And also my lifestlye is very active, aside from the sweating I do in steam rooms. I even work out before I do that. And from what I understand most toxins and waste are removed through feces.

I might sweat a lot during that time, but none of it is leaving my body through urine or bowel movements.

Any dietary advice, including the safety of salt, can mean life or death to a heart patient, and this sweeping advice can be dangerous to the wrong person. To add another anecdote to the pile, my otherwise healthy and young husband is preparing for heart surgery in 4 weeks to treat sudden heart failure. While he is encouraged to continue to consume low amounts of sodium which is present in almost every food , he is entirely restricted from salt.

Even a pinch of salt is considered a danger to him. There will come a day when he is on the mend and he CAN have a small amount of salt in his diet, there will never be a day when he MUST consume salt. So sayeth a cardiologist and, separately, a leading heart surgeon in Los Angeles. Sodium is needed — salt is not. Salt happens to have sodium in it, which is why people think they need salt. Sodium is naturally in whole, raw foods. And because of this it is not needed to be added to your meals on the table or whilst cooking.

But the body does need salt just not from the salt cellar. I too followed the recommendations of a low-salt, low processed food diet. I lost 40 pounds, got a great tan and a lot of compliments, but my father said I looked sick.

I went to the hospital with hyponatremia too little sodium in the blood , had an IV drip, and the doctor told me I drank too much water. A hospital uses a drip because they buy and sell pharmaceuticals. Though the body may initially use the second rate chemical reaction from the IV drip, this is not the way to maintain a metabolically useful sodium level. Modern living has shown that people do not understand what a wealth of sodium is lying in wait for them in simple vegetables.

This sodium is rich, abundant and metabolically usefull over a long term, unlike the toxic industrial chemicalised salt in everyday use. IV sodium at best, is a temporary stop gap, with potentially dangerous side effects and yet another crisis in waiting. Having too little sodium in the blood can be alleviated on a daily basis by simply consuming raw beetroot and celery.

It seems a bit suspect that we now need to add additional salt to our diets? What other animal needs to do this? Paul, naturally meats, fruits and vegetables, do not contain any NaCl at all.

What they do contain is Na, sodium and Cl, chloride. The confusion lies in articles like the ones presented on this site, that omit to clearly define the difference between essential Na and essential Cl and non essential NaCl or salt.

Sodium is not stable unless it is bound to some other element. As you dry it out it will find a neighbor or a protien to bind itself too. Exothermic reaction big time! If you bit down on a piece of pure sodium it would explode your teeth and jaw. Look at the difference between heme iron and iron oxide. Either will work in the body but the body has to work harder to convert one than the other into a usable form.

What type of ignorant person thinks that sodium chloride presents some challenge to the body to separate and make use of the sodium and the chloride? I can make almost anything into a salt amphetamines are often made into the form of a salt! That does not magically make it good or bad but it sure makes it easier for the body to use it! I can make cyanide into the form of salt but you do not want that in your body! Some of you are talking about chemistry and physiology you clearly do not understand.

Your body does not for instance use complete proteins either. The body than takes those individual building blocks not complete anything and builds what it needs to build.

If a form is toxic than you have a problem but other than that if it can be broken down it does not matter. Some forms are so hard to break down that you body just does not have the time to break enough down with the resources it has to use what is being taken in but that is another problem. You can turn any metal into a salt! The truth is that you need salts, not salt. Salt is not essential to life, but salts are.

The two words are not interchangeable Doctors are useless at nutrition. Recommending salt, instead of advising that sodium is plentiful in fruits and vegetables, as is chloride, and these are just two of the salts the metabolism requires to function healthily.

The amount of first class sodium in celery and beetroot is second to none. Chloride in abundance is also available in plant based food. Unfortunately not everyone eats veggies which are a natural source of sodium. Some people just refuse to eat them. Sadly those who refuse to eat veggies but then go on a no salt diet may have some issues. Ideally solve that by eating veggies. Extropian, you are very misinformed.

Matter of fact, animal meats actually have quite a bit per serving. So you must be referring to yourself or dust mites. Alan — I have eliminated salt from my diet and it is not a problem at all.

Sodium is different than salt. What I said was written flippantly as part of a personal anecdote, and was meant to represent my personal experience with my personal doctor. But my bigger point, and the point that I actually do care about, was that articles like this making big sweeping statements are harmful. But this article by a person who is seen as a professional is irresponsible and incomplete. Kell, you are right. People are very misinformed. More people need to die anyways….

Large herds in the days of old used to migrate constantly from places of salt licks to watering holes. The fact that animals ate addictive sodium chloride and went to a watering hole after proves nothing except that salt would make them thirsty.

Processed salt, what we typically think of as table salt, is typically 95 to 97 percent sodium with the remaining being trace amount of iodine and the rest flow enhancers. Realize there is virtually no chloride in processed salt. Sodium does not equal Sodium Chloride. Processed salt is not salt, it is basically sodium. James I totally agree with your sentiments regarding the separation of terminology regarding sodium and chloride and salt.

