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There is just something about that program that makes my muscles BURN in a good way and it's been hard to get that satisfaction from another programs. Which one is the most difficult to your opinion? Shakeology is recomemended because it has the ability to fill in any nutritional gaps and is very convenient when you are short on time. It sounds like you have a good thing going on there. Hate it too from time to time, as it will push you to the limits… As for whether is this ideal for you… You can try and see.

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Am i still going to lose weight? And will it be bad for me? If you get enough calories in during the day and eat calories below your recommended intake for maintenance, there should be no problem.

That being said, please consult a doctor before going on a diet. This is a perfect way to loose weight…. I did it and it worked very well for me…even during the one meal…I try to aviod big food…. I am going to start this one meal a day diet from tommorow 22 June present weight 15 stone 5 pounds and I intend to eat 5 boiled potatoes with ketchup each evening and nothing else. I will let you know the results in 2 months. Yet when you read body building magazines, when they lose weight they cut down the carb and in the off season when they gain weight they eat high carb diets, the same diets doctors recommend for losing weight.

In the off season body builders collect muscle and a lot of fat from the high carb diet, and before a show they lower the carb altogether, the reason is you simply cannot lose weight while on a high carb diet. As a person who is over weight and has lost weight at different points in my life, the worst diet was the high carb diet, it leaves you tired and feeling hungry, and even left me light headed.

My cardiologist has just recommended the one meal a day way of eating, so not all Doctors are the same. I agree and you know the amazing thing about this eating 1 meal a day is that it cuts down on your grocery bill. I love this diet! The number one thing that helped me was drinking kifer, after a week my sugar cravings were gone and sticking to one meal a day was no problem!

A cup of kifer b4 bed and one meal during the day! I eat whatever i desire too. Been doing this for 25 days now. With this system you can lose around 8kgs per month. When you start getting closer to your ideal weight this will start to slow a little. Just keep yourself busy until dinner time. Drink water and one or two cups of coffee or tea. I have been on Slimming World for three months religiously following the plan and have lost a painful 6lbs. I have documented everything eaten and drunk.

I have been doing this three days and will still go to my weekly weigh-in as a recording exercise. Going to be interesting!! Will try this right away. But not sure which is the best time to eat my one meal.

BZee , The best wat for most people is evening meal but i can assure this works. This is the only thing that works , eat to you fill your one meal and drink plenty of water , Excercise is not needed but if you walk for 30 mins a day the weight flys off FAST! You dont have to ro do this as it will work but speeds up , rememebr no running or jogging just a plain simple walk. Hi I am wanting to do One meal a day eating plan to lose weight. But I am addicted to my morning coffee 2cups with milk and 1 sugar.

Do you think I will still lose weight by having my coffee. In just 2 days by eating 1 meal a day I have lost 4 pounds and 6 ounces and have lost a half inch on waist and hips and guess what I am not even hungry until it it time for me to eat my 1 meal again the next day.

I have more energy and I am less sluggish. Recently I have cut the breakfast. My tummy seams calmer. And the weirdest thing of all,.. Of course I want to lose some extra pounds, but not too many. This is, for now at least, relief to my body! I have tried sooooo many so called DIETS…lost only a few pounds then watched my weight loss stall as I kept right on dieting!!!

Felt miserable during the whole process too!!! My current weight is lbs and no matter what type of diet I try nothing has worked for me except the 1 meal a day eating plan!!! I did a little experment, several months ago, I started eating 1 meal a day and during the 2 weeks of eating that way, I lost 10 lbs and felt the best I ever felt, Believe me it works…. Nothing was hard about it, it was me who decided to starting eating 3 meals a day plus 2 healthy snacks, which by the way I have felt horrible body wise and have not lost 1lb Starting again today with the 1 meal a day process plus 30 minute of treadmill walking per day and will come back every so often to post my results!

Blessings to each of you who are embarking on this great way of eating!!! Day nine on eating 1 meal a day have lost 5 pounds and 4 ounces so far. I am doing low impact aerobics and strength training with weights so that I wont lose any muscle weight. I am not having any cravings because by eating 1 meal I can still enjoy my favorite foods and I also take multi and fiber supplements as well.

I want to start eating once a day. My question is can I eat breakfast I read of dinner? Please let me know. Thank you so much. Hey Carol, it really does not matter what time of day you eat your one meal. As long as you are only eating once and not snacking the rest of the day, pick whatever time works best for you! This way of eating makes so much sense to me. Only day 5 but not as hard as I thought it would be.

I really look forward to my evening meal. I tend to eat healthily but had a terrible time with snacking. I think this could really help me get back to where I should be, improve my health and still enjoy life!

This has been my go-to web page every time I feel my determination evaporating — Thank you! I love food but dinner is the one meal of the day that I actually enjoy so I really hope this will work…. I need to start this. Save you a tons of money as well. Specially if you live here in NY. Been eating only one meal every day with one to two days of complete fasting a week since may. I have gone from to I am now working on 48 hours in a row of fasting every five days.

So one meal a day for 5 day and then a full 48 hours food free. When I do eat I still only eat half of what is on my plate. At this point I am eating way less than calories a day. The bummer deal is that eating is no longer a social event. It pains me to even have to spend a dime on food. I am so over eating in general. My goal is to get into the s. I think you should be careful with only eating one meal a day and also fasting so frequently.

Observing a monthly fast 24 hours is part of our religion. We believe it helps us spiritually, and is also an opportunity to give to the poor the money we would have spent on food with encouragement to be as generous as possible!

I need to lose weight and be smart with all these testimonies. Hi im on day 3 and apart from a few pangs its going well. Have to say im kinda used to the one meal a day diet because we do that 1 month every year during ramadan where we cam go 19odd hours without food and water so to be able to drink fluids is a bonus! I have read just about every comment posted here. I am glad to see, I am not the only one who is tired of trying to figure out what to eat day in and out.

Being concerned with how many carbs per meal blah, blah, blah… Congratulations to all of you who are enjoying the success and making it a lifestyle. It makes total sense eating one good meal a day. Thinking about it, none of them carried the weight I keep allowing to make contact with my body either.

So that says a lot to me. I have been considering this for a few weeks now and I am ready to get started. I have cut out sugar and gave up wine for 30 days on day 10 now. I am today and is my goal that will be accomplished. I will keep you posted on the progress. I am so excited to have found this site. Started this diet without researching it first 6 days ago. In the first 4 days I lost 11 pounds and over the past couple days I have had more energy than I know what to do with and my jeans are feeling looser.

