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I also have a vague feeling of my kidneys " being there " for lack of a better description. I know I don't drink a gallon of water a day, I get to the point where I just can't bring myself to drink any more. Next time I go veggie 4 out of 5 stars. I now sleep about 3 hours a night less and wake up in the morning feeling refreshed. Thanks very much for this article, I found it both informative and interesting. Apparently I do not suffer from eisoptrophobia.

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Nutrisystem Coupons and Review – $220 Off

My co-worker is using Jenny Craig but it was just to cost prohibitive for me. I've tried her meals and honestly didn't think they were as tasty as Nutrisystems are. Just 65 Pounds Left To Go 4 out of 5 stars. I am on my 10th day on Nutrisystem and I absolutely love it! The food is great and a lot better tasting than Jenny Craig.

I have lost 8 pounds so far and am really excited. I have 65 more to go to reach my goal weight. The website is full of good information and tons of motivation which I need and love!! Anyone can do this diet. At 32 years old, I had surpassed pounds and went on a diet with Slimfast Shakes and low fat dinners that I made.

I was single at the time and had the time to prepare my own meals and exercise vigorously for about an hour 5 days a week. Needless to say, I did lose 40 lbs in 3 months, but it was hard work and I was always hungry. I'm now 40 years old now and after several failed starts I decided to give Nutrisystem a go. Being married with 2 children, my time is much more limited now. Nutrisystem is perfect for this reason as I don't have to count calories — it's all done online for me.

The meals are reasonably good and you can pretty much choose the meals you want. The first month I went with the default menu and selected the meals I liked best for the second and third month. I'm following the menu strictly and my caloric intake is around calories a day. All in all, I have been on the diet for 42 days and I have lost 23 lbs and 3 inches off my waist! This program is well worth it! I needed to go on a diet.

I had gained 25 pounds over the last year and I could not fit into any of my clothes. I did not want to go buy a whole new wardrobe when I already had a perfectly good one. With Nutrisystem I have access to a website that allows me to track my weight loss progress. I enjoy logging onto the website and seeing how far I have come. I also get support from the website. I enjoy almost all of the foods Nutrisystem has to offer.

They all taste pretty good. The best part of Nutrisystem is that I have lost weight with a program that is extremely easy to follow. I liked many aspects of the diet; however, I thought the food portions were too small.

Maybe I'm too used to supersizing everything? The Nutrisystem plan does work though. When I was using the plan I lost about fifteen pounds. The plan was also very easy to follow. I did not have to weigh out food. I did not have to count calories.

I did not have to figure out which foods to eat to lose weight. I just had to follow the instructions that came with the plan and eat the food that the plan provided me with.

When I joined the Nutrisystem plan I also received 24 hour access to the Nutrisystem web site where I could chat with someone for support daily if I needed to. Haven't used it, but its nice to know its there for me. The food was just as tasty as pre-cooked frozen meals you buy in the grocery store. I enjoyed many of the foods that Nutrisystem offers. The desserts and snacks were delicious.

The dinners are done very nicely with foods that are very tasteful and full of flavor. The breakfasts were good I especially liked the pancakes. The lunches were also good. The thing I did not like about Nutrisystem was that the portions of foods they provided were too small. The program is extremely easy to use. Any man can join the program and expect to lose weight easily. I joined the plan and Nutrisystem sent me dieting tools, instructions on how to use the plan and great tasting foods.

I also have access to Nutrisystems website. The website includes chat rooms, blogs, and group discussions about dieting. The website is a great place for me to go to receive support. I have not felt this energetic in awhile.

I now have the energy to get through the day without feeling so tired. I even have enough energy to work out. Without the Nutrisystem plan I would still be overweight, unhealthy and unhappy.

Without Nutrisystem I would still be eating unhealthy and gaining weight instead of losing weight. I joined Nutrisystem two and a half months ago. When I first started the program it was an adjustment I had to get used to. I was used to overeating all of the time. With Nutrisystem the food portions are designed to be just right so a person gets the nutrition he needs and still loses weight.