Concluding you state that:. All sodium requirements and all chloride requirements are more than adequately met from plant based foods or the animals that ate the plants. It is a myth that NaCl intake might cause health problems at low doses. What is missing, more likely and would cause health problems, is sodium and or chloride, not NaCl. Henry To a point I agree with you, if your largest physical exacerbation is twelve ounce curls, you may be correct.

However, since my normal work day consists of six to seven hours of sweating from head to toe, yes it is very physical, I do not believe you can simply eat enough to make up the loss. I do temper my additional intake on those days I know I will not be as physically active, Balance I do have a problem wrapping my mind around the concept you present the sodium and chlorine a chloride forms when the chlorine atom gains or loses an electron exists as independent molecules in plant or animals.

Sodium is a soft metal and is extremely reactive it will burn in water and does not exists in nature by itself but as a compound with other elements. I look forward to further discussions as I attempt to understand this concept. Uptake of ubiquitous sodium ions is desirable as a way to build osmotic potential, absorb water and sustain turgor, but excess sodium ions may be toxic. Information from a number of plant species about the proteins involved in sodium-ion uptake helps to explain how plants manage to take in just the right amount.

Sodium is a highly reactive metal. Sir, you blasting comment lends nothing to the discussion except to confirm that when you open your mouth foolishness comes out. If you had taken the time to properly research and present that research, you would have proven that my facts on the make up of processed salt was incorrect and stretch my mind to a new idea, but alas you have failed, not miserably to achieve great things, just failed.

Please look at the following article , I did some slicing and dicing on the article but hopefully have kept the intent of it intact. Why is Salt Refined? You may be asking yourself the above question.

Salt is refined for four main reasons: Refined salt, having all of its minerals removed i. Being a lifeless product assures a long shelf life. In fact, refined salt can sit on the grocery shelf forever. A long shelf life is a valuable tool to maximize profits for food manufacturers. Manufacturers believe that an all-white salt product will look cleaner to the consumer and, therefore, increase sales. Refined salt is bleached in order to obtain the white color. If the salt is taken from a polluted area, the refining process will remove the toxins associated with the salt.

Iodine is added to refined salt to prevent goiter swelling of the thyroid. Unrefined Salt As contrasted with refined salt, unrefined salt contains much more than sodium and chloride. Unrefined salt contains all of the elements necessary for life. Table 2 shows the major contents of unrefined Celtic Sea Salt.

Unrefined salt does not contain appreciable amounts of iodide. Unrefined salt has not been put through various machines to remove the minerals and other elements that are naturally part of the salt. In addition, unrefined salt has not been exposed to harsh chemicals. Finally, unrefined salt will have the minerals and elements associated with its origin. There is one sodium ion for every chloride ion. However, the atomic mass of sodium and chloride differ significantly, hence the different percentage by mass.

If there was a big difference in the amount of sodium compared to chloride, you would find that the salt was electrically charged.

If it were only sodium, you would find that it was a highly reactive metal. Salt is NOT bleached. NaCl is crystalline white in its pure form. There are some minerals in the impure salts, but it does not matter with regards to your health. In fact, pure salt is better, I am not too keen on eating Silica and Strontium…. So, refined NaCl with iodine is the best for your health.

Just bringing some chemistry to the table…. Refined NaCl is not good for your health, on the contrary, it is associated with stomach cancer just for starters.

Growing up, my older brother would call me a salt vampire. When I was pregnant my husband was sure my bp would skyrocket. I found that salty foods made my nausia go away, so saltines were at my bedside. At work I had a cup of salty sunflower seeds handy. And the minimal swelling in my ankles happened due to the increasing weight of the baby, not the salt. No one needs a lot of salt. However we all need the requisite amounts of sodium and we all need the requisite amounts of chloride for our personal metabolism.

All of the sodium aka natural salts your body needs comes from whole foods, not processed foods. Its mind blowing to me the things that people want to argue about, other than common logic and sense. It banishes room for other energies. This is why people are on meds without an emergency. They change a little due to becoming accustomed to something and only jump to suppress it. It takes some thinking to figure out what to do yourself instead of suppress the oncoming change.

Ingesting salt as NaCl, wich is a mineral salt, has very diferente effects than ingestin sodium as organic salt like sodium citrate or acetate sodium wich is abundant in a lot of plants, like the fruit of Lemon, Orange, the leafs of most plants we eat.

Nevertheless NaCl like the one it exists in the ocean water at aprox. Chloride is also very importante to mamals, humans included, because it is the ion wich is used to manufacture the chloridric acid wich permits to make digestion of food it is a mineral acid by chemical convention.

The sodium wich is mainly in the stomach walls then reacts with the acid and protects the stomach walls from being corroded by this very strong mineral acid wich corrodes food and gives bad smell to vomit. Organic sodium is better to health and has not the danger if hardening the arteries and veins. But nevertheless we should consume Chloride, wheter in plants or in NaCl, so the animals, like cattle or humans, or any mamal pets, be normal healthy animals.

Cattle is full of NaCl in fodder, wich is not good, it should have a lot less NaCl, and a lot more sodium and chloride in fertilizer to plants, so they can manufacture organic molecules and then the cattle like pigs or chichens ingest it and humans also. No, we should definitely not consume chloride from NaCl, when it is in abundance in plant based food, or animals that ate the plants. The best source of chloride is not NaCl.

