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I wish you would write a manual for people with PBC like myself. No other animal in the world eats cooked food except humans and what they feed their pets. Similarly when we use outside sources of enzymes the body does not feel the needs to produce enzymes itself and that part will become smaller and weaker progressively and die so let the body do its work itself. An kg train car moving at mph. The most commonly detected gallbladder problems found are gallstones rock-like deposits usually made up of cholesterol that form in the gallbladder and cholecystitis inflammation of gallbladder tissue. But I do not want to become dependant or mess me over in the long run.

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When one factor affects a second factor, it can be said that the two have a strong correlation. Since the salmon population decreases as the invasive species population increases, these two factors have an inverse relationship. The addition of a catalyst to a chemical reaction will have what effect? Increase the energy required for the reaction to take place. Increase the time required for the reaction to take place. Increase the rate at which the reaction takes place.

Reduce the amount of products in the reaction. A catalyst, by definition, is an enzyme that helps decrease the energy necessary to begin a reaction. Consequently, the addition of a catalyst to a chemical reaction will increase the rate at which the reaction takes place. A reduction in the energy required to begin the reaction means that the reaction will take place more quickly.

The pharynx is part of what body system? The pharynx is part of two systems; the respiratory and the digestive. It is another name for the throat, which extends from the base of the skull to the level of the sixth cervical vertebra.

Which of the following is true about eukaryotic cells? Unlike prokaryotic cells, eukaryotic cells contain mitochrondria, a nucleus, lysosomes, and multiple chromosomes.

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Power is equal to energy divided by time. Another way to approach this is for you to hand each group a "puzzle" which would consist of the different parts of the digestive system already cut out.

Students could sequence the digestive system as they read through the site. This will give them the big picture. Once at the activity, students should review what they've learned by clicking on the link, "Building Your System. As the benchmark for this lesson states, it's important for students to realize that the indigestible parts of food are eliminated and that people obtain energy and materials for body repair and growth from food.

To continue to illustrate these ideas, students should follow the final link on The Learning Site, "Food Path. In addition, assess student understanding of the digestive system by how well they recreated the digestive system in the Development, after reading the KidsHealth article. To learn more about the food groups and how vitamins and minerals help the body function properly, visit the second and third lessons in this Science NetLinks series:.

By William Crochot vie Wikimedia Commons. Your students can go to All Systems Are Go! Did you find this resource helpful? Have you tried this lesson? Other Lessons in This Series 1. Food and the Digestive System 2. I am a 49 year old Latina lbs and appreciate any feedback. Hi Maria, Yes, there is a time and place for digestive enzymes, but when using them know that they are doing the digestion for you. I prefer to use herbs rather than enzymes of HCL to reboot digestive strength and function.

I have written many articles on this topic. We mostly have low stomach acid which contributes to our often low ferritin and iron and numerous other problems. Many have asked about how to deal with digestive issues without a gallbladder but it has not been answered— I to have had my gallbladder removed- does this information apply the same or us there a different protocol for us without gallbladder?

Stop talking out of your ass please. What credentials do you have to imply what you are saying. Google enzymes and it is apparent, you Corey are nothing but a troll. You might want to consider changing the title of your article though because it promises to tell the dangers of digestive enzymes. That was probably not your intent, but you should really consider revising it because those misrepresentations turned me off to what was otherwise a very good article.

Hello When i eat salt pasta bresd all carbs any spicy food.. I retain large amounts of sweelling bloating under eye puffiness. It sounds as if you have significant problems with food sensitivities and should probably get tested.

I went to a GI doc to find out the source of significant stomach problems turned out to be gastritis and he had me tested. I turned out that I was sensitive to quite a few things among them dairy and gluten and while I was upset about having to cut out those foods and not certain at all that cutting them out would help me , I found that when I did, I began to heal. My stomach is fine now. Additionally, other problems I thought were unrelated, such as inflammation in joints and tendons, went away as well.

My doctor tested me and it changed my life. I do not produce the enzyme to convert synthetic B vitamins to usable folate. When my gallbladder came out my surgeon said it was a nasty toxic waste dump but had no reason as how it got that way.

