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Use the NuMi app to get meal recommendations. With a few clicks you can easily find meals that will satisfy your hunger. I think one of the hardest things for me right now is coming up with different vegetable recipes. I need to add more physical activity to my day. I am still just walking and that it NOT cutting it. Check out the videos on YouTube. Thank You for Blogging. I have lost probably over lbs using Weight Watchers over the years. Every plan of WW I've used, I lost weight. That being said, some of their plans are easier to follow for different people.

As a paying member, I believe all plans should be a option to follow. I currently follow the plan previous to the current Freestyle plan. Also, you are hushed and scolded in meetings and online if you voice you're struggling with a new plan or if you are following older plans.

We pay WW every week, or month. Shouldn't we be allowed to follow the plan that works best for each person to obtain their healthy and fit lifestyle? I mean why not? I have been a lifetime member for decades and this is the best program for changing poor habits and incorporating into your lifestyle.

The meetings are a great place for sharing and bouncing ideas around. The app makes it so easy to track and has great recipes. Congratulations on being a Lifetime member, Kathleen, as this is an awesome achievement! This is my second time joining Weight Watchers. My previous experience and success is the reason for my return. I was basically eating right but am now breaking the habit of eating the wrong things at certain times. I plan to continue as I am again seeing the beneficial results of my plan.

We're so happy to have you back in our WWFamily, Gregory! We wish you continued success in your journey! I joined online only. There is very little information about the program. Basically it is just the app. The scanner on the app is not good. Most items won't scan. Overall I've been happy with my personal results. I think what you get for the monthly fee online only program is poor.

It is an expensive app with no real information about working the Weight Watchers program. Your feedback is important to us, Dawn. We will reach out to you shortly. I've only been on the program for a few weeks, but I've already lost 5 pounds! It's a simple plan to follow. The first couple weeks took a little extra time to figure out number of points per food, but after my favorites have been added in the app, it doesn't take much time.

It works but some flaws. The only issue is the site goes down. It's frustrating because it's not a free service. Its needed to track points and is especially frustrating on weigh-in day. No one gets back to you either to resolve these issues. The app has quite a bit of days where it is down and unable to use.

I do like the flexibility of the plan, however, the caloric intake is too low for me to continue with my active lifestyle. After this month is up, I intend to cancel. We appreciate you for taking the time to provide us with your feedback, We would love to discuss this with you further. A member of our Resolution Team will reach out to your privately.

I am a widow 76 years old. I live with my brother who is 73 years old. We both have health problems which meters think losing some weight and therefore losing some problems that we are experiencing with our health. Also heard that the point system worked really well. She instills thought into her meetings. We're so delighted to hear about your weight loss and wellness success, Louise!

We wish you continued success on your journey! I love the program. The only concern I have is the free food. All the beans are not free. But overall I think it's a very good program. I think Weight Watchers should specify this when talking about the free foods. If they do maybe I missed it. And I do apologize if I did.

Overall I think it's a great program. Especially the WW App. Freestyle is a good set of guidelines and I am losing weight. The staff are helpful and provide useful information. I am looking forward to good results. Studies show people who pair up with like-minded groups or friends attain better fat loss and keep it off better than those who go it alone.

For anyone who needs group support — either in person or online — Weight Watcher is top notch. How does Weight Watchers work?: Weight Watchers assigns "points" values for every food and helps you set a goal for how many points you should consume daily.

This system means you can make low-point choices throughout the day in preparation for a special meal or event instead of having to forgo the extra calories because of your diet. Consumers looking for a budget-friendly option can simply purchase Weight Watchers brand food products at their grocery store or mass retailer and follow the plan's basic diet, which is available online.

High-tech apps and digital tools increase compliance and accountability and make it easier for you to track your progress and stay motivated. Tech-savvy folks will find these valuable and even enjoyable.

The program allows flexibility to eat real food, allows people to maintain their social lives, and makes losing weight easy even with the busiest schedule without deprivation. Weight Watchers is designed to be a lifestyle approach to food, so no foods are considered off limits.

While this philosophy could become a slippery slope for people who have problems with cravings for certain unhealthy foods, it can also help by encouraging moderation and accountability for food choices. Join our community to stay up-to-date with the latest reviews, recall notices, and brand recommendations. To see why, sign up below! It's that easy Get a Free Quote. Be in the know Get trending consumer news and recalls.

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