I am reading through these comments and some people are very misinformed. Perhaps they are being paid by big pharma to spew this nonsense. Salt is not the primary reason behind hypertension its too much sugar and water.. Hyponatremia is when too much water in the body flushes the sodium needed to function.. You cells swells because the salt that regulates the in and out fluids in cells decreased.. Salt is eliminated though sweat and urine but sugar stays in until it is burned it up in either exercise or some physical work..

Sugar can cause glycation in the body which hardens tissues and sticks to cells like a magnet…. Now, I use to eat jars of pickles with salt , saltine crackers, and other salty foods sauce meats with no problems…. There is no proof that sodium causes high blood pressure and any health issues unless you are not drinking enough fluids especially water..

FYI, Too much water is not good for you either its biblical 1 timothy 5: The kidneys will hold that water in your tissues and body and now your bloated with water weight gain and other issues will follow…. I was never given a blood sodium test for HBP just the meds and guess what!.. My body was like balloon with water that needed to be eliminated.. Low salt helped kill my mother-in-law and it almost killed my sister-in-law a couple of years ago.

I have been helped so much by my salt and water. Sometimes I take it about 30 minutes before bedtime. I have been doing this over a month now. It has completely stopped my foot cramps and leg pain. I have lost 15 pounds. I think of those has over 80 trace minerals that our bodies need.

A person cannot survive without salt, period. Try some of the healthier ones. You can find it typing in Water Cures and Sea Salt. Sodium should come from plants or the animals that ate the plants. Chloride should come from plants or the animals that ate the plants. These terms are not interchangeable.

No, you really, really really need salt in your diet, it is a macro-nutrient and is not that easy to find in diet without occasional supplementation, which is why it seems to make ordinary food more attractive, and dampens down bitter tastes, usually a danger sign for inedible food. It even has a tranquillising effect in prey animals because it is so valuable that that it is worth the extra risk of being preyed upon to get that salt into the system.

Salt has never been an essential compound for human metabolism to function correctly. You are totally fooled by a myth. Sodium is essential as is chloride. NaCl is not essential and never has been. Sodium from plants or the animals that ate the plants and chloride from plants or the animals that ate the plants is where humans derived their sodium and chloride for tens of thousands of years.

I have experiential proof that NaCl is not essential. As for suggesting that sodium and chloride are hard to find in a diet shows a massive ignorance regarding the sodium and chloride content of fruits and vegetable. Andrew and Janice, thank you. Natural salts from whole foods is all you need, so eat enough of them.

Go ahead, keep eating it….. This has something to do with it. Many people have been rescued from looming death by astute doctors wise enough to make immediate prescriptions for more salt intake.

Salt deficiency is a term, not a word, therefore it is an expression used by doctors, quacks, so called health care professionals and a host of sundry members of the public. The fact that the average diet is devoid of sodium rich foods from plants or the animals that ate them, is the primary reason for electrolyte imbalance. The quick fix sodium chloride infusion is merely a pharmaceutical stop gap for an inherent sodium deficiency, which will have started shortly after birth when toxic NaCl would have been used on a massive scale by the toxic food industry as a preservative, allowing junk convenience food to remain on the shelves for months.

Laced with toxins and devoid of nutrients, this product is well known in stomach cancer circles, after decades of its use instead of ingesting sodium rich foods as the norm. Therefore it is not surprising that some may be deficient of the electrolytes the body rquires. No one is salt deficient, because the compound NaCl is not part of plasma or blood. The fact that a doctor who is taught to use drugs gives someone a sodium chloride infusion, may assist in the short term, but as usual with pharmaceuticals, they never see the cause, only a symptom.

It is a temporary pharmacy fix. An infusion of any sodium rich plant juice would have the same effect.. There are countless numbers of people who have suffered at the hands of drug salesmen. Side effects associated with use of intravenous sodium chloride include: For as many that are helped by this stop gap, quick fix, countless are suddenly rushed to intensive care. I workout 6 days a week, Times a day.

My heart rate is beats per minute depending on how sick I am, and I consume roughly calories a day from healthy whole foods and little to no processed foods cheese, luncheon meat, some whole grain pasta and whole wheat bread. I drink 16 8 oz glasses of water daily, more if training for a large event.

I have no sign of hypertension as of right now. I did a study for a specialist a couple of years ago. I ran, swam, biked, weight lifted, ate, drank, whatever was asked for the study. I performed like a man in my prime, and still do, as I get older I am getting better, weird?! The secret is to listen to your body to establish what you need, indulge a little, moderation is key with most diets, stay active, be positive.

The minute you go to fad diets for any reason other than health concerns, than you are messing with the natural order of things. Organic or budget is the only real choice, and even that is relative. Different things work for different people. Find an organization, federation, association, group or whatever of like-minded individuals and hope what they do works for you if that is your cup of tea. I hope everyone finds what works for them, good luck and good health wishes to you. This article is seriously irresponsible.

Full of pseudo science and selective statistics. All professional medical authorities confirm sodium as the prime factor behind hypertension. To suggest otherwise is pure bunk. Ignore this article and get your advice from a qualified medical specialist.