Eat nothing or put anything down your throat that contains folic acid. Eat clean unprocessed foods and fortunately B vitamins that can be processed without producing this enzyme is actually available…methyl folate, methyl B 6 and B12 if you are deficient in these. Eat lots of greens like spinach or add to smoothies. It just stays in the blood. I do take the methylated form of folate and methylcobalamin B12 to compensate.

I am concerned about my body not being able to use the available B Is there anything I should be doing? I stopped taking folic acid about 3 years ago. Why would your body become dependent on the enzymes when supplemented? When the digestive requirements are met, surplus enzymes go to systemic functions like reducing inflammation and breaking down other blockages. Why would you not want to maximize every enzyme available, through diet, self production, and supplementation?

Leave a piece of toast or a burger out on the counter for a month. That thing will grow mold, shrivel and dehydrate but it will not break down.

Do the same with a banana. The enzymes in that banana will digest the damn thing right on the counter, into a puddle of gooey nutrients, completely liquified. Now accelerate that process inside your body with the help of some of your own enzymes. I like your suggestions for keeping a healthy gut though. Thanks for the fun read and the great comments all — Ian.

John, I have a son with Autism and what can you recommend as he is opposed to eating vegetables or healthy? If your son also has irregular bowel movements, like chronic diarea, his autism could be triggered from food allergens like gluten.

Read the book called Breaking The Vicious Cycle for more info about why. See when we plaster a broken hand or feet and when we cut open the plaster after two months we find that the healed limb is very much thinner. Why because if we stop using a body part it becomes weak and smaller like bodybuilder has bigger muscles than rest of us. Similarly when we use outside sources of enzymes the body does not feel the needs to produce enzymes itself and that part will become smaller and weaker progressively and die so let the body do its work itself.

That does not make them dangerous, he is only offering, what he thinks is a viable alternative. I myself, have been on enzymes for many years, and cannot digest, without them. You need to retrieve enzymes from food. Live and fresh food will help, especially sprouts. But you cannot become dependent on enzymes as they naturally are retrieved from an external source! Stop listening to these self proclaimed doctors.

The pancreas produces protease, amylase, and lipase. Protease breaks down proteins. Lipase breaks down fats. A simple search about the exocrine function of the pancreas will give you what you need to know about enzymes. These are then dumped into the duodenum with I believe 8 cups of pancreatic juices through the common duct along with bile. It also produces bicarbonate to neutralize the stomach acid because enzymes cannot do their work in a low ph environment.

Once this happens, the enzymes are mixed with the contents that are excreted from the stomach and are broken down throughout the duodunem, jejunem, and ileum.

Pancreatic enzymes only operates at pH 7. Plant based enzymes are perfectly capable of pre-digesting food in a stomach, as they operate on pH Can someone explain to me why when I eat cooked foods I get really tired within minutes? My eyes get heavy and my heart starts beating fast. I actually feel my stomach getting warm and my energy remains steady. Can someone help me figure this out? You could talk to a naturopathic doctor.

Thank you for writing this article! I began searching on the internet to find an article that discusses pros and cons of digestive supplement, and I found yours. I have a couple of concerns: These foods give me really bad indigestion and I can see them come out in whole pieces in my stool. What are your thoughts on this? I should also mention that I got my gallbladder taken out when I was 10 years old and have had progressively worse digestion and stomach issues ever since. I am anxiously awaiting the answer to your question from Mr.

I think it will help many of us, who no longer have our gallbladders. You wanna take lipase digestive enzymes otherwise you cant digest healhy fats if you dont have a gallbladder…. Some more serious than others. Please Help I have Major Gastroparesis..

What is the best way for me to stop this excruciating Pain from this disease? I see take half t. I took many courses of antibiotics due to chronic bladder infections after the C-section delivery of my son.