I had to get used to eating the right sized portion instead of overeating. Once I adjusted to eating differently the plan started to really work. The plan is easy to follow and comes with instructions on how to do so. I am losing weight easily. I am feeling healthier every day. I am enjoying the foods I am eating, and I am enjoying the compliments I am receiving on my weight loss.

I joined the Nutrisystem plan because I knew I was headed in the wrong direction with my body weight. I decided to start going to a gym. However, I did not know how to start eating right. I pick the food I want to eat from the menu that Nutrisystem provides. Nutrisystem also shows me how to plan what to eat for the day.

The foods are really good. I love some of them, like most of them and only disliked one or two items out of the whole menu. One of my favorite foods from Nutrisystem is their Mexican style tortilla soup, it's great. As far as diets go Nutrisystem is a great plan. When I was on the Nutrisystem plan it worked for me.

I lost weight, learned to eat healthier and felt great. Nutrisystem is also extremely easy to follow. The plan comes with easy to follow instructions on how to use the program to work for you. When I was on the plan my wife and children would eat their food while I ate my Nutrisystem food. Her food was hard to resist; however, I stuck to the Nutrisystem plan because their food also tastes good.

I ate good food every day. Foods such as blueberry pancakes, blueberry muffins, honey mustard pretzel sticks, beef stew and broiled beef patties. Nutrisystem truly does go to great lengths to help make losing weight easy. I wanted to lose 20 pounds, but ended up shaving off 30 pounds thanks to Nutrisystem. Nutrisystem is the best diet plan I have ever tried. I have tried to diet a few other times in my life but I could not stick to the diet. With Nutrisystem I do not have to learn recipes.

I do not have to learn to eat better foods. I do not have to count calories. I do not have to weigh food. With Nutrisystem all I have to do is follow the instructions and eat the foods Nutrisystem supplies. When I joined Nutrisystem I was afraid the food would taste terrible as I had read a review online saying so. Of course there are a few foods that do not suit my taste such as the eggs frittata; however, most of the foods are delicious. For breakfast I can eat pancakes, blueberry pancakes, cinnamon buns or oatmeal.

There are many other breakfast foods to choose from also. For lunch I can eat hearty minestrone soup or choose from many other menu items. Nutrisystem also offers great dinners, snacks and desserts. Following the Nutrisystem plan is easy and I am seeing results. I wish the weight melted off easier, but it took a while putting it on and so I expect it'll take time getting it off too.

I had tried losing weight on my own a few times but it was too hard to count calories and weigh out all of my food what a time sucker! I always got discouraged about losing the weight. With Nutrisystem I have not became discouraged because Nutrisystem makes the plan so simple to follow. While it's not fresh food the meals are frozen , it still just as great tasting. Speaking frankly, I was really afraid that I would hate the Nutrisystem food. I gave the food a try thinking it would taste like cardboard.

However, I was completely wrong, the Nutrisystem food is delicious. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert and all my snacks provided by Nutrisystem are tasty. My wife loves me being on the Nutrisystem diet too. She is very impressed with the progress I have made losing weight. She just makes dinner for the family and I eat my Nutrisystem meal. Nutrisystem is a great diet plan that I personally think can help anyone lose weight.

Let's be honest here, does any man like to cook? Not only do I not like to cook, I just don't have the time to cook. That's why Nutrisystem really appealed to me when my doctor recommended it. I am a busy man who works 80 hours a week. I am also single. I just don't know how to cook, so I eat fast food quite often. I also eat at restaurants often too. The reason I go out to eat so often is because I am single, busy and do not know how to cook. Going out to eat is just easier than learning how to cook.

But eating out is expensive and has caused me to quickly add on 30 pounds that I no longer wanted. I thought if I pay to go out to eat everyday I might as well pay to eat this healthy food and lose some weight. The best part of the Nutrisystem plan is that I do not have to prepare the food and it still tastes great.

