Regulation - It's All About Homeostasis

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Avian Digestive System
However, many male lizards have a series of pre-anal or femoral pores located cranial to the vent or along the craniomedial aspect of the hindlimbs. Reasons for not eating include: Ostrich Struthio camelus stomach. The parareptiles, whose massive skull roofs had no postorbital holes, continued and flourished throughout the Permian. For this reason, many modern scientists prefer to consider the birds part of Reptilia as well, thereby making Reptilia a monophyletic class, including all living Diapsids. Females will only respond to calls from the same species and they are grasped by the males as soon as they enter the water before clinging to her back. Mortality may be high.


Dog's Digestive System

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Parts of a Chicken Digestive Tract