No noticeable physical change as far as appearance goes just yet but I feel like I may need to shop for new clothes soon. I am drinking water almost nonstop throughout the day, light snacking a few walnuts every few hours and after I eat dinner I get full so fast. I started at pounds, yesterday I weighed in at pounds and my goal weight is pounds. This is pretty exciting! This is just an answer to my problem,, I started it 6 days already and without having weighing scale..

I admit it I lost very much of weight.. For those who did not try in this easy and effective method of losing weight, I recommend u to try this asap..

Can you really eat anything on your one meal? Can you really eat anything on your single meal? This works perfectly for me. I have lost 40lbs in five months using this one meal per day method. I prefer eating it during lunch instead of dinner. Please make sure to drink water through out the day and remember to take multiple vitamins. I have Fibromyalgia and Ehlers Danlos. I cant tolerate gluten and I am prone to bloating as my stomach is too stretchy and its hard to digest food.

Its vital that I maintain low weight as being even a couple of pounds over, puts pressure on my already knackered joints. I have tried, like many of you, many different healthy eating regimes and I remember doing the one meal a day thing back in before I was diagnosed and feeling amazing.

Yes, it was hard to start with as you are still craving foods. But I feel drawn to trying this again. I feel confident that as well as helping with weight management, it will also give my tummy the break it so desperately needs! I am interested to see what impact if any , it has on the general inflammation in my body. I read an interesting post on here, by someone with rheumatism and they experienced some relief from the pain.

I shall keep you posted. Good luck to you all and do you find that the majority of the people who knock this method of eating are usually over weight?? I was wondering if you could choose your daily meal at different times of the day. For example, could I eat a giant brunch on Sunday, or choose to have a big late afternoon meal pm like in Europe?

Research on this would be fascinating. Since trying to eat meals a day always an exerciser , I gained 20 pounds in two and a half years. I have always hated it, end up over-eating, and have been very unhappy.

So happy to find this information today. Let me first of all tell you that I agree with your philosophy and myself, have eaten one meal a day at night for coming up on a decade straight.

In addition, I do NOT eat any junk foods, and my nightly meal averages around calories. Despite repeated efforts to lose weight including eliminating soda pop I am lucky if I can drop pounds a month, and if so, I plateau out at lbs. I was wondering how many calories can you eat if your doing the one meal a day only diet and how long dose it take to see results?

I like the idea and the comments really shows that this is a working plan so I am up for it.. I know is gonna work…. I am wondering how a person can do this when they are exposed to food in their face? He has a high metabolism and does not gain weight. Just want to lose around 20to 25 lbs. Be around food and not be tempted. In the mean time, you could ask him to help you by not waving food in your face.

And know that, although your husband is not overweight because of a fast metabolism, that does not mean he is healthy. A lot of people confuse being thin with being healthy but that is not the case. I agree with the mindset theory…i recently started the one meal a day plan on Saturday 5th November.

Anyway, when i pulled through the first day, i lost a whooping 1. My birthday is on the 19th and i plan to look amazing. Then I eat my dinner at 7: I have not been able to add exercise to my routine yet but I am more energetic than usual.

I have lost 11 pounds in 8 days. I weigh pounds right now. This diet is awesome. First 2 days were painful but now iam ok. I eat somewhere between 1PM and 3PM, and try to have a liesurely meal over two hours—not gargantuan, but I hate rushing through 1-hour meals.

This way, I get to prepare a nutritious meal and still have a healthy dessert fresh fruit. So I just drink something flavorful in the morning as a no-calorie treat—coffee, tea… And I really like that I have to prep food, cook, and wash up dishes only once a day. Within a half hour of finishing eating, my kitchen is clean again. I discovered that starches are very difficult for me, even eating just one meal a day.

Today I experimented, cut out starch, and ate high-fat, moderate protein sprouted beans , and high fiber vegetables, fruit , but no bread or pasta or rice all which I used to love. This plan is so simple that I never want to stop. I want to see how it affects my appetite. Been doing this diet for 2 weeks and lost 14 lbs. Got another 11 pounds to go to reach my target weight by 20 december. I think i can just about do it!! My 1 meal consists of meat , abd vegetables followed by fruit and yoghurt and at least 30 minutes exercise every day, walking, football or cycling.

I am finding it tough i cant lie but am determined to make the weight. I will be back here on December 20 look out for my post! Just to update I just realised I didnt give you my starting weight which was 14 Stone 4lb on 19 Nov. I initially lost 1 stone in 2 weeks which is a crazy amount but i since plateaued and i now weigh 13 stone. My target is 12 stone 7 by 20 Dec which i dont think i will make. I am now struggling to rid myself of my belly fat which is the hardest bit to get rid off!!

The last 7 days i have lost nothing even thoe I have intruduced some HIT exercise to my exercise routine. I am not sure why i am sticking at this weight because last time i got down to 12 stone 4 albeit around 2.

Maybe its because im older 55 now!! Never mind my body is looking trim, got a boyish body now and just bought some 32 inch slim jeans which i look good in so cant complain. Its still a great diet!! Hi guys I said I would report back on December However I had to revise my strategy as the weight stopped coming off.

So I decided to go on to the hospital diet which is a 3 small meals low calorie diet which equates to about calories a day. The change in eating plan tricked my body into metabolising the belly fat although some of it will be water!! So over all I am pretty pleased with myself so far.

As regards Christmas I will be back on to eating 1 meal a day for 2 days then back on to the 3 day low calorie diet. My target final weight is 12 stone 7 by 31 December. Update you Jan 1. I was just thinking about the amount of pounds I have lost in the time period. Not bad going eh!!!

I will advise next year what I will do. Hi folks said I would update on January 1. My weigh fluctuated over the days as one would expect. My next target is to hit 12 stone 5 by 1 February. However I might be too thin at that weight! I now have the middle aged dilemma of do I stay a few pounds over weight as my face might be too thin!

At the end of the day if I get too low I can always put a couple of pounds back on. It is easier to put weight on than take it off. Hi guys its me again. The good news is that I have put no weight on since I last posted. So 12 stone 9 is still a good weight for a 55 years old guy. I treated myself to some lovely clothes in the January sales, tight fitting designer shirt and a couple of pairs of slim fitting trousers together with some lovely shoes.

Its great having a flat belly and I have no intention of going back to the old me. Still want to lose 2 pound minimum and see were I go from here. Back beginning of March. One meal a day is the best diet both physically and mentally. Hi guys reporting back as I said I would. Today I weigh 12 stone 7pounds, a very respectable weight for a 55 year old man medium frame. A total weight loss of 25 pounds so far.

I still got a small amount of belly fat but to be honest I am just about there. Now its a case of permanent life style changes and not letting things slide but I can whole heartily say that this diet works. I need to lose 30 pounds!

