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Check out these Great Depression cookbooks:

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Could You Stomach These Great Depression Meals?

And bean cakes, oh that's just plain comfort food. Just some leftover beans with salt, pepper, minced onion and enough flour to make a batter.

Fry it in some bacon drippings til crispy and serve with ketchup for dipping. Please put up how to make cornmeal mush? I remember we had this when I was 4, my great grandmother is not longer with us. I have asked my mom but she does not know how to make. Here's a recipe to try: It become very thick as it sits. You can refrigerate it and slice off what you want for a meal, fry it, and serve it with maple syrup.

Sometimes mom baked it, sometimes fried it, sometimes just straight once it was cooked, with a little red sauce on it. She often put in fried onion, olives, parsley. It was great growing up with that kind of food! I love bologna salad.

I make it a couple times a year. My husband is from a different part of the state than I am and he eats it too.

In philadelphia we grew up on bologna. Fried with cheese, bologna on white bread with Mayonnaise with crushed potato chips. Thanks for this really interesting post. I was raised by my grandparents who lived through the Depression and listened closely to their stories about how hard it was to find food, how they reused everything and still did in ! It wasn't that long ago, yet we now live in a "disposable society" where everything is plastic and ends up in a land fill and people throw food away like it's nothing.

I saw a young couple in Cracker Barrel this weekend — the girl ordered a huge hamburger, ate 3 or 4 bites and then left it sitting. I couldn't help but think about how many people would have loved to have that back in It doesn't seem that we have learned from history at all and let's pray that we don't find ourselves having to learn a hard lesson at the last minute. Many of these are familiar, and still eaten today.

Nothing beats a slice of beefsteak tomato with mayo on toast. My mom used to make poor mans supper, and she just called it "recipe". It was hotdogs and fried potatoes covered in some kind of white gravy. It kept all 9 of us teenagers with enough energy to do all of our chores! Probably wouldn't eat it now, but if SHTF, we will probably eat worse.

Hmmm, can you "can" hot dogs? Mixed in skillet and heated till it bubbles,salt,pepper,and a pinch of sugar. If you cook the flour mixture slowly and let it brown a little it has more flavor,but for breakfast with biscuits,the white is best. Tastes awfully good over a hot biscuit. My mother called this a white sauce, an elderly neighbor called it milk gravey, and the Food Channel calls it bechemel sauce!

I could be talking about something totally different though. You mean hot dogs don't COME canned there?!? It's the only way to buy them overhere; canned very rarely you'll find some in jars, but canned is the default So I'd say yes, they're cannable!

Some of those sound pretty good. Some of those only sound good until you realize the quality of food storage back then. Most of those ingredients would have been stale, overripe, or questionable in some other way. Really shows the importance of making some of your own food. I wonder if victory gardens sprung up from WW2 or if they were a natural extension of things people were doing during the 30s. WOW, it has a lot of my favorites!! I eat fried egg sandwiches all the time, love a fried bolonga sandwich and always put oatmeal in my meat loaf..

Like fried spam sandwiches also. Now I only eat some of these once a month or so to stay healthy. The skin is my favorite part of fried chcken, once in college I almost bought a package of chicken skin at the local grocery to fry up but decided not too. I did always buy the packs of chiken backs to make broth for chicken and dumplings…. Now that everything comes pre packaged you can't find deals like that..

And don't forget garbanzo beans, sprinkled with pepper and salt, with a little oil or melted chicken fat on them. Fern, I came across a recipe that featured garbanzo beans but didn't include it because it was too long. I hadn't realized garbanzos were such a staple for some people. I use them in hummus. Milk toast — not sure what it is? Chipped beef on toast — love it Cucumber and mustard sandwiches — cuke and mayo yes ….

Mayonnaise sandwiches — throw in a bit of pickle relish and yum! Ketchup sandwiches — nope Hot milk and rice — barbarians, rice is to be eaten white! Drink the milk …. One eyed Sam — piece of bread with an easy over egg in the center Oatmeal mixed with lard — no Fried potatoes and hot dogs — yum!

Onion sandwich — slices of onion between bread — heat the onion until it caramelizes Tomato gravy and biscuits — cornmeal biscuits for that italian flavor!

Deep fried chicken skin — like crackling Cornbread in milk — eat the cornbread, drink the milk Gravy and bread — as a main dish — gravy and biscuits …. Toast with mashed potatoes on top with gravy — all the time Creamed corn on toast — yup Corn mush with milk for breakfast, fried corn mush for dinner — don't we call it polenta now?

Squirrel — baked, fried, and in a stew Rice in milk with some sugar — Barbarians! Beans — three pot rotation going now — one soaking, one cooking, one being eaten — on the wood stove Fried potato peel sandwiches — with mayo, yum! And yes, love them on a good sourdough bread lightly toasted. Tomato gravy on rice — yes Toast with milk gravy — yes Water fried pancakes — no — you'll have to explain HOW because I can't get them to not stick with oil let alone without Chicken feet in broth — forget the broth — some of my favorite dim sum!

Fried bologna — and fried spam with eggs …. Warm canned tomatoes with bread — stewed tomatoes, bread, and bake until crispy Butter and sugar sandwiches — toasted …. Fried potato and bread cubes — yup with some wild onion thrown in as well Bean soup — after every ham Runny eggs with grits — and cheesy grits and … Butter and grits with sugar and milk — why waste the milk?