Phil, a man after my own heart! I have to say though, that I am definitely a fan of sodium! Sodium from plant sources rich in Na, celery beetroot to name two, are to me, a life blood. Its ubiquitous use of adulterated and subsequently therefore, unnaturally toxic sodium chloride is the real concern. Its process and horribly excessive use as a preservative and seasoning, is our undoing, not the sodium.

We just need to make sure we are drinking enough water to flush out the excess salt. A distinction must always be made between science and advertising. This flimsy assault on salt elimination was paid for by the International Salt Miners Association. After consuming 10 glasses of water on Wednesday, I noticed today that I had symptoms of low blood sodium. What made you drink ten glasses of water? You say you have been on a sodium restricted diet.

Do you actually mean salt ie sodium chloride? If not, why would you want to restrict sodium, it is an essential electrolyte?

You also say you now want to raise your salt consumption, why? If you are on a restricted sodium diet, how will you maintain that by increasing salt?

What you absolutely have to be clear about is what are you trying to restrict and why, and what are you trying to increase and why? You also have to be clear on the difference of processed toxic salt ie sodium chloride in packaged junk food, and sodium from plant material, or from animals who have eaten the plants.

One is junk salt. What is a garden burger? This sounds horribly like American packaged food and therefore full of sodium chloride. I need information on this where are the most reasonable places to per chase this food. The link still works on our end: I am of the opinion every one is mineral deficient.

I suffered chronic fatigue for 4 years potassium showed 3. She put me on microK 8 ME twice a day. I am no longer exhausted or weak! Worked within a few days. Drinking gallons of orange juice for any reason is an incredibly foolish thing to do as is the statement foolish. High levels of fructose or fruit sugar are contained in every type of orange juice. All fructose is metabolised by the liver, so an excess of it contributes to visceral fat. As a result heavy fructose consumption can lead to cirrhosis of the liver.

The damage caused by excess fructose is very hard to spot, because those suffering from it tend not to look fat. When you eat a whole piece of fruit, the fructose in it comes equipped with fibre, giving your liver far more time to metabolise it, than with fruit juice. Smoothies are not any better, when the fruit is blended the insoluble fibre is torn to smithereens. No one in their right mind would suggest removing sodium, an essential electrolyte, from a diet.

Industrialised sodium chloride, yes, but not sodium. So the hypothesis is irrelevant. The removal of toxic polluted sodium chloride would be beneficial, whilst maintaining intake of plant based sodium, or eating the animals that have consumed plants. I started a running addiction at age 43 and since then I have run about 60, miles including finishing 40 foot races of or more miles. I also have 38 in-completes at the mile distance. I will be attempting the Lean Horse mile race next Saturday.

First when I started running I avoided all fat and had issues with dry skin. I avoided salt and had issues with cramping during marathons and longer races. I also do NOT worry about adding salty things like ketchup to some foods when I eat out. I now eat at buffets 3 days a week and at home 4 days a week.

I started eating lots of pasta and now I eat very little pasta, but LOTS of lightly cooked vegetables like broccoli, cauliflower, squash — winter and summer types, peas, corn, green beans, carrots, brussel sprouts, kale, kohlrabi, collard greens, swiss chard, asparagus, potatoes, tomatoes , fruit strawberries, blueberries, blackberries, bananas, watermelon, cantaloupe, honeydew, pineapple, pears, apples, grapes, peaches, plums , nuts pecans, almonds, walnuts and meats, salmon and some other fish, chicken and turkey without skin , sirloin steak, pork tenderloin and oatmeal.

I do not eat wheat products or desserts very often. I am 68 inches tall and currently weight pounds depending on how much salt I had.

My blood pressure is over with a resting pulse of My glucose is and my triglycerides are Some people do care. I learn from what others say. Yeah maybe he went into a little more detail than was needed but we can still learn from him. The problem seems to have started around and got progressively worse. So when self-appointed experts began recommending salt restriction I immediately smelled a rat and went back to look at the past fifteen years of my own annual blood test data.

The result was not unexpected; my sodium level was consistently maintained just below the lower limit of the recommended guideline range. Now, my diet has been anything but consistent over this period so apparently evolution has, as we might expect, equipped the body with a sodium control mechanism..

No doubt the data linking hypertension to salt intake is derived from the few people who the medics see with hypertension problems resulting from a dysfunctional sodium control system. I believe there is even research data to support this conclusion. However when there is insufficient dietary sodium the control mechanism would be unable to function. Notably, the animals are simply given access without restriction. Once again we have the bunglers regulating something taken care of by evolution, something they apparently never studied, along with any consideration of all-cause mortality.

Salt licks a non essential compound as inorganic sodium chloride have no metabolic correlation to essential organic sodium, a required nutrient. Most farmers would expect and want their herds to remain nearby where an addictive substance was made available. That was a sign that there was salt enough to sustain life and provide an income to those who settled there. Many towns and indeed great cities arose because salt was available.

