Food Allergy, Intolerance, and Sensitivity: Are the foods you eat making you ill?

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What we can take from all of this is that some individuals do have a particular sensitivity to glutamate. For some drugs, gastric acid creates the kind of environment that is conducive to absorption. Elevation of glutamate levels in brain from glutamate intake should be not necessary from a week BBB allowing glutamate to enter the brain but by inhibiting the opposite way. MSG is the biggest offender, but most of the products the author listed also bother me except not really broccoli nor homemade broths. Whether these side effects are due to the actual Lactaid pill itself is unclear. People with food allergies often carry a chef card — a printed note specifying all the ingredients you are allergic to as well as a request that all dishes, utensils, and preparation surfaces be free from traces of that food.

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Beyond MSG: Could Hidden Sources of Glutamate Be Harming Your Health?

This could be the answer to soooo many unexplained health issues! I also found the connection somewhere along the line probably another article online that taking Folic Acid supplements could counteract the effects of eating glutumate.

For years, I always had Folic Acid with me and would take it after a restaurant meal particularly fast food. I seemed to have almost no headaches. I recently found out that people with ulcerative colitis develop a Folic Acid deficiency. I have also had reactions to store-bought icing, although I cannot pin down the ingredients. Not sure where to get this info….

I searched for possibilities of Betaine HCl w pepsin taking grams per day causing high glutamate. I have been using this for about a month consistently and now my glutamate symptoms are through the roof! Is Betaine HCL considered glycine?? Thanks for any help. After a year of trying to work out what was causing my symptoms rapid heart beat, arythmia and nights unable to sleep at all!

I had no idea until recently that these were both linked to free glutamic acid but when I found out it all made sense!! Does anyone have a remedy for the short-term symptoms relating to this? I naturally now avoid foods with these additives but sometimes they unknowingly make their way into a meal.

I have this eat same problem and would love to hear any tips to overcome this condition of overstimulation when exercising. NAC n-acetyl cysteine can help, and magnesium can too.

NAC is an anti-oxidant and has many other benefits as well. Magnesium supplements are not safe for everyone. This misery a I described went on for a couple mo this before I finally figured out the cause.

Even too much of a high magnesium food chocolate can do this to me. This is not a common response to magnesium supplementation, but I have met two other people who have the same response.

I know of only one other person this happens to. I have fibromyalgia and everyone wants me to take magnesium. Practitioners all look at me strangely when I tell them about how magnesium causes terrible leg pains and keeps me awake all night. Does anyone know why? Or how to overcome it? Can magnesium really just be bad for a few people? Yep magnesium can cause restless legs, cramps etc I had it when using magnesium chloride transdermally.

Anything citric or oxide is a no-no. Glycinate can cause insomnia, malate and threonate I believe are the two best alternatives. I solved the problem of leg cramps caused by magnesium by eating a couple spoons of molasses each day.

It is high in potassium. Well…pushing down potassium may not be the mechanism for me. High potassium foods, potassium supplements do the same thing to me that magnesium does, muscle cramps, low blood pressure, etc.

Inadequate vitamin D absorption leads to Calcium deficiency. Calcium deficiency can lead to magnesium overload. I believe my body preferentially absorbs magnesium over calcium. Both times I had well above the normal range of magnesium in my rbcs.

Interesting links between glutamate MSG foods and calcium. I was taking it for several weeks and noticing that my heart rate would be dangerously high at times. It took me a disconcertingly long time for me to figure out it was the NAC!

After about a week of not taking it the heart rate improved considerably. Also, many of tbe same foods also contain tyramines. Is there a way for someone to tell if they rea t to tryamine or glutimate?

Do tryramines damage brain tbe way glutimate does? I have Lamictal to help me with my depression that last for at least 10 years as far as I know. I read articles where the lamitrogine is related to inhabit the glutamate receptor.

Does the glutamate diet do the oppoisite by exciting this receptor? I learned recently that glutamates were causing me to have restless leg syndrome. Also had an extreme reaction to whey protein where i was so wired that i did not sleep for 4 days. I stopped eating foods with high free glutamates and the RLS mostly disappeared. And insomnia continues to be a problem for me even after removing the glutamates.