Baked apples — yum! Tomato sandwiches — on toast with a bit of mayo Hard boiled eggs in white sauce over rice — nope …. Spam and noodles with cream of mushroom soup — yup Rag soup: Popcorn with milk and sugar — ate it like cereal — nope. My husband grew up in the Pacific and can't stand anything on his white rice, other than a bit of soy sauce.

Rice pudding is a huge no-no with him. Oh, milk toast is a piece of toast in a bowl with warm milk poured over it. Now I like it both ways. Mom would put just a bit of butter oleo in it. When the contents turned yellow it was put on a dish and it was our butter.. Toast……the bread was toasted and warm milk poured over it. We all liked it….. As my mother was a native German she would make "milch reis mit zucker" quite a lot. Maybe it's a cultural thing while trying to survive WW2.

I love it My wife is Japanese and I get plenty of it the other way. I remember having cinnamon and sugar on toast when I was young. Potatoes, beans and rice are excellent cheap staples. In Philly we ate a lot of Chipped beef on toast. My father was in the navy they called it shit on a shingle.

It reminds me of when i was a kid. Some of these sound pretty familiar, especially in my college days when money was tight. I remember when I would eat dinner at my parents house, my mom would send me home with the left over mashed potatoes. She would have me make peirogi. They are so cheap to make and freeze well, just make a huge batch and after you boil them pack em up and freeze.

When ready to eat, thaw and pan fry. Here is the recipe http: My dad used to say they would have potatoes for one meal and the potato peels for another meal. I guess he wasn't kidding. It was hard to tell because he also said they would have dried apple for breakfast, water for lunch and swell up for dinner. Well, I didn't grow up during the Depression, but I've been known to tell my kids that we used to eat dirt and play with rocks when we were kids. Not sure they buy that anymore, though.

My grandpa said the same thing about eatin potato peels for a meal. The few photos we have of him growing up show the skinniest bunch of kids I have ever seen. He said it wasn't skinny kids, it was starving kids.

Thank you for the trip down memory lane. Growing up, money was tight so I remember eating mayonnaise and banana and mayonnaise sandwiches. I can add one you might not have heard of. My grandmother, who came from Ireland in , used to boil an unopened can of Condensed milk for an inexpensive dessert. When opened, the milk slid out of the can and was sliced like cranberry sauce. The taste and consistency was similar to caramel pudding. The rich treat was especially good with a dollop of whip cream or vanilla ice cream.

All my life I have held onto my frugal parents and grandparents ways. It saddens me also that many younger people are spoiled and wasteful. Ooohhh…I've heard stories of boiling condensed milk for a dessert, but I've always been afraid that the can would explode! Fill crock pot with water so the entire can is submerged. Cook on low hours. I have cooked many of cans of condensed milk and never had one to explode.

I take the can put it in a pot of water to cover the can and boil it for 3 hrs turning every hour.. Let cool and our boys loved it.

I learned that from a guy that worked on oil rigs. There cook made it for them. It taste like caramel. I made cakes professionally for a while. It tastes and feels just like caramel and super easy to make. It was one of the most popular filling flavors. This is basically what I did also she does a nice comparison: Also, I just posted this a few days ago.

This is a family recipe passed down from my great grandmother who lived during the Great Depression. My gram still gently boils the condensed milk. It is the most delightful caramel sauce. She also told of ketchup soup. If you watch the old show "Little Rascals" the kids are always eating a really thick slice of bread 2 inches or so with a scoop of jelly or jam thrown on top. Obviously canning made jelly and jam a staple in that time. My guess is that no one refrigerated it either because they went through a jar in a couple days and the high sugar content preserved it a bit more.

Chip beef on toast aka SOS, was a regular when I was a kid, along with hush puppies and many other Southern dishes my mother creatively made. Learned from my grandmother who to her dying day at 99 still gnawed chicken bones. As the baby of 13 to a Georgia dirt farmer nothing went to waste, and a life time of making the most of what you had was passed on to her kids and a few of the grandkids who would recieve her wisdom.

Found in some of her paperwork my mothers "Ration Card" for food from the depression and wartime when as a widow she had to draw on her skills to see her small family through. Tough times created strong people, a legacy I choose to try to emulate. Yum, I started drooling as soon as I started reading the list…everything on it is delicious.

But then again, I love cold, bitter, three day old coffee. I am fairly young and its funny how much of that stuff I have eaten, currently make for myself, or variations of it. I like with with a little bit of cinnamon on it — best when made with homemade bread the store bought stuff just disintegrates. Here is one I didn't see. Spaghetti made from Ketchup with Macaroni noodles with or without hamburger.

My folks used to make that ALL the time, my guess? Ketchup is cheaper than Spaghetti sauce. And also we ate fish tails. Smaller ones from fish we caught fried until they were crunchy. It was like chips. I remember the pasta with ketchup. My mother use to make that for lunch for us. I also remember having mayo and peanut butter sandwiches at friends' houses. Always thought that cucumber and mayo sandwiches were British from my grandmother's side. Let's see, I have eaten a majority of the things on the list.

Both sets of my grandparents were kids or teens during the great depression and they cooked depression meals for the rest of their lives. My dad is 70, he was born during WWII and he still cooks many things on the list, they were things he was brought up on and raised us with. One grandpa is still with us and some of his favorite foods are on that list. My mom still has mayo and sugar sandwiches once in a great while. White gravy with any type of bread is an acceptable meal in our house.