Most dynasties, Chinese for instance were funded on salt tax, because salt is essential to life. You simply die without it. There is no such thing. Sodium cannot exist except as NaCl. It conflagrates with exposure to air. Avery Island, home of McIhennyTabasco sauce is built on millions of tons of solid salt.

Mountains in the Mid-East are solid salt. Mayhap you mean the Ghandi salt. Well, I should not say that. Most sea salts are combination salts. These elements do not exist except as salts. You would rather eat a piece of an animal that ate a rock. That makes you feel OOH so less bad. Only a fool believes that. No one dies because they do not ingest salt. I have been told and agree not all salt is made the same and sea salt is the best to use. Maybe someday you will discuss the differences?

And my mother has it ingrained in her mind we need Iodine salt, is there research on that? I agree our bodies tell us how much salt we need. My 12 year old daughter was constantly putting LOTS of salt on her food.

We were always telling her to stop putting so much salt on her food. We had her tested because she has food sensitivities and we were afraid she was malnourished She was actually sodium deficient. Sodium chloride, salt or NaCl, is the worst possible way to satisfy the bodies need for organic sodium.

No doubt, without an adequate or required abundant supply of an essential nutrient, organic sodium, the nearest evil, inorganic salt, was the only available substitute. This salt sodium chloride in no way fulfils essential sodium deficiency, it is merely an attempt to grab sodium in any form available, even if that form is second rate, or even toxic, to satisfy low organic sodium.

In the long run, sodium chloride, instead of abundant organic sodium could be a metabolic nightmare in the making. No, we need sodium chloride, it is the fluid our entire body runs on. If it did, in emergencies people could be put on MSG drips. We need our internal oceans.

I also recall watching a show on elephants in Africa that make some epic pilgrimage every so often to a natural salt dense area and gorge on salt. Yet another Western medicine backwards piece of garbage advice. But that is the bulk of Western medicine, so one can hardly be surprised.

I do have some reservations for refined salt however and personally only use Himalayan or other naturally occurring sea salts. For diagnosis of substance dependence addiction , seven criteria apply and fulfilling at least tree of them signifies addiction. When studied, salt intake according to these criteria, it is seen that most of them are fulfilled, showing that sodium chloride, which is not classified under the psychoactive drugs, is capable of producing addiction.

Animals may become addicted. Interestingly there is a massive referenced article on the fraudulent claims of the delusional Joel Wallach here if you want an insight into his misconceptions. Himalayas are WAY up in the mountains..

For thousands of years mankind has followed animals to find where salt could be found. Those of you who say you can live on the salt in your diet would die because if there WERE no salt for an animal to lick, there would be no animals for you to get salt from their meat.

THEY would have died off for lack of salt. There are salt domes that contain millions of tons of salt worth billions. Some are pure white, NaCl. Eating salt some are different color, Mg, Mn whatever the only source of some of the strategic metals we need.

You want pure seasalt, go to India buy what Go fought the British for,the right to gather salt off the sea. It did not pay tax, so it was forbidden.

Most of the world has been financed by salt, whether by tax or by selling price. Absolutely vital to human life or the animals we eat. Google makes us all so smart, does it not? You may not understand what Google says, but you can damned well mimic it. What issue was it from? Yes, I have seen the effects of an inappropriately low-salt diet in some of my patients. It is particularly an issue for those with depleted adrenals. Poor adrenal function means they produce less cortisol and less aldosterone, which is needed to reabsorb sodium.

And of course cortisol and aldosterone are built on a backbone of cholesterol. For some people improving fat digestion is the key that makes a difference.

With salt reduction, there is a small physiological increase in plasma renin activity and aldosterone. So might this actually be of benefit to your point about weak adrenals and lack of aldosterone? Fat digestion might simply be giving the permeable cell the correct fats first? So adjust two food stuffs and a number of issues might resolve themselves? In the studies you have referenced, was iodine in salt controlled for?

For many in western countries iodized salt would be the main source of iodine in diet, which begs the question whether the correlations shown are linked to sodium or iodine. Someone please help me with the conversions here. The study Chris cites indicates 4 to 6 grams of salt excreted in urine per day is associated with lowest CVD risks. They are measuring by weight and not by sodium density? By my calculations, one teaspoon of salt is roughly 4. Anyone excreting 4 to 6 grams of sodium chloride daily will sooner or later run into serious glomeruli filtration problems.

You will also get your necessary chloride from plants. The RDA of salt requirements is a figure for corporations to exist, whilst their food sits on shelves.

Do you have a citation for glomeruli filtration problems? There are a lot of Paleo people doing more than four grams of sodium a day and not showing any adverse effects. My bad, we are talking salt. I was just asking for citations showing 4 to 6 grams of sodium chloride excretion would cause the problem you cited. Effect of dietary sodium chloride on the development of renal glomerular and vascular lesions in hypertensive rats.

The hypothesis that high levels of NaCl in the diet aggravates hypertension-associated renal vascular lesions was examined in unilaterally nephrectomized deoxycorticosterone acetate treated DOCA and two kidney one clip 2K1C hypertensive rats, as well as normotensive controls.

In 2K1C rats this effect may be in part independent of blood pressure. She spent many years as a special education and elementary school teacher. Jan enjoyed golfing, playing bridge, biking, and traveling with great friends. Her number one hobby was loving on her grandchildren.

