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Center for Disease Control ]. Whether you take the shake with water or milk, the calorie amount is still good per shake for a diet shake. I'm not a beer fan, but I like it in things, and this is one of those things! My favorite part of the program was not having choose what to eat for every meal. I don't see the food, I see a point value. I know people who have lost pounds and inches and sizes.

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Studies suggest that meal replacement shakes offer the best results when used for at least 5 months. Save money and buy in bulk or bundles. This aspect of Herbalife Shakes is something that makes it stand apart from the competition, as each serving of Herbalife Formula 1 Shake contains only 90 calories.

This is great if you take the shake with just water, however, the company recommends that you mix the shake formula with 8 fl oz. By adding the milk, the shake becomes around calories per serving. Whether you take the shake with water or milk, the calorie amount is still good per shake for a diet shake.

Of course, for a meal replacement shake, we would ideally want to see as close to calories per shake serving as possible, but there are many shakes with higher calories so this one still falls in a good range. The company also suggests that you add fresh fruit and ice to each shake, which will bring up the calories a bit more.

The main source of protein in Herbalife shakes is soy protein isolate. This is definitely not our favorite choice of protein, since consumption of too much soy protein may cause health issues including mood swings, hormonal imbalances and even fertility issues. There is even some evidence that accumulation of this protein in your body can lead to other harmful health consequences including potentially brain damage.

There is also only 9g of protein per serving in each Herbalife shake, although the protein count would get higher when you add in milk. Our immediate thought is that this is not enough protein to make a good weight loss shake, however some diet shake reviews confirm that the shake does work.

In our opinion, this is inevitably due to the low calorie amount overall, not the amount of protein. Though the shake does work for some people, others have expressed not being full enough after drinking the shakes, and this is due to the low protein amount. Each 2 scoop serving of Herbalife shake powder contains 3g of fiber. These fibers help with digestion and result in easier bowel movements, removing toxins from the body.

The 3g of fiber per shake serving is pretty low compared to other shakes on the site to help suppress hunger and aid in weight loss. There is an impressive array of vitamins and minerals 21 in total in each Herbalife shake serving. This is definitely great for a meal replacement shake, since you need to obtain the nutrients you would normally get from regular meals. The vitamins and minerals include vitamins A, C, E, B6, B12, and E, and minerals calcium, magnesium, zinc, copper and iron.

The Herbalife shakes do contain some added sweeteners, which is either sucralose or fructose depending on the product. In the Herbalife Formula 1 French Vanilla Shake, fructose is listed as the second ingredient, which is a bit disturbing. Fructose which is just another form of sugar is considered a controversial ingredient that may be bad for your health, potentially increasing the risk of cardiovascular diseases as well as other ailments.

Both sucralose and fructose have no nutritional value and can upset the healthy bacteria in your gut. There are also artificial flavors included, for example, the artificial French Vanilla flavoring. Even though some artificial sugars are approved by the FDA, many other shake companies have stopped using them and have switched to safer, natural alternatives.

In total, each Herbalife Formula 1 Shake contains 9g of sugar per serving, but there will also be more sugar included if you add milk. In our opinion, this is a high amount of sugar for a weight loss shake that you will be taking twice a day. Herbalife is a health and nutrition company and is a popular name in the field.

With headquarters in Los Angeles, California, they have a wide global reach. See more at SouthBeachDiet. See more at Medifast. This plan tells you exactly what to buy. You order or pick it up from the Supermarket. Uses Smart Ones, Lean Cuisine, and other type meals, plus provides access to coupons to get them cheaper.

Much of this food is high in sodium and preservatives, choose wisely. Meal replacement diets use shakes, snacks, and soups as part of a calorie-controlled diet. Most of these can be delivered to your home. If you have tried any of the above diet meal delivery services listed above, tell us what you thought of them in the comments below.

Does silver script Rx plan or cover any of these programs as health maintence or diabetic type 2 health maintenance programs. Diet delivery services are a great, convenient and fast way to lose weight.

They can help you with your goal of staying fit and healthy while enjoying your favorite foods. The Complete List The most up-to-date and comprehensive guide of diet delivery services available.

Plans for both men and women. Nutrisystem Arguably the lowest price delivered diet available. Food quality is lower than other plans. Low glycemic index carbs. South Beach Diet Very easy to follow. Medifast Meal replacement program. Only suitable if you are very overweight. Personal Trainer Food day program.

Food is superior to Nutrisystem. One of the top-rated delivery programs on Amazon.

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