I need to report! You can have pizza and salad but make sure you have lots of salad. Maybe have some fruit and yoghurt after too!! It all depends how sensible you are. If your a person who is mentally strong I would go for it. However, if you suffer from a mental illness or have a tendency for bulimia I would say no.

I have suffered from mental illness myself last 10 years but am improving and mentally strong. Your choice, maybe consult your doctor or an elder first as you need plenty of discipline but the results are worth it. I meal a day in the evening, exercise HIT exercises are good, cut down on sugar and carbs, more protein in your diet. Your weight will drop off. I was on a different diet a few years a go. It made me miserable even though I was losing weight.

I started the one meal a day diet in I was weighed at the hospital I have really bad stomach problems and weighed 69kg. A month or so later after doing this diet I was at 64kg. The nurse asked me how I lost all that weight in such a short time. I came across this diet on another site and wanted to try it so I could eat what I want to.

I have a question though. My thighs are still really big, mainly the front upper part. Does anyone know how to get rid of the fat on there? If you follow the diet you will lose weight everywere, not necessarily in the time order you want but nevertheless it will happen.

One meal a day with my current appetite due to my social life and being a student, seems quite doable as long as i keep the right motivation. Anyone wanna join me today? My tip is to weigh yourself every day. If you pig out one day, cut back the next!! I started Jan 18th at my highest weight But healthy snacks and small portions all day is torture — leaves me hungry and not knowing where to draw the line. Keep your stories coming!

I weigh 65 KG on plateau and on a Low carb high fat way of eating, i have started today, i only eat at My goal is to weigh 55 by April my birthday wish me luck. I did this several years ago and lost around 80 pounds and by sticking to this plan kept it off for several years. Going back to one meal a day. I started with one cheat day and progressively started cheating here and there until eventually the diet was blown and I gained all the weight back, plus some.

Hi everyone, I started yesterday, eating one meal a day. My goal is to do this for the next 6 months and lose pounds which equals out to 2 pounds a week hopefully by August. For maintenance weight once I get to my goal, my plan is to eat fruit or yogurt for break fast and lunch and stick with a meal for dinner of what I want but usually meat and salads and drink lots of tea.

I want this to be a lifestyle change. I have two protein shakes a day- one in the morning made with GNC protein, almond milk, and a lot of ice to make it thick calories.

This seems to tide me over until like 2 or 3pm when I have my second shake- premade GNC shake calories. Maybe calories worth of food or less. I may be less now. I have tried so many diets and ended up falling off the wagon now day two and feeling fab. Hey someone help I started this yesterday now on my second day. I could mentally do this everyday no problem but will this really be good for me as an athlete or no?

If you make sure you have a balanced healthy meal and you feel good then have trust that you will be fine. I did it before last winter and was really surprised. My energy stayed up. Once a day eating is sooo simple, and I look forward to a satisfying full meal at night! I found that after a while my capacity for food even once a day, was way down and I was satisfied with way less food.

I have been doing this for months and I am almost back down to a 25 BMI. I have done this off and on my whole life, but sometimes cave in to social lunch pressures. My blood sugar is normal again it always crashed during the day when I eat lunch and my blood pressure is right on the money.

Once you get past the first 3 or 4 days, it becomes normal again. I agree with others that the stigma is hard to overcome and it is easier to just say I already ate lunch. This is not a diet; it is just better for my overall health and I can eat whatever I want within a 1-hour window.

I started this 9 days ago and lost a total of 10 lbs at weigh in this morning. I had 70 now 60 to lose. Here is how I do it: I have no snacks—Nothing to fall back on. Around 8pm I go out to eat at a sit down restaurant every night.

I have a small steak or fish. I talked to the chefs there and they only cook the bare meat. No added salt or butter or any of the other goodies they put on in a restaurant. They do lavish with herbs though! You can get that a number of places. I get it at my grocery, but Amazon and Ebay has it too.

Portion sizes if a steak is 6 oz. A lot of chicken is injected with salt. Oh I forgot to tell you about my dessert! With my dinner they give me a piece of dinner bread. And so I get a half of dry texas toast and add one of those little jelly cups they have in restaurants on top. I vary the taste of the dessert by choosing different jellies. BUT I never lost any significant weight on the systems. I lost it on strictly following the diet.

I drink a calorie free drink. The kitchen is closed. I drink a lot of filtered water. I like to keep fluoride out of my diet, so I use my zero water pitcher and drink a lot of water, calorie free tea and calorie free coffee.

If you doctor your coffee, Walden farms also makes a calorie free coffee creamer, but I usually drink coffee black. I went serious on the diet because I had never been that heavy before. I may change the meal some in case it gets boring, but so far so good. I usually eat the meal as late as possible, usually 8, mainly because I like to go to sleep with a full belly. Others find a heavy meal mid-day works for them. I can change the time of the meal if I want.

Since we need a lifestyle change, why not start it now? I am going to the gym because I sit a lot all day. I usually use the treadmill and power walk on it and I lift a few of the lighter weights.

When I get to my goal weight, I might go to 2 healthy meals to maintain. I was on diets where I was eating 6 or more times a day. No, this way is so much better. Was losing, but not as fast as the first 9 days, so I decided to change things a bit.

I moved dinner to 6PM so I could get an extra energy boost for a later night work out. I have a steak or fish and low cal veggies. I suppose if I feel like I want a dessert, I can go back to the other restaurant and make one out of my dinner bread or just order it at the new restaurant. This has been brilliant. There is absolutely nothing I can eat here.

If I feel a little dizzy which is rare , I sit down and have some filtered water. I think a lot of this dizziness is caused by dehydration. So after 14 days and 14 meals, I have lost 15 lbs.

I have 55 more to lose. The doc is going to be so surprised when I go back. So grateful for this diet. It sure saves time and money even with eating out and I eat healthy food that I love. Sometimes I get really hungry if I work out too much. I have cut back workouts, and that helps some. I had to make myself slow down and chew the food more carefully. The hunger problem I thought would be gone, but it comes and goes and it seems to have to do with physical activity.

Gotta have my eyes on the prize…. My blood pressure is already going down. When I go to doc will ask if I can take a lower dose of it in future. I originally started out on a ketogenic plan, have stuck with that, as it keeps my pre-diabetes from going full blown.

I then moved to a intermittent fasting schedule, then to , then to Congrats on losing that weight. I kind of went on how I felt too and I tried a lot of things. Also my blood sugars I was pre-diabetic when I started this diet are very good all day long and even post-meal they go up a bit as they should, but then resolve nicely. I stopped checking daily now because my blood sugars have been acting normally. Back when I was eating 6 meals a day, my body could never rest from having to produce insulin all day long.