I am losing weight eating healthy delicious foods. I'm happy and so is my doctor who was telling me I needed to lose weight. I have lost nine pounds since I started the diet. With Nutrisystem you get to chose from many foods that are already prepared for you. You also get a daily menu planner and a diary to log your success in. Nutrisystem also provides a website that includes articles, weight loss stories, blogs, chat rooms and a live counselor who is available 24 hours a day for support.

With the Nutrisystem plan I go online everyday and log onto Nutrisystem's website to see my progress. I also check the discussion group forums and talk to other men who are trying to lose weight.

I enjoy using the Nutrisystem web site. The Nutrisystem plan is so simple to follow. I really can not think of any other diet plan that is as simple to use as Nutrisystem. The food Nutrisystem offers is also excellent. My favorite food from Nutrisystem is the beef stew.

I love beef stew and I would not want to give it up for a diet. However, with Nutrisystem I do not have to give up beef stew because Nutrisystem offers a beef stew dinner. I have been on the plan for about one month now and have already lost seven pounds which wasn't happening with Bistro MD.

I'm happy to say that losing weight has never been easier. The Nutrisystem plan is very easy to follow and simple to understand. I get to eat three meals a day plus a snack and a dessert. As soon as I start to feel hungry I get to eat again.

With Nutrisystem I get access to the Nutrisystem website tools too. The website is wonderful. I can log on and talk to other people from all over the world who are trying to lose weight.

The other people on the website inspire me to want to lose more weight and become even healthier. The people on the website inspire to me to stick with the plan until I reach my goal. It's a great support group. The Nutrisystem website also provides me with access to a counselor who is available 24 hours a day to chat with if I have any questions.

It's working for me and I know it will work for you too. Now if I can only get my wife on it. I need more support!

I have been using Nutrisystem's plan for about two months now. I thought for sure when I started the plan that I would probably have at least one thing to complain about it; however, I was wrong. Nutrisystem truly is a great plan. Any problems that you may read about online are obviously one off items and not a consistent trend. The basic plan is extremely easy to follow. It comes with specific instructions on how to follow it. It also comes with some great dieting tools.

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On and on, to ad diet nauseum. I wish I could tell you that going on all these diets has made me svelte. Unfortunately, many of my friends share the same problem. Knowing this about other people brings a bit of relief. Not that I want my friends to suffer. But knowing that other women and men struggle to change their bodies—or, at the very least, struggle to change how they feel about their bodies—makes me feel a little less…well…alone.

Even celebrities have this problem, which always amazes the rest of us because most celebrities have the money to hire personal chefs and personal trainers and personal fashion consultants, not to mention their own fleet of personal airbrush artists. If Dorian Gray had been raking in a movie-star salary, he would have gone this route instead of the more budget-friendly oil on canvas.

Yet, even with all these resources, many Hollywood hotties do the yo-yo thing too: And I understand their pain. Consider Alice, for example.

Within minutes of arriving in Wonderland, she took one measly bite of cake and blew up three times her normal size. It made her so upset that she cried a literal river of tears. I can so relate! But if there was all this drama over a single bite of cake, imagine how huge and hysterical Alice would get if, like me, she were in the habit of consuming an entire party-size box of Twinkies in a single sitting.

Does your closet contain more sizes than your local department store? Do you change diets more often than you change the cardboard empties in your toilet-paper dispenser?

Have you been up and down the scale more often than a beginning piano student? Do you long for a committed, long-term relationship with your skinny jeans instead of all these short-lived flings? How many different diets have you tried? Would the headline read something like this: They ran the same story on me last month.

As you can imagine, this requires a carefully calibrated system of justification and excusification, not to mention an active avoidance of any reality-based information that might undermine my denial. Come take a look at this! Did anyone know the digits on this scale went this high? Except what if I were afraid of mirrors and then lost fifty pounds and wanted to admire my new shape?