After reading all the comments I will remove gelatin capsules and digestive enzymes to see if maybe they are a problem. Maybe the glutamate they contribute are not enough to cause RLS but still enough to disrupt my sleep. Does anyone know, if you heal the Leaky gut will the glutamate sensitivity disappear. Although my diet includes many foods that I enjoy, I really miss all of the foods that have a more intense flavor.

I have found that my legs become restless when I need more iron. Researchers at Johns Hopkins have noted the even RLS patients with normal blood levels of iron benefit from supplementation with iron. For this reason, they theorise that some people with RLS can have normal blood levels of iron while they are deficient of iron in their brains.

Hi Ann and Valerie. I was interested to read your posts. I have lived with restless leg syndrome for a number of years and only now finding out about the link with restless leg and glutamate sensitivity. A number of things ive noticed over the years bring on symtoms which I have naturally eliminated from my diet including protein supplements, creatine supplements, maltodextrin supplement, alcohol, coffee and also intense exercise.

Is there a way of testing if you have a sensitivity to glutamate that you are aware of? Hi, did u check your kidney function, endocrine status thyroid , or iron levels? I refer you to NHS choices link, for more detail. May I add, from a personal experience; if u r around menopause age, that could be a notorious reason, and a reason for many more symotoms, especially when camouflaged while hot flashes are yet not fully proclaimed. I was having migraines continuously and it was recommended to go grain free.

I did and the migraines went away. Should I start watching out for Glutamate now too? I had 15 years of chronic migraine that included vomitting and diarrhoea that lasted days to weeks.

I could not work and spent 18 months in bed before I started taking betablocker meds. I discovered hereditary conditions included spina bifida folate deficiency in utero and sulphur intolerance. I have cut out all foods high in sulphur, high free glutamate foods are also on the high sulphur food list. If I accidently eat preservatives or a free glutamate food I begin to get very sleepy and my mood is flattened. I immediately take folic acid to counter this reaction.

I am totally well now, working, and my poor health a distant memory. But I must eat a low sulphur diet, no preservatives or anything with numbers attached.

I have the same reactions, high glutamate foods make me tired and sad, just out of interest, how did you find out that folic acid counters this reaction? Which type of folic acid do you take and how much? I might not tolerate high sulphur foods also, I found this article about the connection between sulphur intolerance and mercury intoxication. Hi Anne My biological father, when I found him fifty years after my birth, listened to my symptoms and told me the whole family have a sulphur intolerance.

He worked in the wine industry and advised me to stop drinking wine with preservative. So I now eat preservative free. Folate is needed in the development of nerve endings, glutamate and sulphur are excitotoxin to the brain, folate helps to counter some of this chemical reaction.

The other side of my family suffer from Spina bifida and migraine. I have a double -whammy intolerance. By connecting the family history and the science it became possible to note that folate lack of folate causes Spina bifida had a role to play in my health. NB Some new anti-epileptic drugs work on the glutamate receptors in the brain also, and may work for migraine.

First please studies that free glutamate ingested with food have fast spikes. Because you dont ingest free gluamate alone but with foods and this affecst absorbtion like in glucose. Second bounded glutamate is very fast unbounded by digestion.

Remember no one eat glutamate acid alone however, comes without the natural components of food that help the body regulate glutamic levels.

Free glutamate lays physiological and nutritional roles and initiates digestion in the stomach as well as anticipates subsequent processes in the small intestine and the liver. For seasoning I use Himalayan salt, and herbs, nothing else. I cook as healthy a possible, I just recently saw that my daughter is disliking meat now. She will have very very little almost nothing, wondering why? She is non verbal, but started with few words since on CD and herbal Therapy.

How do we know what is free glutamate and what is bound? And how do walnuts have a high free glutamate index? Nothing is processed in them. You would think that would be the bound glutamate. You will most likely see that they are. Is there any research on the safety of injecting MSG? Is the sensitivity point much lower? My daughter has not received these vaccines yet only partially vaccinated.