My word— I've eaten just about everything on this list! I am a native Southerner and we ate just about everything that was put in front of us. If you grew up on a farm or had grandparents that farmed, there are a few missing things from this list, including: Wild-crafted foods such as poke salad, dandelion greens, wild berries of all sorts. We also ate every part of the pig: I'm in my early 30s and it amazes me that so few people know how to COOK or make do with real ingredients. I was out in the backyard today and showed the neighbor kids the ground cherries that grow in their overgrown backyard.

There's food everywhere if you know where to look…. There is a very large market for scrapple in this area among non-Amish and non Mennonites. Thoroughly agree with your take on today's lack of cooking skills and making do, and knowing where to look. You walked me right down memory lane- and what a fun trip it was.

More depression memories from my mom: Everyone got a piece of chicken-just not a big piece!! And the next 2 days you had homemade noodle soup! The potato peels were NOT thrown away-they went into the vegetable soup broth pan.

Frog legs were not a delicacy but a necessary meal because her brothers could catch them for free. Gardening was survival-not Martha Stewart Fancy. Nut trees and Fruit trees were all over my grandmother's backyard and they were treated like royalty. Cow brains were mixed with eggs for a good scramble. We are such a spoiled society now. Hopefully, we are waking up. I know that I have made a 90 degree turn when it comes to wasting food.

We always used to use oatmeal to stretch hamburger when I was a kid. And bananas and milk aren't really an inexpensive dessert. For a free dessert pick berries. A lot of these sound like lazy bachelor meals… later down the list …See, I've made that!

And… don't forget bone soup. In a large pot place several large or small pork or beef bones and fill the pot with water. Pour the liquid off and save for soups and stock or just salt it and drink. The second time around for the bones produces the best and thickest stock, believe it or not. Bone soup, great taste, cheap and nutritious. My Mum always roasted the bones first, it brings out the flavour better, then she added them to the stock pot, I still do it to this day.

Seriously, here in the south- many, many of these meals are still eaten today. You forgot cornbread and milk, though!! I grew up eating this stuff, and it was a real treat then, and i still use and eat a lot of these recipes today.

We know for sure there are no fillers in them, less very much fat and what fat content there is would't add up to the junk food we eat in a day now. This really brings back a lot of memories! My mom was not a good cook, but she could fry the best fried chicken ever. I could not figure out how she did it until I remembered that all of the lard we used was used over and over again.

She kept the lard in a coffee can on the stove. All of the bits of bacon, potatoes, chicken, and whatever else she fried was in the lard. Believe me, that makes some fine fried chicken. We were so poor we had to reuse everything we had. Do you remember that flour could be bought in cloth bags? We bought flour this way so my mom could make clothes out of the material.

I have a picture of me, about 4 years old wearing a dress made from a flour sack. It had little daisies printed on it.

I was the youngest of 7 and my Grandfather was a farmer with one mule. Everybody pitched in and sausages were made, pork chops cut etc. Everything was grown by them, even had corn meal ground from the corn they grew. Only thing bought was wheat flour and things like baking powder, etc. I am inspired by that recipes and this is how I cook so I had no colds all my family and the blood tests in the blood donation center are great.

The bone soup and the free vegetables collected dandelions, nettles, ramsons, forest fruits etc helped me to repair some mineral issues and about several years I spend 0 money to pharma.

Love the ingenuity of our grandparents and great grandparents. I grew up with my grandmother making several of these dishes, or mentioning that they use to eat them when she was a child.

I know we are all collecting food storage recipes and planning out our 10 can meals, but it will be amazing how creative we'll become during hard times. It sounded more appetizing. It's one of my DH and DSs favorite breakfast meals. I caught it on Lew Rockwell. Some swell comments also. It's a good notion that we all like these meals. Most won't be able to swing into the hard times with such flare. Here are some of my favorites: Soda crackers with milk and sugar. Lysine is generally lacking in American diet.

Adding lysine-rich tomato eaten with beans creates a whole protein. Protein being one of the most difficult nutrients to acquire during hard times Soda bread—baking powder biscuits—corn bread cheap, quick and filling Corn chowder.

A spin-off of potato soup or perhaps the other way around Sausage gravy. A pound of sausage goes a long way when in a gravy. A hearty meal, nearly free if you have grown the tomatoes [post one of two]. Sounds grim but the fresh taste of nettle soup with dandelions and potatoes is a gourmet treat Tongue and cheek a fish chowder made from boiling fish skin, organs and bones Welsh rarebit rabbit A spicy cheese sauce over soda crackers or toast Dandelions Nature's perfect food.

My parents were young adults during the depression. They suffered thwarted lives due to few opportunities. This scarred them forever. They never escaped this depression mentality. It's happening to our young people today. These are a few meals I grew up with and practice still. I'm 70 years old—take no pills and still work 12 hours a day. Visit me at rowescorner. Great post, I'm fond of a number of these. I will say that bone soup is a big one in my northern area. I remember giving some caribou meat to an older friend and her asking me to cut the leg bone into chunks so she could make soup.

She boils them and then eats out the marrow. Which is very rich. Normally I cook these for my dogs as homemade treats. There are a couple of books one is, Make do and Mend, the other is, Eating for Victory, these are books compliled from pamphalets passed out in England during WWII fabric and food rationing.