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Also surviving Ferd is his daughter: Monica Mike Simpson of FL; step son: Christopher Katie Kolin of MN; two grandchildren: Emma and Britton; three step grandchildren: Lincoln, Madelyn, and Camryn; two brothers: Graveside services for Ferd will be held at Mt.

Pulaski Cemetery at a later date. In lieu of flowers, memorials may be made to the family of Ferd Jay Schlitt. August 14, at his family residence, Clinton, Il. Kent Hickerson and Ernie Harvey, Jr. Visitation will be 5 — 7 PM, Thursday, August 16, at the funeral home. He married Wilma V. Longenbaugh February 15, in Clinton, Il.

She passed away December 22, He later married Mabel R. He was preceded in death by his Parents; 2 brothers, 5 sisters; 1 step-daughter, Anna Stepp; and 1 great-granddaughter. Jim was a retired farmer. He proudly served his country in the US Navy. Jim was a school bus for the Deland-Weldon School District for 20 years. Merriell, 77, of Clinton, IL passed away at 5: He married Lois J. Smith November 15, in Greenup, IL.

Survivors include his wife, Lois J. Brown, 70, of Atlanta, passed away Wednesday Aug. She was united in marriage to Paul Thomas McNail in She later married Kenneth Earl Brown on Feb. He preceded her in death on May 12, Janet graduated from Paxton High School in After high school, she pursued careers in nursing and cosmetology. She was baptized at Atlanta United Methodist Church. He preceded her in death on July 22, Surviving Donna are her children: Robert Franklin JR of Mt.

She was preceded in death by her parents, five brothers, and four sisters. Donna was of the Christian faith. She loved playing bingo, gambling, reading, embroidering, playing cards, and she was the best pie maker in Logan County. A Memorial Service for Donna will be Visitation will be two hours prior to service, 9: Burial at Carlyle Cemetery will follow the service. Memorials may be made to the Humane Society of Logan County. The family requests casual attire. Survivors include his mother: Margaret King, Maroa, IL; daughter: Koonce, Clinton, IL; 2 grandchildren: Charla King, Knoxville, TN; 2 nieces: Kim King and Kristen Pachis; and great-niece, Mackenna.

Also surviving is his extended family: Rick served his country in the U. Army and was a member of the Maroa Masonic Lodge. He was an avid auto racing fan and participant. Rick was a wonderful father and grandfather. Samples, 76, of Heyworth, Illinois, passed away at 5: His visitation will be Saturday, August 11, , from Lunch will immediately follow. Many nieces and nephews, 23 grandchildren: George joined the United States Air Force straight out of high school where he served his country for the next 6 years.

Upon discharge, he joined the United Brotherhood of Carpenters until retirement in He built everything from residential homes to high-rise buildings in Chicago and later in Bloomington. He enjoyed building things and could fix just about anything!

Even in the final weeks of his life, he continued helping remodel his farmhouse in Farmer City that he shared with his wife and grandsons for over 15 years. He had 6 children of his own, but as a softball coach for over 13 years in Arlington Heights, he mentored and taught hundreds of athletes, passing on his love for the sport to all.

He managed several championship teams and travel teams. He even managed to get himself thrown out of a few games while defending his players and fighting for what was right. His passion as a coach was second to none. In the eyes of many, he was simply the best!!

Once his children were grown, much of his focus was on his grandchildren. He spent much of his time watching softball, baseball, track, cross country, gymnastics, wrestling, and many glorious evenings under the Friday night lights. He supported all of his grandchildren in their many endeavors. His love for them was unprecedented. His love for his family was great, as was his love for Oklahoma where he was born and raised.

He was a dedicated husband to his wife, Susie for 56 years, an involved father and a proud Papa. He loved living life and fought the good fight until the end. He will forever be our Guardian Angel watching over us. He will be greatly missed by all that knew him. Dingman, 81, of Latham, IL, passed away at 4: Sunday August 5, at his home. Services for Harold will be Burial will follow at Lake Bank Cemetery, rural Latham.

Memorials may be made to the Latham Fire Department. He preceded her in death on January 2, Surviving Mary are her sons: She was preceded in death by her parents, one brother: Harold Begolka, and one grandson: Mary was a member of St.

John United Church of Christ in Lincoln. She worked at Country Companies as a claim adjuster for over 30 years. Services for Mary will be Saturday August 11, at St. Burial at Hartsburg Union will follow the service. John United Church of Christ. She married Charles Williamson on March 16, in St.

He preceded her in death on January 6, Surviving Florence is her son: She was preceded in death by her parents, one brother, and one niece. Private family services for Florence will be held at a later date. Francis Medical Center, Peoria, Illinois. Visitation will be 10 — 11 AM Wednesday at the funeral home.

He was preceded in death by his twin brother: He graduated from Maroa High School in In , he married Harriet Miller of Latham, a marriage that continued for nearly 73 years. Together, Charlie and Harriet founded a farm in Warrensburg, where they would spend the next 60 years together. Funeral services will be held at Burial will follow in Illini Cemetery, Warrensburg. Condolences and memories may be shared with the family in care of Brintlinger and Earl Funeral Homes at www.