I am 43 years old and since I was 13 have been dealing with a seizure disorder. My wife and I were at a Chinese buffet. That night I had terrible seizures. This was about 3 years ago.

Since then, I generally try to avoid those known foods with glutamate. When I do have a seizure approximately 1 every three months and always at night , I can always link it to something I ate the night before. I came across this article after having had another seizure last night. Not realizing it had so much glutamate, I had quite a bit of blue cheese last night.

Also, my son has been struggling with symptoms of ADHD for several years. He has been diagnosed and has been on medication for several years now.

Recently, he has seen by another physician and he has doubts that ADHD is the correct diagnosis. This is a very interesting thought and warrants follow up. Maybe the majority of his problems can be linked to a food sensitivity. My 11 year old with ADHD who has been on meds for a year, saw a functional medicine dietician and has been glutamate free for over a month now.

He is so different it is almost a miracle — calm, focusing, fun to be around. We are yet to reduce the meds…and to re challenge his diet — but am very hopeful. My daughter is getting better, but still missing that raw juicing, vegetable, fruits and nuts, which I learned it now and make sense to me….

Do the seizures happen during tbe night? I get tbe same thing but have been blaming on tyramines rather than glutimates- foiods that have them overlap considerably. Our first realization was the eczema it caused, but elimination of foods results in less excitability and better cotton and focus. In the past 3 years we trip on another sensitivity every 6 months or so-including red dye, chlorine and just recently glutamate. We find it based on symptoms then research to find the trigger based on what he most recently ate.

I believe many children are being diagnosed with adhd — but really just have food sensitivites. Praying as a society we stop poisoning ourselves just to use medicines that cause worse issues. As someone who adopted the real food diet this year and bone broth I was excited to be healing a very leaky gut.

However to my dismay, my symptoms worsened and I hit a health low. I finally realized that my joint pain and hives were directly caused by the bone broth and possibly glutamine-containing amino acid supplements prescribed by my functional practitioner. Any suggestions are welcome. My gut is by far not healed, but got rid of the hives using MSM.

The itching was so bad that not even antihistamines only available on prescription several times a day could get rid of it, I then started supplementing with MSM and after 4 months it was gone.

I also tried supplementing with glutamic acid also in order to heal the gut, but had to stop taking it, as it worsened my mood. I also just read a couple of days ago, that zinc helps heal a leaky gut and a leaky brain , so I will try this too now. I am also looking into fecal transplant. I cant restore a healthy microbiome because i cant eat any of tbe aged foods that provide beneficial bacteria.

Between that and not being able to eat any dairy i have no lacobacilli in large intestine. I do not have evidence of leaky gut but do have gratly elevated secretory IgA suggesting my immune system is overactive about something. Aged foods give me neurological symptoms and have to avoid greatly. Dont know how the dairy intolerance — fresh or aged — factors in.

Works wonders also for your mood! Is glutamate and L-glutamine the same thing? Are you using these words intergangeably perhaps? I hope they are not…. I stumbled upon the msg issue by accident. My grandson, who is non-verbal and autistic, was recently seen by a naturopath and had a full biochemical assessment done which, in part, showed low levels of glutathione. He was given a cream prescription to increase the level, but we were told this is a slow process and could take up to a year.

No satisfied with this answer I went to the internet in search of a quicker way to raise his glutathione levels. I ordered this, and before using my grandson as a guinea pig I tried it myself first. The first day I felt a very small amount of some generalized anxiety, the next day a little more and by the third day I was nearly crawling in my skin. My stomach was in a knot, my limbs, particularly my arms and calves were tingling and felt weak, and I just felt toxic.

I had no idea what exactly was causing this but I knew it was something about the whey, so once again I went to the internet in search of an answer and I saw that on many of the body building forums which is most of the folks who use whey products people were talking about feeling anxiety when using whey.

But in my searches I kept seeing glutamate referenced, so I did more searches on glutamate and anxiety and I hit the jackpot! I could barely believe what I was reading about this substance! Thank god I did not give any of this poison to my grandson. And of course, now, the question is, how is glumatate affecting him on a daily basis and what role might glutamate play in his autism.