Would it be okay if I ate just 3 nature valley oats an honey bars plus drink 2 bottles of water a day? Besides most of that being sugar and carbs, as those bars are essentially candy bars, calories a day is firmly at anorexic levels.

That means your body is not getting the energy not to mention nutrients it needs to function at a basic level.

The point of the One Meal a Day plan is that you eat your daily calorie allowance during one pre-determined period daily. Meaning you need to eat at least between calories, depending on your current weight, age, sex and activity level. To lose weight, you need to have a calorie deficit. That means you need to burn more calories than you take in. Whether you eat all your food once a day or in smaller meals, the key is to take in fewer calories.

The One Meal a Day plan helps people who find themselves unsatisfied by smaller meals throughout the day. And to clarify, that 1,, calorie figure I gave above is for a slender, sedentary woman. I eat one meal a day as a lifestyle, but allow water, tea no sugar , protein drink calories during the day until 3pm and eat one meal no restrictions. I ensure I include veggies, fruit, meat, breads, dessert.

On weekends my meal will be a little more quantity. It works great for weight loss and maintaining. Could that be it? I have 2 cups of tea with milk to break my fast- at about 5pm Have some cold meat to snack on curry and rice for dinner and a biscuit and tea after- stop eating at 8pm.

Am having water and black tea during the day. I just want to make a change that I can maintain for the rest of my life for once. One of the other big reasons I am doing this is because I truely am addicted to eating. My diet for the last month has been eating crisps, fried food, chocolate, loads of alcohol and just everything stuffed with sugar and carbs. It made me miserable! This caused a weight gain of 5 kg in a short period of time.

I never feel stuffed until I get sick, so as other repliers have also said: I realized that hunger pangs are temporary and that they are gone after 15 minutes or so. When I was eating that delicious bag of calorie crisps in the afternoon, I would still get hunger pangs, so what is the use of stuffing yourself all day long then?

Also my energy levels today were pretty high and I managed to walk 11, steps on an empty stomach. What is difficult, however, is to eat the required calories per day.

I try to eat a lot of vegetables and fruits for the healthy nutriënts but also I try to eat at least 70 grams of proteins each day to try to prevent muscle loss. I lost 7kg over the past few months whilst doing HIIT exercises 6 days a week and intermittent fasting I have been doing OMAD for the past 12 days but I have not lost the amount of weight some people are reporting.

I lost 2 kg within the first 2 days, however weightloss has been rather slow ever since and I think I have lost another half a kg in the last 10 days. I do admit that my OMAD consist of whatever I can grab but always include a protein, a fruit, a veg and dessert. I am wondering why the weight is not dropping off faster?

Some people have reported incredible weightloss in a short amount of time, did anyone experience lose skin? You can absolutely lose weight on this diet. However it does not mean that this is a healthy way to diet. People should always look at both sides before following a new diet. Two studies found that It can raise both blood pressure and blood sugar higher than the typical 3 meals a day plan. In other words it can set you up for diabetes stage 2. Not to mention the lower amount of minerals and vitamins you will get.

Plus it puts an additional strain on your wallet. But that is not the point I am arguing. Based on the available evidence…there are drawbacks you would do well to consider before starting or staying on this diet. Has it worked for the past 30 years since Ancel Keys told us that fat and saturated fat is bad? And then all the grocery stores filled with junk low fat sugar laden food. Has it hellped us or put us in the worst situation of 1 in 3 people overweight now?

The diet associations tell us to eat 6 meals a day which taking us to grave sooner than our time to die. I did this last year and it worked well considering that I ate anything I wanted in a 4 hours window.

I lost about 15 lbs in about 4 months doing it only during the week. Then, in a matter of weeks, I put on the 15 lbs back and then some because I was always taking a little bite here and there and I had stop running due to illness. When he learned that I did it last year, he told me that it was not good for me, that it was not sustainable, etc. It was pretty easy to follow last time. This time, I will stay away from chips and walk 30 minutes every lunch time at work to avoid the questions and to keep moving.

If you do not wish to tell your husband about it, yet wish for transparency…why not tell a supportive friend or two? Then you have accountability and transparency…and once you lose about say 20 lbs or so you can tell your hubby and display your weight loss as proof positive that your diet works.

As an aside, were I you, I would engage in some other activity besides walking. Walking will definitely burn calories, but it will soon plateau as your body gets used to it. Milimelo, I saw your comment and feel the same way. My wife loves us eating together. I am all for it and sometimes she wants to have breakfast and dinner. Maybe have a designate friend to eat your meals for you instead ha no one can complain about free food right. Without coming off insulting. I think your husband support is the biggest thing.

The best thing to do is to do your research and allow him to do his. Go get a physical or at least check your blood pressure and see what you are on day 1. What you put in the shake can be nothing more than perhaps crystal light and water.

Is window eating of pm considered Omad? Or it means the food in your plate that you can only consume,then after that no more eating. I decided this was the best way to try to lose weight. I am about 20 pounds over weight but would like to drop 40 pounds.

I remember when I was younger I hardly ever ate. My normal was eating 1 meal a day. I weigh hoping to get back down to I started eating 1 meal a day 8 weeks ago. I eat at 8pm with a1 hour eating window and then eat again at 8pm the next day 24hr. My dinner meal is a lean protein and a salad or steamed vegetables.

If no more than calories. I drink 2 litres of water every day and 2 long black coffees during the day. First thing in the morning I have 2 multi vitamins, 2 vitamin B tablets, 2 Garcinia Cambodia,and 3 tablespoons of organic apple cider vinegar. II love this program it definitely works. I have done this before and lost lbs. Do not worry about what you eat in the beginning of this diet.

Your stomach will shrink in time. I was under so much stress in a bad marriage that I gained my weight back. I now have had triple bypass surgery and I have diabetes. Eat what you want in that window of eating because your body lets you know what it needs. I drink bullet coffee in the morning and green tea and water throughout the day until 6: I will have broth or bouillion if I get hungry but I have not had it as of yet.

I can tell my body is changing. I eat from 6: This is the easiest way to lose weight that you will ever encounter. Willing to give it a go. I am 59 years old. Morbidly obese cm. It appeals to me, this way, easy less bothersome, cheaper. Question is, how on earth does one cram from cals. Even I would have a hard time doing that. Yeah you are gonna get sore, but get past those first 2 weeks and you will be golden in my opinion.

