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Certain vitamin or mineral deficiencies can be supplemented effectively, namely vitamin B, calcium, probiotics and magnesium. World health statistics annual. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. There were no differences between fibre type or between fibre consumed in food or as supplements. The evidence that the heavy marketing of these foods and beverages to young children causes obesity is not unequivocal. Potassium is an electrolyte a substance that maintains your body's fluid levels , this mineral helps regulate blood pressure and heart function. Which of the following is true of prebiotics and probiotics, based on this article?

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A preliminary analysis of selected legal provisions in those countries where complementary foods are listed as designated products in their Code-related legislation is also documented. Eliminating trans fat is key to protecting health and saving lives. Every year, trans fat intake leads to more than , deaths of people from cardiovascular disease. REPLACE supports governments to ensure the prompt, complete, and sustained elimination of industrially-produced trans fat from the food supply.

Saturated fatty acid and trans-fatty intake for adults and children. WHO Member States and all relevant stakeholders are invited to comment. WHO and UNICEF today issued new step guidance to increase support for breastfeeding in health facilities that provide maternity and newborn services.

This document should be useful to academic and research institutes, and groups and individuals who work on these indicators. This document is available in English, French, Spanish, and Russian. The Chinese and Arabic version of the report will also be available soon. Skip to main content. The state of food security and nutrition in the world News release Read more about the report Watch the launch webcast.

News release Capture the moment - Early initiation of breastfeeding: Marketing of breast-milk substitutes: National implementation of the international code. WHO plan to eliminate industrially-produced trans -fatty acids from global food supply.

Peaches are part of the genus Prunus , which includes the cherry, apricot, almond and plum. The peach is known officially as Prunus persica , earning its unique name from the journey it took from its location of origin, China, through Persia via the Silk Road to Europe.

In addition to its many vitamins and minerals, low calorie content and, of course, delicious flavor, the peach also comes packed with great antioxidants, including all five classifications of carotenoids.

Actually, peaches and nectarines are identical fruits genetically, save one genetic allele that causes nectarines to have a smooth, fuzz-free peel. Nectarines are not, as some people believe, a cross between a peach and a plum. Although its scientific name speaks of Persia, the peach most likely originated from China.

Peach cultivation has been recorded in ancient Chinese records dating back as far as B. The Americas were introduced to peaches around the s when they were brought by Spanish settlers, and England and France finally began appreciating their delicious benefits by the mids.

In , researchers from the U. This makes them ill-suited for tropical climates except when grown in high altitudes. China is the largest producer of the peach, growing over half of the peaches throughout the world.

In recent years, there has been at least one peach-growing season in the U. Far from being just a favorite fruit, peach trees, fruits and blossoms are regarded with high esteem in Chinese culture, both historically and today. Peach seeds have been used for many centuries as a part of Chinese medicine to treat various conditions, such as blood stasis, inflammation and allergies.

Peaches also have a special place in artwork, both in realism and symbolic pieces. Monet, Rubens and Van Gogh are among the many artists to depict various parts of the peach tree and fruit. There are three basic varieties of peaches: Both common peach types can be cultivated with a white or yellow peel, each of which has flecks or lines of red in the skin. The white varieties tend to have a sweeter, less acidic taste and are popular mostly in Asian countries. Europeans and Americans tend to prefer the yellow-skinned, more tart varieties.

While the carotenoid antioxidants remain stable, the vitamin C content drops when stored at low temperatures. If you buy unripe peaches, you can ripen them most safely by laying them out in one level on your kitchen counter for one to three days.

And be careful — even slight pressure variations can bruise the peach skin. At room temperature, peaches can be expected to last about a week after ripening. Depending on what type of dish you plan to make, you may want to use less ripe peaches.

For example, unripe, crisp peaches toss well in salads, whereas overripe peaches are great for baked goods. Canning peaches is another way people frequently enjoy peaches — however, again, this risks losing nutritive value. Canned peaches lose about 21 percent of their antioxidant load. You might also want to try eating the seeds of your peaches every once in awhile. The seeds also contain an interesting nutrient known as laetrile , Vitamin B17 and amygdalin.

Further research is needed on this, as the benefits are hotly debated. The seed of a peach, shaped like an almond and found inside the peach hull, tastes similar to the almond with a slightly more bitter scent. Some research indicates that peach seeds in particular have fairly impressive health benefits, but again, further research is needed.

Start your day with a power-packed shake! And I would be remiss not to include a Peach Cobbler recipe. As a fruit, peaches probably should be consumed earlier in the day rather than later because of the way the sugar content in them is processed. At least one study found a correlation between nighttime peach consumption and a higher BMI and bodyweight. I also mentioned before that there are trace amounts of cyanide in peach seeds.

If you choose to try eating peach seeds, do it responsibly and report any adverse reaction to your doctor immediately. From the sound of it, you might think leaky gut only affects the digestive system, but in reality it can affect more. Click here to learn more about the webinar. Josh Axe is on a mission to provide you and your family with the highest quality nutrition tips and healthy recipes in the world Axe on Facebook 27 Dr.

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