It took me 17 years to find a natural solution to the infections but the harm had been done. He recommended a cup of kefir every day and Align or Floraster every day. I take both Align and Floraster plus other probiotics and I took the kefir unflavored, unsweetened every day and was slowly improving for six months. Then I started getting worse. I have now cut out all dairy, including the kefir I long ago cut out all grains and legumes, realizing they definitely caused gastroparesis about 72 hours after ingestion.

It will be awhile before I know if dairy was a problem. I hope my story can help you. Old thread but you might want to look into the Vagus Nerve… damage to that nerve has been known to cause Gastroparesis. Interesting…i have a hard time digesting fat because of liver fibrosis caused by 25 years hepatitis…maybe in my case enzymes supplement would be beneficial?

Ive been using the Olive oil. Just wondering what the difference is. Hi Lauren, Coconut oil bypasses the gallbladder so you will miss out that cleansing if you use it instead of olive oil. That said, coconut oil has many other beneficial properties and may be a worthwhile addition to your diet.

Enjoyed reading your interesting article. Is there a way I can stop the lemon from damaging my teeth? Eating vegetables, leafy salads etc etc just blocks me up. My main issue is endless constipation, I would do anything to end this misery. Doctors have been of no help at all. They just suggest the usual drinks lots of water and fibre which blocks me up even more.

Hi Tony, Yes, this issue with digestion is a common problem. I usually start with our Slippery Elm Prebiotic Formula to heal, protect and slime the intestinal tract. You can read more about these on my site. I have Larengopharyngeal Reflux Silent Reflux. My diet is very restrictive. Fat and acid are the 2 most critical considerations in m diet.

How do might around drinking lemon juice and olive oil? Also, cinnamon is a no-no also.. Try cutting out bread and pasta from your diet. ALL breads doughnuts, muffins, cookies, etc. Force yourself to eat more salads, but no grains. I believe its the grains that are blocking you up and not the salads. For your teeth, Try fermented cod liver oil with high vitamin butter oil. I had extremely sensitive teeth and after taking it for a couple of weeks I noticed a difference.

Get the flavoured stuff or capsule, it tastes terrible but is worth it. And yes, I also believe that grains have something to do with tooth problems as well. As far as the liver cleanse goes, I use the juice of a large grapefruit and have had good results. I mix it right with the olive oil in a jar. They feed of certain sugars in vegetables. So even tho slippery elm bark will sooth the digestive track the bacteria feed off of it.

I have a bad reflux. Can I use the olive oil and lemon in the morning. Since, I understand both bad to reflux, also, can you send me a link what the best supplement for reflux, I used enzyme for 6 weeks 3 times a day, I stopped.

Now I feel worse then the beginning. Am I expirance rebund? I had a pain in my gold bladder, after I stopped I feel better but the reflux worse, thanks. Coconut oil is a medium chain fatty acid, it does not need or use bile to be processed.

Hi Karolina, For that I would suggest either Warm Digest, which is most directly for protease, or Gentle Digest, which will support bile flow and pancreatic enzymes flow and thus allow better protein metabolism. Would this help with your suggestions above? Hi Alisha, That looks like a pretty normal blend of digestive enzymes so it could cause the problems outlined in the above article. You may find the following articles helpful as you make your decision.

Although, to some degree, we can replenish enzymes by manufacturing metabolic enzymes in the liver and digestive enzymes in the pancreas primarily for protein digestion , the number of enzymes each cell can produce is limited. Most of the enzymes needed for digestion should come from food.

I had my gallbladder taken this past March. It was full of stones and slush which I was told was caused my my back to back pregnancies and fast weight loss post partum. Now, I have read everywhere to take digestive enzymes and bile supplements to aid for the missing gallbladder.

But I do not want to become dependant or mess me over in the long run. Can I still take the steps you have suggested and not necessarily have to take digestive enzymes?

Hi Stefany, All of the steps should be fine except for 4 — the olive oil and lemon might be too much. Let me know how it goes. The apple cider vinegar that Kathie mentioned in the comments here might be a good addition as well if you need more of a digestive boost for awhile. Hi Kathie, Yes, organic unfiltered apple cider vinegar is excellent to use for a cleanse — the malic acid in it is especially cleansing for the liver.