Seems like your diet is doing well too. Hey Bobby well if you can get up at 4am and do them more power to ya!! I originally did Insanity at 5: The one thing is that it takes you a bit longer to get moving. There were days when I would do Insanity at a later time like around mid afternoon and my workouts were always so much better since I was more awake and loose.

The one thing I can say is that when I used to workout early, the rest of my day I was full of energy and felt like I had accomplished something tremendous! I used to be very athletic in high school, won 3 tennis trophies but along the line adult hood intervened…. No need to start over, but do make sure you take it easier if a certain move is hurting your knee.

I would always do an alternative as well I hate those jumps, so I would just run in place or just do like a jump right or straight jump. I feel as long as you are moving it is all good! I hear what you are saying about getting dull. Insanity is a tough workout for sure! What was your fitness level before this? If you have done nothing for years, then Insanity might have not been the best option.

The other thing is just go for as long as you can then take breaks. When you say 6 minutes do you mean you only last a total of 6 minutes or you can do about 6 minutes then you have to take breaks?

If you are taking breaks that is fine, just try to keep them to 30 seconds then get back in. If you can keep moving and pushing for a few weeks you will be amazed at the progress. Actually has been more than 2 yrs that i dont do much beside the walking. I am a very energetic as person but have no time to go to the gym. So you are talking about you cannot even get 6 minutes into the warmup?

The warmup is 9 minutes long. I would say this. Try this for 2 weeks. So your workout days will be Monday — Wednesday — Friday. If you cannot do 10 of the following do as many as you can. So you will do 10 of each then take a break, then do that 2 more times. Do this for 2 weeks and I think you should have a better base to start the full Insanity workout.

Getting through the warmup in itself will get you in shape. I have never been physically active in my life. My husband wants me to start insanity with him , so that we can loose weight together. I did a work out today. I took lot of breaks and stopped after 25 min. Do u have any advice on how to stick to it?? Is it ok to take few breaks and gradually build up my stamina?

Deepa congrats on getting started. Taking breaks is fine, just try not to take too long of a break. I will usually take second breaks but you can take up to seconds if you have to, just try to keep your heart rate going.

I find that after about 2 weeks is when people really get used to the workout and feel better doing it. The great thing is if you can stick with it for 60 days you are going to be in the best shape of your life.

Let me know how you feel after 2 weeks. I just ordered insanity to get here in two days. My husband is in the navy and on deployment, has been gone for 6 months and has two to go, so perfect timing to get fit before he comes home. Anyways, I have plenty of time to do the workouts 6 days a week but when I lose motivation or miss a workout its a downward spiral. I get very negative and its hard to get back into working out.

I will keep you updated on my progress! I know how you feel I can be like that too. Kind of silly, but it happens to the best of us! Now I just know that missing a day or two, eating some junk, or not starting some routine on a Monday is no reason to not get back into it! I now think about what will happen when I go into the downward spiral and how crappy I feel when I let the one bad day turn into a week or two!

So if you miss a day get back into it! Think about the progress you are making and what will happen if you decide to just stop. You will do great with Insanity, keep us posted. My stomach fat is still persistent though.. Sorry did you say you are finishing your second month? So you are done with Max Interval?

Were you saying you might just do the max workouts again to see results? Sorry just want to make sure and congrats on getting this far and your progress.

Yeah some people have done a few rounds of insanity to get where they need to. I mean our bodies can only lose so much fat in a given amount of time, but this is a great start. I would say if you just finished the 60 days then take a week or two off from insanity. Make sure your diet stays the same and make sure you workout a few times a week still then hop back into insanity. Did you get the upper body workout with Insanity?

That is a killer workout. How was your diet during all of this? If it was just oK then you might want to really dial in the diet and start insanity back up. Let me know what you do. I am on day 17 of insanity and there has been a major change, lost almost two inches and the results are great!! But still got a layer of fat by my belly and i wanna get rid of it. I eat 5 meals a day and keep upto the calorie intake and diet, but since last days there hasnt been noticeably any change and got that layer of fat by my belly.

Its putting me down because I keep pushing and want those abs. Could you help me out more on how should i carry on with insanity and when will I be able to clearly see the results? Hey congrats on getting that far and the results already. For me I always notice big changes like every two weeks so you are just over two weeks and seeing changes so that is great.

You are not going to see changes every day, just know if you keep pushing they will come. Trust me when you get to the MAX workouts you are gonna burn, burn, burn fat!! Stick with it and hit me up when you hit day You are gonna do great. What do you mean by give myself a week or two? You mean without doing insanity or any other workouts? Hey I meant after you finish day 60 give yourself a week or two break from Insanity and do it again.

You can do something in between, but I would stick to maybe some lifting and stretching then rock out Insanity for another 60 days. It is a pretty intense workout so you really need to take time after a full round to recuperate. Know what I mean. Yes i get it now!! Damn I am already in love with this program. Thanks for the help I really appreciate. Cant really wait to see those results! Thank you again, will keep you posted. Completed 3 weeks so far and very I pressed.

I can dig deep already and pretty much keep up on the workouts. I never done anything like this before so my body still in shock. Eating plan ok but seems to be working. Hehe wait till you hit them MAx workouts hehe.

Great stuff glad to see you are loving it! Hei,I have 6 pack under fat. I have to burn the fat from lower abs. I am doing just Plyometric Cardio Circuit.

What can I do? Also you are not going to shred fat in 13 days it is really just not possible to shred tons of fat that fast.

THis is why it is a 60 day program. Stick to the program the way it is set up, follow the diet guide and you will lose fat and see those abs. I just finished day I work shift work 12 hours too and find it difficult on day shift to get insanity exercise in. Just do the best you can.. Something is always better than nothing. Love the workouts and find them extremely addicting! If you toss insanity into your current routine you will be set!

Hey Chris, thanks for being here to have people like myself pick your brain! I have just bought insanity after I have been going to the gym for about 5 months. I have put on some noticeable size going from I swear it was like as soon as I bought it,I started reading reviews that say this workout is only for cutting and losing weight.

I can admit that I have developed a small stomach that I would like to lose in the process. Can this be achieved with this workout or did I waste my money?

I also have a 20lbs weighted vest that I was thinking about adding into my workout as well once I go round 2. I want to do this twice I am recovering from surgery and will be able to start April 1st! Any help is greatly appreciated. Hey Juan how are you? Well I will say this. You will get more cut and toned doing Insanity. I would say it is def not a bulking workout. If you are looking to really lose the belly, and define your muscles and have them show up through your shirt I think Insanity will do just that.