Or what if I ever wanted to go to counseling and my therapist asked me to take a good look at myself and do some personal reflection? Apparently I do not suffer from eisoptrophobia.

My make and model of fridge weighs pounds. I looked it up. You see, every time I lose weight, I feel great about my body and my life, while every time I gain it back, I feel angst and shame. So I did what I always do when this happens, I started a new diet. At the time, this always seems like a good idea. That substance, of course, is food. Something to do with fueling our bodies. Fill up and drive. To me, food has always seemed more complex than that. Take breakfast, for example.

Indeed, last year when I decided to start a new diet, I headed into the kitchen for breakfast, opened the fridge, and—true to form—felt a surge of panic. Here is a random sampling of the thoughts that went ping-ponging around my brain as I studied the contents of my General Electric: Hmm…what kind of diet should I start?

Maybe a low-carb diet? If so, for breakfast I could eat a three-cheese omelet and a half pound of bacon. Then again, I could always make it a low-glycemic-index day and start off with oatmeal and a piece of rye toast.

Or maybe I should nix food altogether and stick with diet drinks all day. Come to think of it, that egg diet worked well for me once, although nine hard-boiled eggs in one day can get a little tedious. Of course, I could always grab one of the Nutrisystem breakfasts I bought off that woman on Craigslist. All I have to do is mix it with apple juice to create a nutrient- and fiber-rich cocktail that tastes like it was scraped off the bottom of my lawnmower.

I do this a lot. It works beautifully for me until about two in the afternoon, when I become so famished I scarf down a pound of bacon, four Nutrisystems, a Tupperware storage container full of leftover mac and cheese, a couple of bowls of Rice Krispies, and half a pan of brownies eaten with a spoon that I dip repeatedly in peanut butter.

Which explains why—whenever I decide to get control of my body and my life—it usually only takes about seven hours to feel fatter and more discouraged than ever. But last year, as I stared into my refrigerator and pondered a new diet, something clicked. If I were going to kick this thing once and for all, I needed a new approach. I was not only exhausted from the fray, I was disillusioned with the chaos that characterized just about all my experiences with my body and with food.

What I really needed was to figure out how to make peace with my body once and for all. In fact, I struggle with angst and confusion in a lot of areas as a result of how I manage food, manage my body, and manage my emotions about my body.

Shortly after I get my taste buds under control, my schedule gets crowded, and I stop going to the gym. Have you ever stopped to think about all the factors that work against us? For starters, our cravings work against us, sending us foraging for Ding Dongs and Little Debbies.

Our busy schedules keep us from going to the gym and send us instead to the drive-through lane of the nearest fast-food restaurant. Entire industries conspire against us, enticing us with fatty foods and sumo-wrestler quantities, not to mention growth hormones that create plumper cattle but also make the people who eat them—pardon the pun—beefier as well.

Emotional wounds and relationship ghosts can work against us, too, prompting us to try to protect ourselves from future hurt by piling on the weight. Somehow, we believe the extra weight keeps potential heartaches at bay. Our lifestyles work against us, keeping us comfortably inactive and sweat free. Finally, you and I war against ourselves, giving in to deceptive thinking and self-defeating beliefs.

It does mean having the energy we need to live the lives we desire. It means feeling confident about the way we look. It means getting our cravings, schedules, and beliefs working for us instead of against us.

So how do we begin? Why or why not? Think about the other areas of your life that are affected by the way you feel about your body. For example, your relationships with men, friendships with women, how confident you feel in your career, how active you are with your kids, how much stress you feel at the start of the day, how happy or content you are in general.

If you have tried and failed to get in better shape, what factors contributed to your lack of success? If you could find a way to be at peace with your body, how would it change your life? Would you like to tell us about a lower price? If you are a seller for this product, would you like to suggest updates through seller support?

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