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Jenny Craig and Nutrisystem sell plan members branded, packaged entrées, snacks, and desserts, which members then supplement with store-bought fresh fruits, vegetables, and dairy products. I just turned 50 not too long ago and was starting to have more concerns about my weight which has always been above 'normal'. Sent email to customer support and I was told to think of it as not wasted but I received nutritional food with fiber We certainly do not want a long-time member to feel such a way. Have a good one!

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Medifast vs Jenny Craig/Nutrisystem?

Glutamic Acid is an excitatory neurotransmitter for the central nervous system, including the brain and spinal cord; it is important in the metabolism of sugars and fats. These other natural supplements are also included to aid in increasing energy, stamina and endurance, reducing fat, improving mood, and providing additional nutrients to support the PS plan. Maca is a Peruvian root known to help improve energy and stamina, improve the quality of sleep, and reduce stress.

It contains many fatty acids, minerals and vitamins such as calcium, magnesium, silica, amino acids, antioxidants, alkaloids and sterols; Maca can be an aid in any diet.

Beta-Alanine is a naturally occurring beta amino acid that promotes high energy levels and increases endurance. It does this by promoting carnosine, a substance that has a critical role in muscle endurance because it protects against muscle failure.

Beta-Alanine has been shown to help increase strength and reduce body fat. Rhodiola , more commonly known as goldenrod, is a plant that is known to improve physical and mental performance, reduce fatigue, enhance mood, and improve endurance.

Rhodiola is also known for helping to strengthen the nervous system, enhance memory, aid weight reduction, and reduce recovery time for illness or injury. African Mango Irvingia gabonensis enhances the activity of a the hormone Leptin that plays a crucial role in controlling appetite and optimizing metabolism.

Glucomannan is a soluble, fermentable, and highly viscous dietary fiber derived from the root of Amorphophallus konjac aka elephant yam or konjac plant and is native to Asia. When consumed, it absorbs water in the digestive tract, reducing absorption of carbohydrates and cholesterol by the body, supporting the use of glucomannan for cholesterol reduction, diabetes, and weight loss. The vitamin B12 Complex is added to the PS plan to increase energy and raise the metabolism.

These B vitamins, often referred to as B complex vitamins, also help the body metabolize fats and protein. Methyl B , derived from methylcobalamin and has a much higher bioavailability than the form most widely available in supplements, cyanocobalamin. B6 is required for proper absorption of vitamin B Niacin Vitamin B3 known to help produce hormones that are beneficial to the body.

Niacin helps to improve circulation and reduce cholesterols and is important to the health of the nervous system, digestive system, skin, eyes, and hair. Vitamin E is added, as the conversion of B12 into its biologically active form requires vitamin E.

Zinc supports the production of hydrochloric acid and intrinsic factor in the stomach, both of which are needed to convert some of the B12 from food sources. Potassium is essential for proper functioning of the heart, kidneys, muscles, nerves, and digestive system. Using the Dietary Guidelines for Americans as a benchmark, the PS program easily conforms in all areas such as fats, proteins, carbohydrates, and even salt levels. The PS program does recommend supplementing daily. Among their recommendations is a daily multivitamin and Omega 3.

The specialized drops are also used to supplement the diet, but only in the first phase of the program. The PS program , according to some consumers, is considered surprisingly easy to follow. When people see that they can have around calories per day in phase 1, they are often startled, but then pleasantly surprised as to how much food they can have when eating the right way.

Additionally, you are allowed several smaller meals throughout the day, which helps to fight any urges to cheat. Because each meal contains a protein, it provides a feeling of fulness throughout the day. Best of all, the food that you eat can be bought at any store, and there are no pre-packaged foods to buy or whole food groups to avoid. The diet plan also comes with an unlimited amount of lifetime support that can be anything from diet tips to great tasting recipes, and helps keep you on track.

A closed Facebook customer support group has many dieters with the same goal who inspire each other every day as well as closed online support portal. Online support page was introduced in early and provides resources such as useful health and program related articles, recipes which are added weekly, member forums and sample menus. We like the fact that the PS program comes with health coaches and customer support groups, which can be a key element in your success.

There are no specialized foods to buy or recurring fees to pay, making the one-time price a clear winner in the world of diet costs that can often skyrocket. Furthermore, many who have done the PS plan report a lower grocery bill each week as they cut out junk foods and other costly sugary products.

The tenure of 9 years in business has proven to be successful in helping many people achieve their weight loss and health goals. In my opinion this company leaves no doubt that this program works and can provide long term results to those who are ready for an overall improvement of health and not only a quick weight loss followed by an even quicker weight gain.