If you were looking to put on lb of muscle you might be better off looking at Body Beast. If you just bought Insanity you can return it within 60 days so maybe that is a better option. In my opinion I think you will like the results you get from Insanity. Was the 22lb you put on muscle or fat? I have never gotten an actual breakdown of how much body fat versus muscle percentage that I have gained. I will say that everything has significantly grown i.

I just now have a pooch for a stomach. Everything has def firmed up. I really hope that insanity can get me there. Thank you for all of the advise. Insanity will get you there bro!! Just do the workouts, follow the eating plan or clean up your own diet and you will be good to go!! Thanks for this post! I starting week 6, just three days of the max week, and I love insanity!

Yeah those Max workouts will get ya! What a difference from week 1 huh. Keep up the good work! How many times can someone do the insanity workout? Once you finish the 60 days program, if I wanna do it again, is that good?

I would say if you finish day 60 then take a break for a week, maybe toss in a recovery workout in there and maybe a workout or two, but take it easy. Let your body recover a bit more then get back into it or do some variation of it.

I find this is an awesome workout to mix things up https: I am a 15 year old girl and I want to try insanity. I want to drop a few pounds and tone up before summer, and I have nine weeks before it starts! I tap dance four years, three times a week for an hour… and around the house , so my legs are toned but I want to loose the fat on my stomach, hips and arms. I know that this workout will be insane, but I am determined to stick with it and like you said, you will see results!

Anyway, I was just wondering if it is safe for me to do insanity because my age? Your blog really inspired me to try it out! Well since you are under age we recommend talking to your doctor. You seem like u are very active. What is your diet like?

You may just need to cut out junk. Insanity is a great workout. Your parents can order it here https: Hey Chris, I appreciate your reviews! I definitely feel more fit and toned after not having exercised regularly for the past few years, but am having a lot of trouble with my belly fat and have not lost any weight in this whole process, despite being on a cal diet using the nutrition guide, I calculated cal diet to lose weight!

Also, my feet are absolutely killing me during the workouts. Do you have any suggestions for this? Thanks for your help! Hey there congrats on finishing one round. So you are say you did not lose any weight at all and your diet was clean?

I find it hard to believe. Not sure what your measurements are, but maybe you need to eat a bit more considering the workouts can burn anywhere from calories depending on how you push yourself. I have heard that sometimes if you do not eat enough your body will store fat. As far as your feet….. Which kind are you using?

I use a pair of new balance that run wide and they work well. The only thing I could say is make sure you are using the correct form in the moves. Sometimes we just do what feels comfortable at the time to get through it and you might be doing something wrong. Really hard to say without actually seeing you do the moves ya know.

As far as Les Mills Combat check out my review here https: Never did Turbo Fire, but I know there are people out there that are huge fans of it.

Hope to hear from you. Hope this helps a bit. Yes, my diet was relatively clean — I probably could be stricter. You make a good point about eating more — maybe my caloric intake was too low.

I was barefoot before, since I do it in my living room. Thank you for your suggestions! I think I might try out Les Mills based on the comments you made on less jumping. I could see that being good in the long run,but Id imagine you would be super sore the first week or two on top of the normal soreness you would get.

Yeah take a look online as come calorie calculators or something. I am not an expert at it, I just know people forget they need to eat a bit more. That is actually what I have done. I have really stayed the same weight but look way leaner.

If you get Les Mills let me know what you think. It is a really fun workout. I just started Insanity this past week and I have been currently juicing for about 16 days. I also eat pretty well not totally clean, but healthy, I try lol and I was wondering if juicing only possibly twice a day was going to give me the energy I needed. Hey Julie to be honest I have never really juiced before, but I would like to.

I just need to get a juicer and they can be quite expensive. I have heard that juicing is great because all the nutrients are so fresh and go right into the bloodstream. So yeah I think you can get a lot of energy from it, but I would imagine it can also depend what you are juice. All fruits, veggies both etc….

I drink Shakeology every day. Check that out here https: I want to start looking, but I know they can get real pricey. Hey Chris, Regarding a juicer — Champion is great.

I finally got a vitamix… not a juicer, but def easy on the clean up and blends it smooth enough for me to drink. Very happy with it! Ok so i am ordering Insanity i have looked up all the reviews and everything snd i am pretty convinced this will do the trick!

But here is my question i started my dieting Dec 31st since then to date i have lost 16 pounds but eating healthy and excersing but my belly is going NO WHERE i am beyond frustrated with this considering i am 26 and weigh pounds!

Will this workout do the trick and get me that 6 pack core that i want or am i wasting my time and money???? Hey Amanda congrats on the 16lb that is great. The mid section can be tough and in the end it really is the diet that will give you the best results.

I mean you have to workout etc… but that mid section fat will come down to really tweaking your diet. I will tell you this…. Insanity will give you the cardio and strength you need. Follow the diet guide that comes with it and go hard core the full 60 days. You will see results you just have to be diligent and put in the time. Been through p90x 5times and. Throw in real heavy lift days at least once a week.

Have put on lots of muscle and cut fat. Still had a little fat around stomach. Started insanity 2 weeks ago and I have dropped a inch already in pants. Stop looking at scale and just dig in. Sorry people it takes time so ask yourself WHY do I want to loose the weight look at yourself in the mirror butt naked and throw that scale in trash. Its time to bring it. Live it love it. Come on people I know im being blunt but im hard on myself like that.

Find that reason to push and dig in. O and one more thing. Try to eat clean as possible. Oats eggs nuts veg fruit whey steak baked potatoes. Learn when to eat them. O did I say snicker bar and hotdogs and lemon pie. Im sorry people give yourself a cheat day once a week. Just the way it is plain and simple. Sorry if to blunt but goodnight people and goodluck!!

I have a healthy diet, not many carbs, lots of protein, fruit and veg. Great review by the way! I have been fully cleared by my doctor for physical activities and have done Jump rope and the total fitness at physical therapy. Do you think I would be ok doing insanity? Zach glad you are doing well with it. TO be honest this workout can be pretty tough… I would def run this by your Dr or physical therapist, You might be better off giving P90X a try since it is a little easier on your knees.

Thanks for the quick response. I talked to my therapist and read some reviews of others who have done Insanity with knee issues. I am going to try it and see if I can make slight modifications on some exercise and really watch my form. I also have my knee brace that was made for my knee for physical activities. I think I might not get as good a workout but it will still be tough.

I am really excited for it! Cool man keep me posted and remember modify when needed and I think you will be OK! Hey get it here https: Hey Chris, i started the insanity workout last week and its giving me amazing results! Yeah I mean bulking up is hard! You gotta lift heavy and eat a lot! Insanity will get you toned and shredded! Hi, I am a 34 year old male looking to change up my normal gym routine.