What I know of certain, is that I experienced a horrific overload of glutamate and the physical symptoms were real, painful, and disturbing.

I cannot understand why the FDA allows this neurotoxin in nearly every single packaged food there is. Besides avoiding free glutamate, using glutamate blocking supplements, such as magnesium, B6, taurine, etc. This article is fantastic: It is very important to get the modern, hybrid wheat out of your diet.

No beer with what malt in it although German beer should be safe as they will not uses Roundup dried wheat to make malt. Is there any wheat but not whole wheat!

If i get stuff imported from another country like pastafrom italy would this help? My daughter is better!! We do Herbs detox, colon detox with Enemas, I can tell you after just one enema, my daughter calms down immediately!! It is a slow process, to get our kids back, Many kids started to talk, my daughter just started to say few words, and that is a positive thing to me, Please don not get any injection of Vitamin B, the worst is B Wish you all the best!

Hi Mira, I just read your comment regarding the article on glutamate and your daughter. At the end of your comment you mentioned vitamin B12 being the worst. Have you thought about testing her genes, as in 23AndMe? Just wanted to pass this on.

She has a test that can test for where the methylation is breaking down. So, could vaccines have toxins that affect methylation further? What about supplements that have their capsule made of gelatin? Should we avoid taking supplements with capsules of gelatin? I appreciate that you share your experience. I thought there might be another reason for me feeling better without them. I am new to this so I have so much to learn and understand yet!

And then it is so good to hear from others what they do. Do they help with your digestion? Do you see a great improvement in symptoms and do you have any adverse reactions?

I used to take this for digestion issues but no longer need it. You need to be specific as well and specify what thewe contaminants a day by-products are. All of the latest and most reputable research indicates both multiple environmental causes MSG could certainly be one and a possible link to the dysbiosis and disruption of the normal bacterial population we all carry that outnumbers our own cells by X.

Finally, you need to edit your work more carefully: All this said, please keep up the good fight because our food truly is our best medicine. Thank you for all the excellent posts and comments. I want to learn more specifically about digestive enzymes possibly being a source of free glutamate?

As was mentioned in one of the earlier posts. Is this really the case? Can someone please confirm with a citation or two with more information? I would be very grateful! Hello, I was using half a cup of bone stock a day — cooked for 12 — 24 hours — when I developed a reaction to glutamate — for me this was an intense burning in my arms and legs. I had to stop all food sources of free glutamate but also had to ditch the fermented foods and digestive enzymes to get the pain to go away.

It did eventually but even after 6 months I am not able to touch any of t he offending foods, this has made life particularly difficult with regards the digestive enzymes, I now have to puree all food. My daughter suggested I check this website to seek help and learn more about glutamates. My husband has Lewy Body Dementia. Mainstream medicine offers some help, with limits and no promises. Did you ever tried Coffee enemas? Do you take daily probiotic? We have both been vegan for 3 years now and have noticed a significant improvement in our health and mood.

I heard Katie interviewed by Holistic Nutrition labs and she was great. Look for her Ted talk as well. My question is, does free glutamate actually cause disorders like autism, ADD and Parkinsons or does it just exacerbate the symptoms because people with these issues are more susceptible?

My thoughts are there may be various factors that result in sensitivity to free glutamate like: For more info see unblindmymind. There is much science missing here and it is complex. Free glutamate need not cross the BBB to induce neuroinflammation in the brain, although crossing the BBB is one way for this response. Neurotransmission signals and other chemicals like insulin are induced by glutamate binding to glutamate receptors and these signal freely cross to the brain.

The same is true of casein protein or any protein subjected to processes that break the peptide bond. As a follower but not to the nth degree of traditional foods, and as someone trying to heal diagnosed SIBO and reflux, I have turned to bone broth, gelatin, and probiotic foods for help, based on conventional wisdom.

How does one know which way to turn? I also have severe food allergies to nuts, peanuts and sesame, implying that there is a gut permeability issue.