His memorial service will be at 2 p. Larry Collins will officiate. A time of visitation with his family will be from 1 to 2 p. James Lee Orrick Jr.

He was united in marriage with Lynda McKown on June 4, Butterfield, 96, of Maroa, passed away 4: His service will be at 11 a. Mary Alice Cunningham officiating. Burial will follow at Salem Cemetery, Decatur, with military honors.

Visitation will be from 3 to 5 p. Memorials may be directed to the Forsyth United Methodist Church. He married Winifred Wolfer Sept. She passed away July 3, Survivors include his daughter, Cheryl L. John was named the Macon County Young Farmer in John also served on the Cisco Elevator board and the Cornbelt board for 19 years. A memorial visitation will be held from 6: He married Tammy M. Dunbar on April 11, , in Hudson, Illinois.

She survives in Heyworth, Illinois. He is also survived by his father, William H. Butch worked as an excavator all over the McLean County area. He enjoyed fishing, landscaping, gardening, mushroom hunting, and Harley Davidson motorcycles. Kirk, 62, of Lincoln, IL, passed away at Michael is survived by his children: Anderson of Elkhart; six grandchildren. He was preceded in death by his parents and one grandson. Cremation rites for Michael will be accorded.

She leaves a legacy of thirteen children, thirty-three grandchildren, forty-one great-grandchildren, and six great-great-grandchildren. Mildred was born on March 30, in Logan County, Illinois. Her birthday is shared with two of her great-grandchildren, Taylor Wooldridge and Colten Haller. Charles, Missouri on August 15, In order to make the trip Jack had to replace the worn tires on the car with good truck tires. That was not permitted during WWII because while farmers could get new truck tires, car tires were rationed.

They eloped to Missouri anyway and were married for fifty-eight years. After they returned to Illinois they spent the first forty years of their marriage on a farm near Lanesville before retiring to the Lakewood area. She was also preceded in death by four siblings: Mildred is survived by her thirteen children: After her youngest child started school, Mildred decided to go to college. Environments and People in June of After college Mildred taught at St.

She wrote four books on genealogy and history, three of which were about the Salt Creek area near Watson, Illinois where her mother, Leona, grew up. As a child Mildred loved to visit her relatives in that area. She was also a 4-H leader for fourteen years, and at one time had her living room full of sewing machines teaching girls how to sew.

Mildred was a talented artist, and she enjoyed drawing, painting, ceramics, and photography. Mildred and Jack believed strongly in education and were proud that all of their children attended college. They were also proud that seven of their children served in the military. Mildred recently stated she was most proud of her children, that she wrote four books, and that she went paragliding off the side of a mountain high above Interlaken, Switzerland at the age of seventy-two.

In her later years, Mildred especially loved listening to the country music created by her talented southern Illinois friends. Special thanks to Michael P.

Kilhoffer who lived with Mildred for over six years and made sure she enjoyed life, including taking her to hundreds of musical events. Wayne Steele was an incredibly caring neighbor who deserves high praise for the many times he helped Mildred through the years.

Honorary sainthood is granted to Jeanne Camfield for all her tireless help with her mother. Visitation and Funeral Mass: Family will receive friends from 9: A funeral Mass will follow at Burial will be at the Calvary Cemetery in rural Illiopolis. A luncheon will be served in the church hall.

In lieu of flowers, memorial donations may be made to the Resurrection Catholic Church in Illiopolis or the Immaculate Conception Catholic church in Shelbyville. Mollet, 86, of DeWitt, passed away at 3: Graveside services with military honors will be at 3 p. Tuesday July 31, at St. Visitation will be 2 to 3 p. Tuesday at Calvert Funeral Home, Clinton. He married Mary Lou Blew in in Chillicothe.

She passed away May 15, Survivors include his children, Robert Blew, Seattle, Wash. He was preceded in death by his parents; infant daughter, Victoria Suzanne Mollet; and three brothers. Leo was an Army Veteran who served in Korea. He served on the village board for Wapella and DeWitt, was a past mayor of Wapella and was a Wapella fire chief for 10 years. Leo was a truck driver.

Bobbitt Senters, 59, of Clinton, passed away at July 26, at his residence. Services will be at 11 a. Burial will follow at Oak Park Cemetery, Clinton. Visitation will be 10 to 11 a. Several nieces and nephews also survive. Copley, 88, of Micco, Fla. He was married to Mary Ann Meyers Copley. Celebration of life will be from 2 to 4 p.

Kobe enjoyed people watching, flirting with girls, and listening to country music. Memorial service for Kobe will be 5: The family will receive friends for one hour prior to the services. Memorials are suggested to the family in care of Christina Webb or Will Weaver. Decatur, view the online obituary, send condolences, and share memories at www. Visitation will be held from 4: A Rosary Service will be held at 3: Burial will be in St. Mary's Cemetery in Lincoln.