My workout program has been great, only part is that I have a 4 pack but want the 6 pack. Is it worth switching to insanity? My concern is losing muscle mass in areas such as shoulder and biceps. Is this an issue? Also is it possible to do a hybrid program with insanity and gym? If so what would you recommend? Hey Yale a hybrid would be great! You can look at the p90x insanity hybrid I did here https: Hey I am currently 5ft4 and pounds.

Is this for me do you thing. I am worried I may still be too overweight and unfit! Hey there all you can do is try it and see. You may just have to take a lot of breaks the first few weeks, but that is OK. You can check out Focus T25 https: Insanity has been a Godsend for me.

I have never been in this kind of shape my entire life even when I was active in sports. The diet is all laid out for you and the workouts are tough and intense, but that is what it takes to get results. I have lost about 24lbs and feel great!! I tell everyone about it. Man this is hard work.

Hey Nick great job so far! Yeah Insanity is very tough, but keep at it and you gotta follow the diet book. That is going to get you those last pounds off! Absolutely love it and Shaun T is very charismatic and adds a great deal of fun to the work out. Only bummer is, a lot of the food is available in New Zealand so I feel I am not getting the full benefit.

Hey Nick just try to stay away from anything processed, junk food, fast food etc… and you will do great!! Hey how are ya! I think you could do the workout you might just need to take it easy and go at a slow pace and take more breaks. I think the T25 workout might be better https: You want to change, then do something! I am here for you if you need me. I would say if it hurts then stop… no sense in hurting yourself more.

Take a day or two off and give it a shot then. Would stink to really injure yourself and be out for weeks then a few days. Thanks a lot for the review!

A couple years have passed by and my physical activity has decreased to 2 days a week 1 day gym and 1 day social basketball. Will this do the job? Also, a major thing for me is diet. Hey Poz ever hear this saying… abs are made in the kitchen? That is the truth…. Insanity is nuts when it comes to that. You can burn about calories a workout depending on your intensity!

You can have your cheat days, but you def need to dial in that diet if you want the abs! I bought insanity a few months ago right after my daughter was born. I tried to start it then but it was just too hard for me. Well after a couple weeks of regular exercise daily I decided to give it another go.

I have never sweat as much as I do with insanity! Did you use it? Glad you are doing it! You sweat more in the warm up then most people do during their full workout. Yes I love the results and recovery formula. I mean you could drink a glass of OJ and maybe some plane old whey protein as well. It is hard because you are getting the carbs you need, the protein, amino acids, and some creatine in there.

It is tough to get all that on your home for cheaper or the same cost or as convenient. You could check out becoming a beachbody coach. Just make sure you eat something minutes after. Body is craving fuel so give it what it needs. Keep me posted on how the rest of the workout goes. I got it on a Thursday and started then. Hey congrats as long as you are doing it. I like to start things on a Monday, but I would try to stick to calendar.

It was created that way for a reason. Good luck and let me know how you are doing with it! Hi Chris, Just a question…. We have one more workout tomorrow and then our last fit test on Sunday. What did you do after you finished it?

THen we were thinking of doing another challenge when the fall returns. Just curious as to what you did right afterwards. How are you feeling? You are right… this is just not about the 60 days, but a kickstart to a healthier lifestyle and hope you stick with it! I think the workouts is a great choice and starting up the 60 days in the fall is perfect! I will prob have a challenge group on facebook so let me know if you want to join. When I first finished insanity I actually took a week off then started up P90X https: Also, is it good to use some supplements while training protein, creatine… and if it is: You will get toned and more defined doing insanity.

Would insanity help with all this? I will also be taken protein shakes before and after work out, would that help aswell? Would really love to go swimming or walk along the beach without feeling uncomfortable!

Cheers for you help. Oh yeah Insanity will get you toned and more defined for sure. Just stick with it and yes the protein shakes are a great idea! Help keep that muscle and tone it up! Hi Chris thanks for yor response, I am on day 5 of insanity and im loving it!

I get that from woman a lot… I always tell people go ahead and try to get bulky. Unless you have some freak genetics it is very hard to put on muscle mass that would be some sort of huge gains… So keep up the weights if you are feeling good and bust out that insanity. It is a good mix. If you really want the Spartan look I would take a look at this set up https: I had some of my best results following that program.

You are getting the muscle building of p90x and the cardio of Insanity. It is a great mix! I think a week of recovery and stretching is def worth giving a shot… maybe even God forbid a few days off!

Insanity is tough so def get rested and feel strong to start over. I was just speaking with a woman about doing Insanity again, but told her to check out T25 https: Know what I mean? Just completed my day 50 fit test. The results were surprising. To anyone considering the program I highly recommend it. You will be amazed by the results. When I was plugging in insanity on the app I was getting numbers like when in actuality I was burning between per workout!

The first two weeks are the worse. I could barely move. Now I look forward to the workouts every day! Yeah the first 2 weeks phew… but after that it really is life changing how strong and fit you will feel. I think it would be awesome if you have a forum for Insanity too.

Appreciate your thoughts on this. We grow and get stronger when we rest. So you might feel off because you took a day off or just did recovery, but I strongly believe that it is necessary. I just wanted some advice on when to do the upper body workout. Should I substitute one of the other workouts for it or do it bofore or after another? Hey Glen really up to you and how you are feeling. I would usually do that one on a Saturday to be honest. I used to use it whenever I felt I just needed an upper body blast!

It is a killer workout. I really enjoyed your review of Insanity. I am 38 years old and 5ft I am two weeks away from completing Insanity and started at 16stone 2lbs. As of this morning I weigh 13 stone 3lbs. I have run abit of the years but never done anything as intense as Insanity. But, my wife who is doing it as well and has lost 2 stone has pushed me on as I have her.

For any body wanting to know the benefits, it is life changing. Yes you will want to quit. When we finish this 2 weeks today. Next we go on to Focus T Thanks for taking the time to review Insanity and read this. Hey congrats that is great to hear!! For me Insanity was truly the turning point in my fitness journey.

It got me in the best shape I had been, in a very long time and was a spring board to keep me going! Ill never go back to the old me! Keep up the good work. I was wondering when you get to start seeing results and if 3 meals a day is ok. Firstly i am a fairly skinny 17 year old, the reason i want to do insanity is the abs. I borrowed one workout from a friend of mine titled insane abs.

I have done it for 4 days and it is quite intense. I was wondering if i continued doing insane abs 6 days a week would it show results of abdominal definition or? Hello my friend, I just have one question. You will get toned more for sure, but you will have to eat more to put on the muscle. You might be better of with a program that offers more weight training like p90x or body beast.

