Oatmeal Pistachio Strawberry Breakfast Bars

Sarah B’s Breakfast (Cookie) Bars

Protein Breakfast Bars (Vegan + Paleo)
I cut down on the peanut butter and also used cranberries instead of chocolate. I definitely have my kids eat breakfast every morning and we will be giving these a try! I was wondering if you had the nutritional information for these bars? YUM — just pinned and thank you for sharing your recipes! Thank you — a new favorite!

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Oatmeal Superfood Breakfast Bars

Sign me up for anything including banana and peanut butter. My husband might actually take the time to eat breakfast if these were included too! Ooh these look incredible! I love the idea of eating blondie-esque bars for breakfast. What a great treat they would be. Thanks for sharing on Real Food Fridays. What a great treat or breakfast they would make.

What an amazing breakfast bar, this looks delicious! Hope you are having a great day and thanks so much for sharing your awesome post with us at Full Plate Thursday. You might want to add Tbsp. Your email address will not be published. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. Cobb-Style Potato Sliders Paleo! Comments Oo looks good! Love the mix of nuttiness! They are soooooo good! And bars or cookies? What a delicious treat! I love that you put a paleo spin on chunky monkey.

These bars looks so gooey and decadent. Its shiny and so delicious looking! No better combination than peanut butter and bananas…yummm! A great idea for a quick breakfast that is nutritious. Thanks for posting it. I know that Meijer carries agave nectar! I wonder if the Amish store might have it, too?

I made these today. I used half peanut bitter and half Nutella. They turned out really well. Super yummy with extra chocolate from the Nutella though probably not so healthy. They taste exactly like cinnamon rolls. Thank you for the inspiration. I added coconut flakes and a little bit of almond extract.

Did not add pumpkin seeds or cashews…so yum. Thanks for the recipe!!! I have tried many granola bar recipes and never got the ratios just right. I found your site through the vegan post on buzzfeed. What a great find! So glad you gave them a try and liked them!

Matthew did a great job with this recipe. Funny you should ask. I mistakenly bought some Café Mocha cups for the Keurig. Did you eat these straight out of the freezer or did you let them thaw prior to eating? Severe nut allergy over here: Just lovely snack on the road! I added powdered dried banana and dried raspberries left over from summer, used almond butter and turned out yummy!

Thanks for the recepie! Renee, this is a no-bake recipe. Just put the pan in the freezer for a couple hours and the mixture will firm up, then you can cut it into bars. I halved the recipe to make as snack bars for my 4 year old. Got 4 small bars big enough for her. I think next time I will use brown rice syrup as it tends to be waaay more sticky than agave or honey. Hi Ranjini, you can use this link to manually enter in the ingredients and find the calories per serving: I will definitely be making them!

Thank you for the recipe! I was also wondering what program you use to put the text into your pictures? I love the fonts!

I am absolutely addicted to these! I make them weekly! My family loves them, too! I sent some home with a friend another Michigander! This recipe is a keeper. I also added a little bit of shredded coconut to mine. But lmk how it works for you! Just found your site by accident—what a nice surprise!

I love love love these bars. I made them for the first time a couple of months ago and have made 3 batches. They are a perfect morning tea snack. I sit and enjoy every bite with a cup of tea every morning. I add coconut and walnuts to mine. Thanks so much for such a lovely recipe. Do these bars keep you feel and make for a full breakfast? They tend to loose their firmness if left out too long I keep mine in the freezer.

But you could try using brown rice syrup instead of agave. And yes, I would say a bar and a piece of fruit would probably be just right for breakfast. If you want another option, I just posted a recipe for Strawberry Breakfast Bars this morning — they would be great for travel.

Have a great trip! Decided to use all and zero agave. I entered the recipe into the calorie count database on about. SO that works out to about each for 16 bars. I have been making these bars for a couple of months, they are great! I recently decided to start playing with the ingredients a little and have been adding about 2 tsp. These look wonderful — all the things I love to add to muesli bars are in here. These were life savers for me right after I had my baby and needed protein rich snacks on hand, while nursing.

Seriously, thank you so much for this recipe. Now, a year and a half later, family and friends still ask for them all the time! Next time I might try using honey. They were delicious, filling and easy to throw together.

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