Gregory Stephen Feldman was born November 28, , in St. Greg was united in marriage to Teena Harbert on September 23, Greg is also survived by his daughters: He was a devoted uncle to his nieces and nephews, and a loving Papa to his granddaughters, Aspen Marie Usalis and Skylar Abigail Usalis. Greg retired in June of Greg knew no stranger and was always known for his kind heart, quick wit, and ability to make people smile.

Graveside services for Mr. Dave Taylor will officiate. Cremation Rites have been accorded. Tom and his forever sweetheart Virginia Duvall married in Clinton on Dec. With his passing, Tom was reunited with his parents Carl B. Halsey and Anna Ruble Halsey, along with all his sisters: Tom retired from Deluxe check printers. He was a loving uncle to 17 nieces and nephews and a good man who would help anyone in need.

Tom always loved Waynesville and the people there. As a Times Past Inn breakfast and Denny's Donuts afternoon coffee regular he made lasting friendships that are a treasure to us.

Loved to dance and always had a full dance card. In lieu of flowers, memorials may be made to Tom's family who will in part donate to American Legion Post for the new roof fund. She married Marion J. Ranney in November of in Detroit, MI. He preceded her in death on July 6, Phyllis is survived by her daughters, Dana Donald W.

Smith of Springfield, and Marian Jeanne Ranz of Springfield; three grandchildren, and five great-grandchildren. A graveside service will be held for Phyllis at She married Charles D. December 16, in St. He passed away September 12, Survivors include her son, Charles David Kyle, Jr.

She was preceded in death by her parents, sisters, Shirley, Sally, Norma and brother, Kenneth. A Masonic Service will begin at 2: Don Ferrill will officiate. Wallace was a retired electrician from the University of Illinois. He was wounded and received a Purple Heart. She was born to the late Ralph E. Vera was united in marriage to Eugene E. Meadows on November 28, in Lincoln, Illinois. Vera spent most of her life on the family farm in Cornland, Illinois.

She was a wonderful cook, loved children, and enjoyed fishing. She was a loving daughter, sister, wife, mother, grandmother, great grandmother and aunt. Services for Vera will be held at Pulaski Christian Church in Mt. Visitation will be held two hours prior to the service 9: Burial will follow the services at Mt.

Visitation will be 10 — 11 AM, Tuesday, August 14, at the funeral home. She married Clifford L. Moore November 14, in Clinton, IL. He passed away January 15, Aidan Austin, Lilah Covher; and A. Graveside Services will be held on Saturday, July 28, , at 2: He first married Geraldine "Geri" Mayernick.

He later married Dana Janell King. Mike is survived by his wife, Dana; five children: Larry and Patty Mollohan. He purchased the Atlanta Dental Center in He loved working on Cub Cadets and Yamaha Big Wheels, riding his Harley Davidson motorcycle, and his wildflowers fields, evergreen trees, and feeding the birds.

Memorials may be made to an education fund for his children in care of the Atlanta National Bank. Also surviving Epifania are her children: Amonio Fader; one sister: Pat Dancil; four grandchildren: She was preceded in death by her parents and her older brother Ben. Visitation for Epifania will be from 3: Wednesday July 25, at Holy Family Catholic church followed by a rosary service at 7: Funeral services will be Burial at Zion Cemetery will follow the funeral service.

Michele was a sports mom; she loved watching her boys play. Michele also taught Sunday School at Mt. A Celebration of Life Service for Michele will be held at Saturday, July 28, at Mt. Pulaski Christian Church, with Mark Weber officiating. Pulaski Immediately following the service. Pulaski Christian Church Youth. Burris 88 of Clinton, Illinois passed away 6: Graveside services will be 2: She married William R.

He passed away March 16, Burris, LeRoy, IL; 4 grandchildren and 7 great-grandchildren; siblings: Evans and Donna L. Betty was a School Bus Driver for Wapella and Clinton schools for 40 years and was a hairdresser for many years. She enjoyed bowling and reading.

A Mass of Christian Burial will be at Neysa attended her parents' church, St. She was a member of S. She participated in the Special Olympics and lived independently, supported by the amazing staff at Marcfirst. Her funeral will be at Burial will follow in Greenwood Cemetery, Arrowsmith, Illinois. Visitation will be one hour prior to the service at the funeral home.

He passed away January 6, She is survived by her sons, David K. Pleines of Bloomington, Illinois, Dennis W. Pleines of Heyworth, Illinois, and Duane S. Riley, 90, of Monticello, passed away at 8: He married Elizabeth C. She passed away June 27, He married Carol Sue Klaska on February 6, Riley Mary of Monticello, Rodney J.

Riley Josie of Belvedere; daughters, Sandra K. Wright Laddie of Bement, Cheryl M. He was preceded in death by his parents, first wife, son Joseph Kevin Riley, and sister Thelma Williams. Dean was a farmer and he also worked at Growmark, Inc. Dean served in the U. Air Force from He was a member of the St. Visitation will be held from 5: Funeral Mass will be held at Philomena Catholic Church of Monticello with Fr. Interment will be in Bement Township Cemetery.

Memorial donations may be made to the St. He was a graduate of Cerro Gordo High School. In , Michael competed in the Punt, Pass and Kick competition where he was eventually sponsored and picked up by the Green Bay Packers to compete against others during the halftime shows of football games.

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