Apple cider vinegar is also beneficial for weak digestion. When taken in water 15 minutes before a meal, it naturally stimulates digestive fluids so that your body can break down food more effectively. Hi Nayak, Sorry to hear about the digestive issues that you have been experiencing. Rather than digestive enzymes, a digestion strengthening protocol is usually recommended. Please check out the articles on this: I had an endoscopy a few weeks ago and was told I have severe gastritis and esophagitis.

I had my gallbladder removed back in I have taken all kinds of PPIs and none work. They put me back on Prilosec since my endoscopy. I feel sick to my stomach. I have been battling stomach issues for years. I am only Hi Laura, Thanks for writing. With so much going on, I would suggest a consultation with Dr. John or Tauna so that you can get the safest, most effective protocol for your body. Yeah why is it that no one will address that situation??

I have been so sick since my gall bladder was taken out. I have bought presciptions. I have tried the natural root.. The health way can poison your body and presciptions can do the same thing. Why is it such a guessing game.. I almost just want to forget eating all together because no one knows what really works. I was told to take enzimes and now I am being told you keep having to increase the amount you take for it to work and if you stop you are in trouble because your body has been become addicted and wont digest on its own.

I am sick of no one knowing what they are talking about and I dont have money to try to figure it out.. Just like everything they tell you to take to lose weight.. Eat off of a small plate and eat clean thats the best way to lose weight but everyone wants a fast cure.

Stop waisting money and if you dont feel good after you eat something, dont eat it again. I am not nor ally a fussy eater at all, but for some reason, I just cannot stand to drink organic apple cider vinegar in water. Are there other alternatives you might suggest? For many people, that is a more palatable option.

If you do not see results from the thing you are trying or you would like more specific, personalized protocols for your situation it would be best to set up a consultation: However, in a very bad flare, often with upper right pain and with the usual list of pain, bloating, wind, elimination problems etc — I am robbed of all energy and feel really sick; this can last for hours, or for days.

I reduce my foods to very small, bland tolerated items. The relief range I have on hand includes calcium carbonate, simethicone, Bis pectin, Ural, codeine. This approach helps dramatically! The digestive enzymes are the most dramatic of all. A life saver right now actually, after three bad weeks. But as you said, one cannot live on them. CAN one do it without pills and potions in the long run? Thanks jo for your valuable advice, I am feeling the difference just after 2 days of following the new pre protocol suggested by you.

I will continue this for a month and then start the protocol of furnace heating, will need your advice then again, regards. Sir I have since 20 years stomach pain. The bigging I feel like some heavy load in my stomach doing endoscopy barium xray. And I have some anxiety also. Body weak and weight loss. Little eat feel my stomach full.

And abdomen pain also started. Now I eat something it is more time staying my stomach and. Very few some 4 hours. I feel always something in my stomach. Ijust stumbled upon this webpage while researching digestive enzymes because I have been taking them for about a month now.

I am 21 and was diagnosed with IBS about a year ago. My main problem is that every morning when I wake up, my stomach is upset and crampy in my lower abdominal region, I am constipated for up to an hour, and then after I pass a solid movement, it is followed over the next hour or so by a series of quick bursts of undigested diarrhea. Can you help me?

I took the probiotic VsL3 all year and then read some things online about lactobassilus being a neurotoxin and producing too much lactic acid in your body, potentially causing chronic fatigue which I HAVE been struggling with. I stopped taking it about a month ago and switched to high potency digestive enzymes. Should I stop taking these too? What are your reccomendations for becoming better?

I have been in and out of many illnesses this year because of my weak digestive system and I have been having strange bodily aches and pains all over like short stabbing or pinching sometimes in my hands, feet, arms, legs, or chest. I am in pain every day. Hi AJ, Sorry to hear what you are going through. For specific recommendations, a consultation with either Dr. John or Tauna is necessary so that you receive safe advice for your situation.

You can find more information here: J Nichols that sounds like a pinched nerve in your vertebrae near the stomach area i would recommend a chiropractor possible easy fix. I had digestive problems for years, which progressed to urticaria swollen tongue etc, after a couple of visits to an allergy clinic I was diagnosed with a salicylate intolerance. After three days of avoidance I had a dramatic improvement.