I used to weigh lbs. Shaun T is awesome and he really is a great trainer. I love basically having a free personal trainer in my own house! I have shape and my thighs have gotten smaller, every part of my body has lost inches and I have noticed I have so much more energy when doing insanity. I eat very good and kind of a lot everyday but that only speeds my metabolism up and gives me so much energy throughout the day.

Just one question, when will I start seeing abs? I do insanity really good, I sweat a lot!!!! I push myself but never compromise my form. Hey Stacie nice work! Good question… really depends on how much stomach fat you hold. All I can say is stick with the workouts, keep eating and yes after 60 days keep up the hard work. No sense going nuts for 60 days, lose weight, feel great only to go back to old ways for 3 months. Please follow up when you finish! Hello Chris how are you.

I am needing uour expertise advice. I have 3 question but relatively short ones. Im currently doing 2nd month wks 1 and lets just say I bummed it. I have lost motivation and binge ate yesterday. I usually eat clean but the 2nd month requires more than the first. I already had problems maintaining the diet because its hard to get the right balance if protein and carbs even when eating fruits and vegetables some most fruits are still high in carbs so 1.

What are some decent carbs to eat? Im not big on pasta rice and stuff but if its needed I will but I love vegetables preferably frozen due to convenience but if not good for me I will change it as well.

Lastly with some if the MAX exercises like power jumps and other jumping exercises is it ok to modify those because I live on the 2nd floor and it is was too noisy for my neighbors below? Thank you si much in advance. Looking to get to Can you get good results with repeating month 1 only over again twice only if need be. Hey Cherly congrats on getting this far! Just get back into it and forget about it. That can be tough and if you really really really want to do it then there is no easy way.

You have to take the time to prepare your food and have it ready for you when it is needed. At the end of the day it is math.. You want to create a calorie deficit to lose weight.

Now not all calories are created equal. Check out a site like Spark People. It is free and you can track all you eat and get your numbers right!

Type in your info and your desired weight. And… yes more veggies the better. Hi — if I miss a workout day, should I do it the day after meaning I only have one rest day before the next week.?

Hey it really is up to you. Dear Chris Is there any specific age to start insanity? Hey Leslie I would always say ask your doctor first, but I would think if they are active in sports and going through any types of practice I went through as a Freshmen the workout should be fine.

Just make sure they take breaks if it gets to be too much. And being that im a picky eater how do I come up with a nutritional meal plan that will still get me results? I cant eat eggs and I dont like beans eww and as for making meals in advance how would I go about accomplishing that? As for picky eater… well only you can help yourself there. The nutrition plan that comes with insanity will get you going for sure you just have to follow it and adjust.

I know it can be tough. Once you start eating cleaner and healthier your tastes will change! There might be a substitute for bean. Hi Chris, great review and very informative!! Thank you for helping all readers through this.

I started insanity workout this January and I am now on my third week. I am not too big but not fit either. My goal is to lose about lb. I started to count calories for the first time in my life just to see how much calories I actually eat. I eat an average of calories every day. I lost only 5lb since starting paleo and insanity. I am afraid I will get stuck and not lose any more like it always happens.

Any thoughts or advice about my calorie intake?? I am very full eating calories but I am afraid I am not losing enough because my body is on starvation mode which I keep reading about!! What do you think? Yea you really need to figure out your BMR basal metabolic rate and adjust from there. I think a lot of people eat way less than they should.

You have to remember you are burning anywhere from calories in those workouts, plus you are just starting paleo which can be tough at first. You can check out SPark People to help with the nutrition tracking or you can visit a nutritionist and have them give you a nice plan to follow. I am starting insanity today and have broken my meals into 5 a day for calories and my boyfriends into 6 a day for calories. We both train hard at the gym 6 times a week and are Doug insanity instead of this now however we are on our third meal of the day and both still hungry!!!!

We will be doing our workouts in the evenings around pm. Can we add another meal in too the day? Or would you suggest adding more calories to the meals we are already having. Bowl of cereal — cals for me calories for partner 1 added extra Vanilla berry protein shake — calories for partner for me Wholemeal pasta, veg and feta for me — cal Lean burger for partner — calories Cold meat platter — calories for partner, for me And dinner omelet — for partner, for me And then my partner will have calories around 7pm of the yoghurt from meal 2 block!

It is hard to know exact numbers without knowing your BMR, but sounds like you are off to a great start! Yeah I used to workout in the gym a lot before I did insanity. It really kicked my butt and I was always really hungry! As long as you are eating clean you can add another snack in there or bump up the meals a bit. You really just have to trial and error it. Sure reducing calories you are going to have some hunger pains, but that should not be extreme.

So if you working hard and starving eat.. First off, thank you for that awesome review and taking the time to reply to questions posted on here. I was thinking of maybe some sort of stretching or yoga programme. I definitely could do with more practice there and enjoy it a lot more than I expected! Or should I stay away from a second routine? Yeah you are right at that point with the 3 week mark! Keep it up and the results will come for sure! As far as doing more… maybe some resistance training a few nights a week and def the yoga or stretching.

You do not want to overdue it!! Just keep it up! Keep the diet in check. Just know that each day that goes by you keep that diet on point and get your insanity in, you will start burning that fat and toning up! OMG that is a fun one and only 30 minutes! I started Insanity on Christmas day , and it killed me. I mean I barely made it through the warm ups, and the stretches???

By the end of week 2 you will notice a difference, you will feel stronger and more confident…but the workouts will still kick your butt. So jump in, and push yourself…as Shaun T would say…. Have a great journey. Ha Dana that is great to hear! Getting to where you are is a huge accomplish and honestly finishing insanity is really what got me back into a true lifestyle of fitness! Just wanted some help on what sort of exercise mat you have all used?

Hey there… not sure a mat will really help if it is one of those yoga type mats… you move around too much for that. You would need like a 10ftx10ft type thing…. Wanting to start Insanity next week, but I really need help with my calorie intake, want to be really disciplined with this so I can be ready for summer!

What advice can you give me? I like your video review of insanity. My wake up call was just last week. I had the Vice President of Operations, of my company that I work for, sit at my desk to observe and what not. Well, I went to the store to buy some new slacks. Little did I know that I had moved up to a 40 waist. So without hesitation, I ordered this program in hopes to get back down in weight. Is it okay to shift the exercise a day or two because sometimes i really do get busy and exams and stuff!!?!

So if you have to move it a day you move it and do it then. But Insanity made me feel like a complete exercise rookie! It simply demands everything of you! Not sure what your overall goals are, but keep at it.

Can I Take Breaks During Insanity?