They both have great tips for making do with less. My mom was a teenager in the Depression, so I heard a lot of stories. She used to fix some of these dishes, we were poor. I think it was the name, it was like eating ghosts. If you have any veggies like basil, chives, garlic, onion, etc. Make pesto out of nearly every herb you can with the ingredients you have on hand. Grind up mesquite beans and make a dandy flour. Carry a slingshot and let chance be the factor of what you eat.

Shoot a bureaucrat and make lots of soap and feed the rest to the pigs. DO NOT consume mistletoe in any way. Lard or bacon grease or any oil non-petroleum will make a tasty grasshopper and similar insect meal. What about liver and onions or cow tongue or ox tail stew? My grandparents told us that every last bit of the animal, including all organ meat was used. Chicken gizzard, necks livers and hearts?

Pickled pigs feet or pork rinds or snout? They also told us whippersnappers that people used to eat horse meat until the late 30's-to early 40's people still do in Europe. I know many folks who turn their nose up at these sort of things, but then again, most have never been that hungry-yet. Chicken gizzards is one of my favorites. That was actually a special treat when I was growing up I'm When my first son was just a little guy and couldn't pronounce gizzards he'd ask my mother to make him some fried buzzards every time we'd visit my parents.

Gizzards in red sauce… mmmmm. I guess it kind of helps when you grew up in a family that cooked, and knew what to do with all the odd-bits…. And I agree that many, many people have "never been that hungry yet". Was at a dinner party earlier tonight, and there were a couple of gals there that always set my teeth on edge every time they say, "I'm picky…" My mother would have never let us live with that attitude.

My grandmother often told the story of having some neighbors show up a little before noon. They were very embarrassed because they only had a couple potatoes and were going to make some soup.

They found out that the neighbors came because they had nothing. My uncle told me they would buy wheat by the bushel, sit at the table and clean it, and they would have it cooked for breakfast. The family had 7 children and a bushel of wheat lasted them about a month for breakfast food.

My dad still talks about how his favorite dinner as a child was canned peaches and juice on a slice of torn-up bread. He was one of four siblings raised by their single mom in Illinois during the s. Most of these would send my blood sugar through the roof…I'm diabetic and can't have a lot of carbohydrates or sugar.

I'm supposed to be on a high protein diet with lots of lean cuts of meat, fish, chicken, eggs, low fat diary, nuts and a few beans. All that bread, rice, sugar … omg … I'd end up in the hospital or worse, dead. I've eaten many of the very things listed here while growing up and I'm not even fifty.

Never knew hunger either. Maybe it's because my folks told me to eat what was in front of me or simply do without. Lets say I never forced that issue and learned to appreciate every bite I took. Her homemade whole grain brown breas in round loaves was the Best. My dad was born in and said he remembered a lot of turnip soup. I had quite a few of these on the list as well from my parents and my grandparents I'm My mom would take bread or crackers and crumble them up in milk she got that from her dad.

My grandmother made Brunswick stew out of squirrel and never told me what was in it. It was really good and I know I could handle squirrel if need be. Unfortunately where I live, I won't be able to get eggs nor fresh milk but over the past 10 years, I've learned a lot about what is edible around the yard.

I could handle the dandelion greens cooked like mustard greens I have a really old cookbook that even has a recipe for cooked dandelion greens. I've eaten many of this meals growing up. My mother grew up during the Great Depression and many times we had meals of vegetables and bread, gravy and bread and some pretty basic dishes. My grandmother said that at the peak you could not find a dandelion anywhere.

They were eaten as fast as they appeared. But since many kids won't like the buttermilk, let them have the sweet milk for the cornbread. Add a teaspoon of finely diced onion, seriously it tastes awesome! And of course the poke sallet on the side boiled 3 times, throwing out water each time. Grandma wouldn't show me the poke plants though, because of the stigma of being seen collecting poke. Apparently the families that took longer to recover from the Great Depression gathered their poke where they wouldn't be seen by their neighbors LOL.

I have to say, I've enjoyed the comments even more than the original article! Lots of interesting combinations and some great memories! It points up the fact that people who know anything about cooking — as opposed to just opening a can or box — can not only can put together very tasty, filling meals with very basic ingredients, but grow or forage for food to enhance the experience. So stock up on some of those basics!

When the belly is full we can go on to fight another day. Another area that our society needs to get back to the very Basics of home economy aka "home ec. You don't Need recipes. Got my Grandmother's recipe of hot dog casserole and beef hash.

Great meals that basically use leftovers. I am going to hunt down some of the dishes you listed above. This is the united states we are talking about. The country where spam is in every store. We are not known for our fine cuisine! That list is normal daily food around a big portion of the US, including my own home, and all my neighbors!! As a child I lived with my great-grandmother who lived through the great depression and to this day some of my favorite things to eat are mustard and onion sandwiches, ketchup bisquits, and fried potatoe sandwiches.

Now I know where that came from. We have a garden every year and I can all I am able. When buying seeds, I try to get non-hybrids so that you can save the seed. We also live in the country on a farm, have a pond for fishing and plenty of hunting. But some of the above named foods are staples at our house. We can add sliced pineapple sandwiches, banana sandwiches, and when I was growing up, my mom bought canned corned beef hash.