Exercise is not mandatory and advised against if you have never been active prior to starting this program. The program explains that your body will be going through many changes already and energy should be conserved to help heal and recover during the rapid weight loss phase. The PS program does however stress the importance of exercise in order to improve your overall health once Phase 1 is completed. If you are someone who already has a settled exercise regime, you can follow an active plan even during Phase 1 which will allow you to continue your lifestyle, but will also ensure you are doing it safely.

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Read full disclosure here. PS Program Review It might seem surprising to see such raving reviews for a diet you may or may not have heard of before. Click Here To See Ingredients. Amino Acids Amino acids are the chemical units or building blocks of the body that make up proteins. The amino acids included are as follows: And they give you guidelines for what to eat for your lean and green..

Shakes, bars, bites, brownies, chicken noodle soup, etc.. Good luck with your decision.. Medifast is a nutritional program that provides you with all the vitamins and nutritients your body needs as well as putting you in the fat burning state which will help you not feel hungry, burn fat, give you energy and you will have less cravings.

As you are on teh plan you are learning portion control with your lean and green meal and they off the Habits of Health which will teach you to live a healthier lifestyle for long term maintenance and optimal health..

I agree with what others have said. Until Medifast I had never paid for a diet program. My insurance will subsidize NS. However, Medifast looked like it fit the lifestyle I remember when I was lean and I am lean again! Plus, you lose weight faster with MF- nothing keeps you motivated to continue like success, especially when you have a long journey ahead of you.. Finally, and most importantly, I have been learning how to adapt this way of 'fueling' using food that I prepare myself rather than the pre-packaged , so that I can maintain this for the rest of my life.

The pre-packaged meals are very convenient, of course- someone else has taken care of portions and nutrition. Ultimately, I want to be able to do this 'myself', and I know others already do.. Everyone I know in my real life that has done Medifast has lost weight, lost it fast, and kept it off. I have known people who have done Nutritional Support and lost some weight but gained it back. I personally did JC years ago and I lost some weight, but gained it back.. It teaches you how to eat the rest of your life.

You lose your carb cravings. Now I crave vegetables. I wouldn't have changed my eating habits without MF. It's not perfect for everyone, but it's perfect for me..

I guess it depends on whether you want to lose weight or just be on a program. The thing about medifast is that it works.. I also did Nutritional Support several years ago. It works, but it was a lot slower than Medifast has been, and I never did get to my goal on NS. Not that it isn't do-able.

If you stick with any program, it should work. Medifast just fits me better. I personally like that they tell you exactly what and how to eat. Before MF, I needed a huge restaurant meal to feel full. Normal sized meals that other people ate looked like a joke to me. Now I'm eating calories a day and not hungry most of the time. You just can't beat that! Oh, and that certainly wasn't the case on NS!.

Direct him to the website. Have him read success stories. Order a month's worth of food. If the program isn't for you, feel free to move on to the next. It works if you follow the plan.. If you post on an Medifast board of course we are all going to tell you how much we love the diet that is working for us. You will probably get the same thing if you go on boards for other major diets as well..

I will say I tried nutrisystem and didn't like the food. Some do not like the Medifast food but I pretty much like everything. Nutrisystem and WeightWatchers didn't work for me but Medifast does. I don't know if Medifast was just the right time or right place and the others were not but I'm not messing with what works..

Im going to put it to him tonight and go for it.. Medifast is still the best one to choose right?.. I'm guessing so as there is no motivation like looseing lbs quickly. I starved on Nutrisystems. In fact, I gained back the measly 10 lbs I lost and 2 years later gained 40 more. Medifast has been the easiest diet I have been on. I have no desire after 5 weeks to even stop it. The weight loss now leveling out to 2 lbs a week is so encouraging.

I swear I am not hungry on it.. I also tried Nutritional Support and I found the weight loss slow, the plan expensive and the food very distasteful after awhile. WW didn't work for me - too much freedom.. It's hard not to be impressed by the number of people that have lost weight and kept it off with this plan.. I hope you like it and that you do very well with your weight loss!. Keep in mind that with only 30 lbs to lose it will come off slower than someone who has lbs to lose.

I lost 30lbs in one month but I have lbs to lose.. I tried Nutritional Support before. I only lost about 10 pounds and did not like the food very much. I got so tired of eating microwaved food and longed for "real food". That's what I like about MF. You get to eat one "real meal" a day.. For many people on here Medifast has literally been a lifesaver.

Suggest you read some of the inspirational stories and peruse the boards and look at people's tickers - MaryD for example. I have been on so many diets over the years.

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