Without thousands of dollars of lab tests, any advice for the confused? Also thank you so much for your work, and your dedication to helping those who struggle. I just watched your TEDx video and found your page. I had a recent experience with a change in diet. I have been avoiding free glutumate for over 30 years due to it causing bad headache and a hangover effect for 24 hours after consuming. Before then, I avoided wheat and never drank milk. My gastroenterologist prescribed the probiotic, VSL 3 and I am back to avoiding wheat and am cutting back on the dairy, but now I think I need to eliminate the milk all together due to the casein connection with glutumate.

As a person who gets migraines and has Fibromyalgia, I definitely have a sensitivity to glutamate. And I have studied this subject tirelessly.

MSG is the biggest offender, but most of the products the author listed also bother me except not really broccoli nor homemade broths. I would also add chocolate as one of my main triggers most people with migraines should avoid chocolate too.

I would also add that most IBS is caused by glutamates. As soon as I avoided it as much as possible , my IBS completely went away! Although I do think the condition of the gut and brain barrier play a huge role in individual sensitivity, I think enzymes play a role too. Not just digestive enzymes, but possibly metabolic enzymes. And so each person will have a varying degree of sensitivity based on their personal profile of genetics and deficiencies and damage to these systems.

Here is an article about this study: Because, as an earlier post pointed out, glutamate, like all other amino acids, is balanced in real foods by other inhibitory substances. The role of MSG and other man-made versions of glutamate are a big problem for our health, and if the FDA would at least take a stand against it being added to everything, we would be taking a huge step toward improving the health of our country. Could they be suffering from a glutamate deficiency, or have I got his backwards?

Daniel, when you are as sick as these people are, you have already studiously ruled out the most common cause of illness. Then you start going down the path of the lesser known causes. There is no need to make light of their situation. Some people such as myself get very not to say extremely sick ingesting these foods glutamate is a neurotransmitter.

I would never avoid these foods just out of precaution, if I did not experience any bad reactions. So I understand that it seems quite extreme or exaggerated, cause it includes just about anything!

I suspect I have a glutamate sensitivity, but my symptoms are not the same as most described online. I get a reduction in the pressure of blood flow to the periphery it seems, so the weight of my feet is enough to push the blood out and make my soles white. Or, sitting on my hands pushes all the blood out and it comes back slowly over ten seconds or so. Does anyone else have this type of symptom? I also react to caffeine… Amy does that fit with a glutamate issue?

Are you familiar with Idiopathic Hypersomnia? GABA is a key player in this condition. I wonder how the glutamate GABA balance affects this condition. Until one day I ended up in the ER for anaphylactic shock after trying gelatin as a supplement. Thankfully I found forums where it seemed like an extensive number of people who do not have ADHD or autism have been dealing with the same thing and struggling to find a solution. I can consume homemade fish and lamb stock if cooked at a low level for a shorter amount of time.

Some people seem to have similar reactions to supplement fillers such as cellulose and silicon dioxide so I avoid additives as well. Other than that I have no idea. Thank you for this article. Hi Ellisabethe, I would love to know more of your resources and the forums you mentioned.

I am just realizing a connection between glutamate and my health issues and am amazed how much better I feel after just a few days of intervention. But, there seems to be so few choices for me to eat. I never eat out, and I eat pretty clean.

I was on 24 hour fast, not intentional but by chance. I experienced extreme thirst, which is a known side effect of MSG. I experienced a very horrible case sleeping that night, and my body was full of sweat.

I screamed several times and jumped out of bed. I recall experiencing nightmares or night terrors as a kid, and I assume that was diet. I never experience nightmares, not after the incident and not for years before it. I was drenched in sweat. Another thing I ate there was a lot of clams. They were big and chewy and gritty with what seemed like dirt.

Great post, thanks Amy. I am very sensitive to MSG — I accidently ate a large portion on seasoned calamari a few months ago and am stuck with a status migrainous aura in my right eye. I have tried lots of things to get rid of it, aspirin is the only thing that seems to help temporarily.