Fed the whole family on one pack! I've eaten quite a bit off that list. I grew up on a small ranch, and even though we usually had meat, there were times we were out and made do with what we had. I remember many times eating boiled potatoes and boiled eggs.

Mash them on your plate, add a bit of butter and salt and pepper. It was really good. Hmm, maybe I'll make some for supper. Her mother in law always broke the chidken bones in half and sucked the marrow out. She said when you come from a large family you eat every thing you can. I have eaten and still do eat a lot of those items.

My grandma who grew up during the depression would also fix peaches with milk bread and sugar said it was like cobbler I disagree but did eat it that and fried green tomatoes not to bad really.

We have a saying in my family I've been hearing it as far back as my great-grandmother who passed decades ago: Fried bologna my father would fix for us. My kids remembered me speaking of it and noticesd in Cinderella about the depression they fried Salami. Guess we know where that came from too. Hash was cooked the same way a previous writer posted. Sliced and put on a pan put in the oven. For Sunday she would add canned peach halves, and English muffins and broiled them all at once.

Another favorite was similar to upside down cake. It was a mixture of diced spam, beaten egg with yellow mustard, and brown sugar. Several days of old bread was left in the oven to dry and be used for bread crumbs or cubes. There was always a can for bacon drippings.

Take care all and keep safe. My Dad would make me some of these and they always tasted great! As a kid growing up with a single mom, I often had gravy on toast. We added milk, cinnamon and sugar and ate it like oatmeal. When my husband was a kid, the lumber mill his dad worked in closed down, leaving the family of seven short on cash. They often ate oatmeal with salt and bacon grease.

He also remembers eating fried zucchini for days on end. Now he often asks me to cook those things. Our kids are finicky eaters, but not in the way you might expect. We recently bought a package of pre-made burritos on a whim. My five year old ate it, but wanted to know where the rest of the beans were. I told her they were already in the burritos. I always tell people our kids will never know it if we get really poor, because beans and rice are some of the only things they consistently like.

I never knew so many of my favorites were from this time period. Its kinda …well… scary. Grew up pretty poor,or what I thought was poor. All of it that we gathered and hunted ourselves. I know see error of my ways and realize how good and healthy our meals were. I thankfully that my children love it and would rather eat wild game or seafood then a lot of the processed stuff in stores or fast food restaurant.

I envy you for having been able to eat all that great food, while the rest of us were munching away on heart disease-inducing pork, hormone-laced beef and chicken and other crap.

You had it made! Keep at it, my friend! Keep teaching your kids to do the same and into the next generation. But they may NOT have a choice, one of these days. I too have had several items on this list. Thank you for posting this, I am new to prepping and theoretically, I could eat this stuff, but who would choose to and they had another option, eh? There is one depression era recipe that I grew up eating, and we still eat occasionally in our house. My moms mother saved it from a newspaper during the depression.

Its greasy, but soooooooooooo good. Oddly it was the occasional simple meals like grilled cheese sandwiches, cinnamon sugar toasts, potato onion sandwiches that I learned to make and loved. Another great meal was what my mom called Spanish rice. This was canned tomato with zucchini mixed with white rice seasoned with a couple strips of fried bacon including bacon fat. I grew up eating all of this.

I still eat bread butter and sugar sandwiches and so do my children and grandchildren. Take boiled mush and add leftover baked beans. Pour into bread pan and bake. We called it poor mans meatloaf, and ate it with ketchup. Vidalias and some Extra Crunchy with a cold Dr. What a walk down memory lane. I remember seeing my great grandpa eating peanut butter and sweet pickle sandwiches. Have you seen the price for a jar of chipped beef? We ate that quite often as a child..

Maybe less demand made the price go up. The meat that would serve just one becomes a meal for a family. What memories come back with this list! We ate a lot of this growing up, and it was my grandparents that were depression era. Even now, we have quite a few off of the list. Breakfast, lunch or dinner. I can taste it to this day. Unfortunately, my mother passed away without telling us how to make the cornbread.

Heat Tablespoons of oil in cast iron skillet in oven while you are mixing the bread. Mix all ingredients together and pour into hot skillet, batter should sizzle and form a nice crust when added to hot skillet.

Bake until browned on top… about 20 minutes. Corn bread cooked in a cast iron skillet is the only way to go! I must still be living in it! BeBe great cornbread recipe. I also turn on the broiler for the last couple minutes to get the top that golden brown that makes it so pretty.

The secret which is no real secret is the buttermilk and egg. I still fry bologna for myself now. We ate many of these meals growing up on the farm.

One of my kids favorites, fried potatoes and baked beans, one of my favorites, is cinnamon sugar toast. What a treat, especially with home made breads. We loved potatoe skins fried in bacon grease, it was like potato chips now. I remember eating a lot of these kinds of foods when I was a kid in Germany. I still eat cornbread and milk sometimes — pour maple syrup over it, and it is really good.

I grew up eating many of those things! Corn meal mush is one of my all time favorites, along with rice and milk for dessert. Another family favorite is Hamburger and potatoes boiled into a soup. We have been eating these for at least 4 generations!

My mother-in-law was in Germany during WII. She has talked about making grass soup among other things. I too ate many of these meals growing up in my grandmothers home. I remember her telling me, you started with a handfull of hamburger, add a bit of celery, if you had it, onion…. It was one of my favorites. Native Americans been eating like this for thousands of years. Many Native Americans are still eating this way because of the Reservation and how society treats Native Americans today.

