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Harold K Katz

In 1986, Harold Katz Sank the Sixers. They Still Haven’t Recovered.
Funeral Service Monday, March 27, Location History Minneapolis , MN Location History Chelsea , MA Born on December 7th, , Bo Belinsky once said, "It's no fun knowing that in every home in America… [more]. Location History Hollywood , FL

What happened?

Harold Katz

But we did think about it. We made some phone calls. And everything we heard about Hinson was all positive. The Sixers front office was obviously in a bubble. Everyone in Philadelphia knew instantly that these deals were disastrous. How can you trade an all-star for Jeff Ruland? In that same article, Moses showed that he was indeed a prophet.

I brought them a championship. He should have had enough respect to call me and ask if I wanted to be traded. When Charles Barkley gets to be about my age.

Of course, Moses was off by one year. The Wilt trade was pretty terrible too. As for this deal, everything about it was disastrous. He took a 5 year sabbatical, then came back to play 13 ineffective games for the team in Roy Hinson never meshed with the Sixers, lasting a disappointing season and a half before being dealt, while Brad Daugherty became the Cavs all time leading scorer and rebounder.

The team that had won two or more playoffs series 5 of the 7 years before the Moses trade has won 2 or more playoff series once in the 25 years since the trade. Harold Katz would remain owner long enough to make the Barkley trade, and also to draft Shawn Bradley, Clarence Witherspoon, and Sharone Wright with top 10 picks.

But despite all of the disastrous decisions he made over the years, none compares to that day in June of when he took a flamethrower to a dynasty. Much like many others who remember this trade you made it sound better than it really was. Often people describe it as the 76ers traded Moses and Catledge a decent player himself and got Ruland, Robinson and 2 first round picks. The 76ers felt they were ripping off the Bullets so badly, they felt the need to throw in 2 future first round picks!

Their opponents would have been lucky to get ten rebounds a game. Location History Denver , CO , in zip codes , , and Location History Hamden , CT Location History Bristol , CT Harold Katz has lived in Florida and New York. We show activity in Boynton Beach and Plainview. Possible Licenses Pharmacist Status: September 30 , 20 March 7 , 19 March 0 , 19 They were related to Gertrude Katz. Harold was also found in Havertown, Pennsylvania and Swampscott, Massachusetts.

Location History Hollywood , FL This record appeared in Delray Beach, Florida. Location History Miami , FL Location History Kissimmee , FL Location History Chicago , IL Location History Offerle , KS Relatives Luetta May Katz. Location History Independence , LA Location History Revere , MA Possible Licenses Attorney from Illinois.

Location History Chelsea , MA Location History Westborough , MA Location History Pikesville , MD Location History Minneapolis , MN Possible Bankruptcy Filed on December 22 , 20 Location History Picayune , MS Harold Katz has lived in New Jersey and Florida. Location History Elizabeth , NJ Location History Cranford , NJ We found Harold in Parsippany, NJ, Location History Parsippany , NJ Harold was also found in Emerson, New Jersey.

Possible Licenses Attorney from New York. Location History Brooklyn , NY Relatives include Julia K Katz. Location History Syracuse , NY Relatives Julia K Katz. Location History Scarsdale , NY Location History Otisville , NY This result is a Harold Katz. This Harold died at 53 years old and activity was seen in Syracuse, New York. Relatives Glenda Francine Klein.

Location History Ossining , NY Harold I Katz has lived in Ohio and Illinois. We show activity in Cleveland, Beachwood and Glen Ellyn. Relatives Alan L and Charlotte Katz.

Location History Cincinnati , OH , in zip codes and Location History Tulsa , OK , in zip codes , , and Harold A Katz has lived in Oregon and California. We show activity in Corvallis and San Diego. Location History Corvallis , OR Location History Portland , OR Katz to obtain something that had eluded them since Katz has been instrumental in the growth of basketball worldwide.

He continued to operate the club as a successful business until April , when the team was sold to Comcast Corporation. Katz has also been active in the real estate, banking and nursing home businesses for the last 30 years.

Active in community affairs, Mr. He has also served as Annual Chairman for various fund raising drives, including the Fellowship Commission of Philadelphia and Children's Hospital of Philadelphia.

Prior to joining H. Katz Capital Group Mr.

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