I have read taurine can help, do you know any others? Interesting article, my wife has suffered with seizures for three years, MSG and dairy were the triggers due to a leaky gut. Lglutamine is the amino acid found most abundantly in the stomach lining I believe and is good for healing a leaky gut.

We have noticed a marked improvement, but I think it will be a long haul and not a quick fix. My concern however, is that he is due for vaccinations. We delayed a few when he was three, but now being in kindergarten it is a lot harder to avoid pressure from school.

Would the glutamates in vaccines wreak more havoc than just ingesting foods with glutamates? Price article does just that and then skips to citing a bunch of animal studies that have already been disproven for humans. Also, this is the same argument people make against dietary cholesterol, but forget that there are downregulation systems — why do we assume that an overstimulated synapse would downregulate receptors and thus re-establish balance? That is, if an appreciable amount of glutamate is even crossing the BBB.

If chronic low-grade inflammation is actually a problem, oats as an anti-inflammatory would help: The effect of dietary glutamate on fibromyalgia and irritable bowel symptoms http: Thank you for bringing awareness to this topic!

Most of my clients are quite sensitive to glutamate, even in foods such as bone broths and peas. This is often related to functional enzyme deficiencies due to toxins such as lead, in addition to actual genetic mutations.

We also find glutamate issues increase during a detoxification protocol. Highly intelligent people do tend to be more susceptible because they have higher glutamate receptor activity.

But cysteine levels are naturally high-end with normal glutathione, so this may have something to do with not being bothered by glutamic acid.

Concord grape juice has always acted like a re-set button for me since I was a toddler. I had attributed it to the resveratrol, but maybe also to glutamic acid? I was finally able to pinpoint the cause of my ocular and acne rosacea as being glutamates.

As long as I avoid them, and limit the amount of natural glutamates in my diet, my skin remains clear. What about supplementing with NAC to bind with excess glutamic acid and glycine to form glutathione-which cleans the liver etc…. My understanding is the NAC pulls put the excitatory transmitter glutamine reducing adhd, OCD, and drug addiction withdraw… Controversial research.

Is this glutamate unrelated? Glutamate converts to glutamine. The worst offenders for her, besides gluten, casein, and soy, were peanuts, yeast, and gelatin those pesky supplement capsules! Do you recommend avoiding all foods on the list at the end of the article? I agree, most of the foods listed as containing fairly high amounts of free glutamate are very nutritious, and should be part of a healthy diet for the majority of us who tolerate them well.

The only people who may want to consider decreasing some of these foods, are those who notice symptoms, such as headache, migraine, depressed mood, etc. Are you practicing in California? Hope to have all my documents updated within a month, but currently practicing and licensed in California under Amy Neville, MD. What we are avoiding and have lead to amazing results in our cases are the listed in unblindmimind. Barley malt, Bouillon and commercially processed broth, Brown rice syrup, Calcium glutamate E Carrageenan E Citric acid, Dextrose Enriched anything Enzyme modified anything Fermented protein any specially sauces with fermented anchovies.

Flavors or flavoring [i. Well mushrooms give me raging migraines. In fact since going Paleo my migraines have been constant.

I am so sensitive to glutamate that I do have to avoid all natural forms. As I am still trying to eliminate the migraines and I am worried what this will mean for my Paleo diet. Unless I can become more resilient somehow Amytriptaline may have to go back on the menu. I take the Great Lakes hydrolyzed gelatin due to its versatility. Is taking the gelatin a bad idea then? Grass-fed gelatin offers many nutritional benefits.

Unless you notice symptoms after eating gelatin, there is no reason to exclude this from your diet. Any opinions on non grassfed gelatin? The author implies that bone broths may be harmful. A number of us are wondering under what circumstances that could be true. Individual sensitivity, but which types? For most people bone broths are incredibly nutritious and healing for the gut. However, all bone broths contain free glutamate — the amount will vary, and may be more if cooked for longer periods, such as two or three days.

This free glutamate does not adversely affect most people, and the benefits of bone broth far outweigh any potential concerns for this majority. However, when some people eat foods that are high in free glutamate, they may notice symptoms like depressed mood, difficulty concentrating, headache, migraine, or even heart palpitations.