I just stumbled onto your article, and it brought back some memories, some good, some.. I was in junior high school at the time. My dad used to make this snack that was delicious—he would mix peanutbutter, butter, and honey then spread it on crackers—yum!!

I eat dandelion greens in springtime, and just found out that a weed growing in my back yard is purslane—very edible and high in omega 3 fatty acids. I feed it to my jungle fowl: My hubby and I fish and hunt—and I have learned a lot about how to prep and cook those things.

Oh, and winter squash is easy to grow, stores without refrigeration very well! Thank you, I will be back to your website! This makes me so nostalgic for my Grandma! She was a wonderful, practical, thrifty woman who was a kid during the Depression.

She always had a kitchen garden, even in her 80s. She grew the tomatoes herself, and told me that during the Depression beefsteak tomatoes were the only kind of steak they could afford. Having been brought up in a foster home in upstate NY Saratoga County the parents had both lived through the depression.

I have eaten 28 of the meals listed above. I still eat most of them today. I had five sons and they learned to eat those meals from time to time. I grow my own tomatoes and green peppers in the back yard of a townhouse in the ground and have grown lettuce in those green plastic hanging flower pots they were pretty too along the fence. When out of work one summer it came in handy: Had enough for two of us to eat and gave so much away, even dug up 2 pepper plants for an ex co-worker too.

Canned the late green tomatoes still eating them a year later fried they are good — have shared them too. Froze the green peppers great for cooking and omelets Cost first year: One of my favorite dinners as a child was potato pancakes sprinkled with granulated sugar, We had this meal often when Grandpa was between jobs.

Another favorite dinner was pancakes , sprinkled with powdered sugar if Grandma thought we were low on syrup. When Grandpa was out of work, Grandma always took the time to make homemde bread, biscuits, coffecakes, and cookies. I loved everything she baked, and felt really lucky when we ate her homemade bread. As an adult looking back, I can see how well Grandma managed her stored flour , potaoes, etc. During my childhood my mother made a couple of the dishes you listed. So I was truly surprised to see Hot Milk and Rice listed.

Since rice is such a big part of our culture, I always thought this dish was original to the island how naive of me!

There was another dish which I absolutely loved and called my favorite, it was canned corned beef cooked in a skillet with tomato sauce, sofrito and mixed with some vegetable served over white rice.

And it continues to feed generations of people afterward. We also would take slices off the second rising of the bread, poke a hole in the middle and deep fry it.

When we would hit bottom, mom would mix flour and water, cook this paste and then after it was in our bowls,sprinkle sugar and cinnamon. She had had that as a child too. Split pea soup was a stock item as well. You can bet the ingredients for the above are all in my storage cupboard! But since I have had a chance to expand the basics, I will eat well for a long time.

Wheat is a problem for us. My husband and I took your advice and got our health squared away now. We feel great now, but discovered that we have Gluten, Wheat, Dairy and Egg issues. The upside is we can eat a plateful of steak and fried chicken wings and loose weight every month.

Great news if you are flush with income, problem if you are trying to Prep. Trying to keep weight on makes the hamburger grease look good to us. A lot of people feel great and lose weight when they give up carbs. Look up our recipe for Super Rice here on the blog.

Oats are another very versatile grain. Also, start trying grains that are new to you, such as millet, spelt, and kamut. Also, look into einkorn www. I wonder if our genetically modified wheat is the problem. That would include your cupcakes and the loaf of Cinnabon bread I bought on impulse last week!!!

My husband will love that the bill will be so much smaller. I posted a link to this on my blog too. My concern is that all these foods we grew up eating that have been mentioned, are not foods the young people of today would fix to survive.

We still still eat all of these things today. Being a homemaker and taking care of your family ,while pinching pennies is very time consuming , but worth it. Menu planning , shopping wisely , canning and preserving, all a part of it. There is so much waste in this country that has never had to be. It is so good too. It is almost scary to admit I have had many many of these growing up!

Hot dog, bacon sos was another, served over toast,rice or maccaroni whatever you had if you didnt have anything then just plain. One was bone soup.. Lots of bones and whatever else you had on hand. Water,and some vinegar to extract the good stuff from the bones.. Another was jack mackeral loaf,with old bread they would cut the mold off of,egg they had chickens and veggies from the garden.

Hoe cakes was another one. My one friend told me he never knew a chicken had anything but feet and wings. When he went into the marines,he found out there was more parts on a chicken. Greens,pigs feet and ears was big as well. Mom used to make us pinto bean sandwiches. We could open a can of what ever we wanted. My favorites were a can of peas or pork and beans, never bothered heating the pork and beans we liked them cold.

Grandma taught us to like bread with milk or even better saltine crackers with milk which is my all time comfort food. We also ate hamburger gravy where you brown some hamburger and then add flour and then milk to make as much gravey as you need to stretch the meal.

You serve on biscuits or toast. We were a upper-middle class family but this is how my parents grew up during the depression. My parents grew up during the depression and said they never realized they were poor. Bread and butter always had to be on our table. Broken up saltines in milk, fried eggs over rice, rice and beans cooked with a ham bone or bacon. Spaghetti and spam in spaghetti sauce. We still make it once in a while for we like the taste. I have it stocked for these unsure times.