Since then I have had to manage my food. I tried high levels of fish oil which worked well but I felt as though I was oozing oil from every pore. I now combine a certain level of avoidance, along with taking xyalanse to break down phenols, plus a backup of antihistamines if needed. The most important thing is a correct diagnosis. That said a quick and easy point in the right direction is to take resting heart beat before eating and then resting heart beat half an hour after food. It then becomes a matter of narrowing it down to a food type.

Hello I have had a problem at night early hours of the morning. I get woken up with tummy pain. Only at night time only when I get up and eat and drink does it help. Hi Rachel, That sounds very frustrating. It is tough to say what the cause of the pain may be and offer solutions without more information about your situation. I have written about digestive issues, you may be able to find insight into the problem in some of those.

Since then my bowel movements float most of the time. I went off daury for 20 days with no effect. Have had more than my share of antibiotics over the years. I read that the bowel problem indicates i am not properly digesting fats — any suggestions? Hi Barbara, This could be a combination of sluggish muscle tone of the bowel, poor bile flow, and poor alora from the antibiotics. I would suggest to start with: You can read about these in my store at lifespa. Hi John i have been bothered big time with IBS so have been taking digestive enzymes for awhile is it ok to take them for a short time?

Hi I am 52 year old female,,i had my gallbladder removed when i was 26,,,i suffer terrible with acid reflux,,i have has a nissen fundolipication done which gave me great relief and needed no meds for years,,for the past 3 years i am talking mg of zantac at bedtime,,40mg of protium in the morning before i eat,,20mg of protium at 3pm, and still have burning on my tounge and lips,,could you give me any advice,,,i recently had the camera done and it showed stomach inflamation,,,.

Hi Hanna, Thanks for the note. The key to this is generally supporting healthy liver bile production and flow of bile. This can be related to long term elimination issues or acid concerns. To start I would suggest three herbs to do until we can have a consult.

Beet Cleanse and Cool Digest before each meal. I also suggest reading the articles on heartburn. Thank you so much Dr John,I will try what you suggest and let you know how it goes,,will i continue with my mg of Zantac at night time and 40mg of protium in the morning and 20mg of protium in the afternoon,,I live in Ireland,,,. I will get so bloated i look pregnant, and cannot pass gas which becomes painful. I take magnesium every night to help me go to the bathroom. I have gone weeks without going to the bathrooom.

Any suggestions you would have would be greatly appreciated!! My husband has been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. We are seeking information on complementary and alternative medicines to help in his treatment.

I read info on Dr. Gonzalez and his use of pancreatic enzymes. As far as we know his cancer is operable and is very small 1.

Would low amounts of pancreatic enzymes be useful or what other herbs, etc would help with his nutrition and supplement his treatments when we start chemo? Yes, no doubt enzymes would be helpful for him.

I would also suggest some natural digestive reset herbs that I favor. You can read up on: Sorry about your husband. When my Dad was diagnosed with inoperable pancreatic cancer, he also sought out Dr. Gonzalez but this was around so I am sure his natural protocols have changed since then.

At the time, my Dad was taking about vitamins a day along with coffee enemas. He lasted nine months on Dr. I had my gallbladder removed and now I am gaining weight.

I exercise daily and eat right most of the time. Should I avoid all fats completely?? What supplements should I take? I feel great minus my 10 pound weight gain.

I am 70 years old past.. Hi Mimi, I am not against enzymes if you need them, but I often see such support used without addressing the cause of poor enzyme activity. The cause is often blocked bile and pancreatic ducts. Hope that helps clear up my perspective. I have chemical sencitivty,with many digestion and autoimmune problems,cant even take lglutamine or digestive enzymes,you think this protocol with cranberry juice could help detox liver,assuming it needs detoxed.

My husband has diverticulosis and his doctor wanted him to have a resection done a little over a year ago. He had 2 very severe bouts of diverticulitis and was hospitalized the second time.

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