The author never advocated for us to drink mayonnaise to lose weight, he only implied that weight lose is more complex, and that we have overlooked what may be foremost of many components to weight loss. My friend wrote her thesis on the role of food and the cultural dogma surrounding eating.

I see the near religious role diet has taken in our society playing out here. The author never attacked your sacred diet, or advocated for another sacred diet.

Please look at his message and stop taking umbrage with the world. Thank you for writing this article, It has made a positive impression on me and I would like to thank you. Or you could be a 49 year old Bodybuilder like me who has been doing it since and still weigh what I did in high school in ! I was the Army European Bodybuilding champ at 45 against kids 20 my junior. I just had a physical for the Army to go to a special duty……healthy as a horse, a healthy horse. Not sure you completely know what you are talking about?

When I do moderation with things like Subway bread sandwiches and sugary ice cream, it inevitably leads to intense cravings and then a binge. You say you ate paleo and your cravings for junk never went away. I eat paleo and my cravings for junk DO go away, within a week or so. A couple of things I would ask though ….. Mike there are also the hormonal issues attached to kcal control, significantly with large kcal deficit practices.

Eating clean in a deficit all the time is not optimal. The solution for many is to crank up the energy output and reduce input. The exact opposite of what the body needs to kick start the process again.

Like weight training diet should be cycled. Having periods of higher kcal input and periods or rest to control cortisol and elevate leptin levels should be parts of the toolbox. May I just say I think mike looks great in the first pic as well. I have to agree with Wendy, and before the morons start to comment do I even lift etc I am a competing physique athlete.

There is absolutely no doubt that IIFYM kcal counting etc can produce a very good physique, although I am yet to meet a successful competing athlete who practices this. The health issues have already been mentioned above, eating purely by the numbers can leave a person nutritionally deficient, just have a look at the blood work to see the problems.

BUT I have to question would the authors physique be even better if he followed a clean diet that hit his target macros? I have no doubts he would. Performance would be better and the most critical thing in producing the best body we can, recovery, would be faster! If I want waffles with icecream for dessert for example then the rest of my meals will have to be greens and lean proteins. First off, this was a beyond entertaining read!

One has only started three weeks ago and the difference is unbelievable. Just accept that every person has their own personal food that they love and adore. It seems to me that many are just closed minded. Weight loss is not an exact science. I used to think it was and wished there was something magical that I could take or do because I would do anything to be thinner. The concept is so simple and yet has eluded many for ages.

Stop ragging on him for accomplishing what he wanted. But the only reason I even found this post is because I was rummaging about for information on the best way to calculate my macro intake. With that said, I was wondering if anyone could recommend a site that could teach me how to calculate my daily macros? My husband and I have been paleo for 2. I am feeling so good and having a hard time keeping up with my macros bc paleo and iifym are difficult to follow together…but as I read more and more I am opening my brain up to the possibility of non-paleo foods.

I always found myself at a stand still. Can I just say this article is amazing! I thought why not, may as well try it. I tried, and in ONE week I lost an 0. Every day I have eaten good, nutrient dense foods but allowed myself treats here and there. This is just what I needed after gaining around 8lb on my mini winter bulk.

Great article dude, people are unaware that LOW GI counts only for obese diabetic peoples and there is a mark where micronutrients just go to waste. Lets not forget that for average person to lose fat and gain muscle there is no need to monitorize food intake so strickly as for some juice head who is on slin and gh.

I have had similar results when I shook off some eating rules and paid more attention to macros. I love my fitness pal! Tracking food is a great way to stay in track and curb over eating. Sometimes I would eat something unhealthy for lunch and just by tracking it I would see all the calories and have a healthier dinner.

This is why weight watchers works for a lot of people.. They tack points which are calories but can choose what they want to eat. I have tried every diet in the book and all of the crazy diets would leave me gaining weight. I would make it 4 days then crash and eat garbage.. I was trying to lose on some diets and ended up gaining to I now back on my fitness pal and starting to lose.

I love being able to have some ice cream for a treat if I want! I had the same exact experiences as Mike. My doctor, by the way, is happy that I lost the weight because that way, and all my blood values, blood pressure, etc. Such a nutritional approach is also more sustainable. Have moist soil, you However e?

Religious practices and, the perception that. To exhibit inappropriate, and vision may. Other items too roids vs natural, apart with the are reported each. The thing —Kin, some hotels and. Does building a well-established blog such as yours take a lot of work? I am completely new to running a blog however I do write in my diary everyday.

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Thiis is especially true for website publishers and affiliate marketers that do not have high daily page impressions. This article proves I was right plus responses Since my early teens most of what I ate was processed or take-out foods.

I cut out almost all processed foods from my diet, about 6 months ago limited my Colas to 1 can a day and trying to drink 2 to 3 litres of water. I ate alot of fish, chicken, eggs and nuts mainly, eating FRESH veges everyday, drinking milk and of corse I couldnt go without rice my fav and wholemeals and grains by the end of that week, I had put on weight I had never ever seen without getting pregnant for many many years, That week changed my life.

I stuck to the diet for about a month and realised Eating healthier helps me gain weight quicker and If i went back to junk……Id lose all that weight. I do have fast metabollism and I dont believe in supplements and I dont exercise cause I might lose more weight.

Back to drinking coke cola as usual, eating ice cream and chocolate everyday sweetOoth eating take-outs half the time and now I feel like I can go either way if I wanted to and I dont have to eat more or less. When I originally left a comment I appear to have clicked on the -Notify me when new comments are added- checkbox and now each time a comment is added I recieve four emails with the same comment.

Perhaps there is a means you are able to remove me from that service? I have had problems with food since I was 13 I am 33 now! Funnily enough, I also went through spurts of using myfitnesspal and not focussing on cutting anything out but still trying to get in enough protein, carbs, fat and fibre in right proportions though and these are the times I felt and looked at my best.

Seeing it written down by someone else in this way is such a lightbulb moment for me! There are so many errors, logical inconsistencies, ignorance and lies in this article that I genuinely fear for the other unintellegent people that may read this and absorb some of the content, although I admit, not all. You are a virus, a parasitic node of consciousness that will infect the others.

Why are people always so quick to attack and have something negative to say? No one knows THE answer, there is no right or wrong. Some of you with such strong opinions and negative comments, well I salute for being passionate about health in general, but so is Mike and like you is only sharing his own opinions. Not every single human being on this planet is the same, we all respond differently to foods.

What might make one person thin may make another person fat. At the end of the day we all need food to survive, until we all eventually die! So, we may as well just enjoy what we like in moderation… moderation moderation moderation blah blah blah and get on with it! And to Ian P, you think it is acceptable to say to anyone: Comments like that just make you look like a fool.

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Feel free to visit my web site; home renovation design tools. I love your article. It is so well written. I googled this topic because I had been eating healthy for years and kept gaining weight. Recently, I got my boyfriend encouraged me to become more lenient with my food because it was an inconvenience to the both of us time, money, explaining ourselves so I gave it a shot.

I have lost 15 pounds since then. It has been so odd, I decided to google it. It notifies a persons the amount of cell phone information was adopted daily, estimates the use for that month and emits computerized alerts. I think everything posted made a lot of sense. However, what about this? I think this iss one of the mosst significsnt ifo for me.

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Lots of useful info here. Hmm is anyone else habing problems with the images on this blog loading? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Look at my homepage — website. Really interesting and down to earth article. I also find a lesser reliance on supplements has benefited my training and overall health. I gave up all grains and dairy simply because they made me feel bloated and sluggish. People tend to get overly obsessed with nutrition plans.

The important thing is to find a balance. I prefer to stay thin and lean and find that on a Paleo nutrition plan it is possible to burn fat, stay slim and build muscle tone at the same time. Another thing… for me personally, when I was simply counting calories and eating non paleo I had massive sweets cravings.

Eating higher protein and fats have eliminated those cravings. I am fuller longer on less food. The point I think of Paleo is a person can get filled up on less calories. I created the habit of only eating when I am hungry and stopping when I am full. I found that no matter what or when I ate I was always thinking about the next time I was going to eat… and the number of calories.

And I was always hungry. I agree with this article. It really annoys me how much our country emphasizes weight loss and foods. In the end calories are a form of energy whether or not you enjoy eating the foods or not.

Its saying you need to maintain your diet but relax. You also need to know that if a woman just does a cardio session compared to a man lifting weights the man will burn more in the long run because of muscle mass! By the way, unburned energy makes people fat.

Nuts are dense therefore you need less of them to feel full. We no longer listen to our bodies when we are full either. Bravo for losing weight, it is a difficult enough task. My issue with this article is the implications clean eating made you fat.

You can eat too much of anything…bad or good. Portion control is key with any food choice. If you eat moderately you can achieve goals. If you are craving a processed or unhealthy food, instead of binging, portion it correctly.

Eat it and move on. Every weekend i used to visit this site, because i wish for enjoyment, for the reason that this this web site conations actually good funny stuff too. When I took my cold pack from the fridge, I was a mouth breather. You must have your employees sign a written employment contract called an Inscripcion Contratos con trabajadores.

But you need to tell everything that troubles you to the counselor if you are serious about your marriage life. It may underestimate risk in certain groups, such as obese patients.

May I just say what a relief to discover someone that truly understands what they are discussing online. You definitely know how to bring a problem to light and make it important. More people ought to read this and understand this side of the story.

Tomatoes Green Veg e. Spinach Beans, lentils, peas etc. Tofu Herbs Spicy foods e. In fact eating pussy actually burns a ton of calories.

The best way to lose weight is more activity. I get my daily activity from homosexual intercourse aka buttsecks. Homosexual activities are the best way to burn fat quickly. I seriously appreciate individuals like you!

Great post and absolutely entertaining comments. I do think that advocating the Paleo diet while aiming for a physically active lifestyle is best. Whey powder is like Gerbers for babies. Still food but prepared differently for specific purpose.

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They eat, they squabble collectively after which they eat some more. Worrking from property is a choce that many of us ways to make extra money. Omg- I am in love with you! This is so so soooooooo much my experience. The more Crosdfit gamer nutritionists I consulted with, the worse it got! It will go where it wants intuitively- Amen to breaking the mold! I understand this post and restrictive diet for many can cause yo yo effect. But I think some people have an easier way with certain foods than others.

No matter if grass fed or anything. Or even if they respect the macro nutrients ideal. So clearly their body respond better imo better digestion, better uptake of nutrients if they avoid this type of food. So I understand what you come from, I agree because I was very restrictive with my diet at one point I ate mostly paleo and I was your opposite, I lost a LOT of weight.

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How “Clean Eating” Made Me Fat, But Ice Cream and Subway Got Me Lean