And, as mentioned in the article, this may apply particularly for children with autism spectrum disorder, though more research is needed. For these people, it is best to be aware of foods that contain high levels of free glutamate, since they may do better without them.

So, individual sensitivity specifically means that some individuals notice symptoms when eating foods that contain moderate or high levels of free glutamate. In the absence of these symptoms, there is little evidence to suggest you should have any concern about eating these otherwise highly nutritious foods, such as bone broth or gelatin.

Also those with histamine intolerance can be affected by bone broths. However, in that case, broths done for a shorter period in a pressure cooker, are often better tolerated. Katie Reid and have her run the standard curve with each test sample so this can be labeled in food! So back to how to do lower risk bone broths: Add antioxidants like rosemary or turmeric.

Each person needs to determine its own threshold. Thanks for the great post. My 4 year old son has a sensitivity to glutamates and has had so all of his life or as soon as he was on solids at least.

We noticed some nights he would whimper and cry and bunch himself up into a ball. It was quiet distinct and different to his normal presentation and it caused him obvious stomach distress.

We were keeping a goo diary as we thought he might be sensitive to fructose but it was glutamates in soy sauce, tomatoes and Parmesan cheese. We avoided any added MSG but on odd occasions he would ingest he would be extremely uncomfortable. The romans put it on everything. It does not make anything more palatable. I have continued taking it due to the fact it was described to work at healing the gut.

The cleanse did wonders for me but know am concerned that this supplement is harmful or not something I should be taking. This is very confusing considering it was on the list of supplements to take in gut healing. Glutamate and glutamine are different amino acids. The information in this article is about glutamate, and does not apply to glutamine.

Supplementation with any free amino acid outside the balance of natural proteins is a problem. Since glutamine metabolism can result in glutamate under certain conditions, I recommend avoiding glutamine supplements. Consuming natural intact proteins provides all the glutamine necessary for a healthy gut.

This article explains why, and the relationship between glutamate and L-gutamine: Whey protein, which is generally considered an extremely nutritious substance and health food, actually contains more glutamate than any other amino acid. I think the glutamate content of natural foods is just not something we have to worry about. If a person with epilepsy has poor blood brain barrier function, then glutamate often causes seizures. Though, when I had epilepsy, I never reacted to totally natural foods like tomato.

I did react to bone broth and stock. Similar with narcolepsy, depression and other things sometimes triggered or exacerbated by an increase in exitotoxicity.

Cold processed non denatured whey protein concentrate is ok, but whey protein isolate can be exitotoxic. You are right and it does!

MSG and related compounds are a definite trigger for my restless legs symptoms. Ordinarily if I avoid specific foods the symptoms are not present, but they flare up if I eat synthetic versions of glutamate. Other things that set off my restless legs are corn syrup, gluten, sugar, and other refined grains even gluten-free flours. For me, bone broths produce depression. This may be due to a sensitivity to the the free glutamate. According to the Gut and Psychology Syndrome Diet, bone broth can help heal a leaky gut, thus reducing depression and other mental disorders.

Chris, can you please explain?? I think Nils comments above makes a great point about the benefits of bone broth. The pros far outweigh the cons and for majority of people the cons may not be an issue at all. Individuality is seems to be the big challenge. Bone broth is an extremely nutritious and beneficial food for the vast majority of people.

As Amy mentioned in the article, however, for a select minority with a leaky BBB and glutamate sensitivity, bone broth may exacerbate their symptoms. I have seen this in my work with patients, particularly children on the autism spectrum.

This just came across my newsfeed: It is a great video. Vikki, and she explains the basics pretty well. I am one of those people that react to this and am recovering from gut probs after being sick w a flu in february….

I did have to remove alot of thise items on that list from my shelves and use alternatives …incl blue cheese, cured meats and soy sauce…yeast was in a number of health food products and it really affects me …also i do now react to wheat gluten…it lines up for me…at least for now …. And i dont react to un aged goat cheese or yoghurt…there was a strong histamine responce.. Histamine can also be an issue in bone broths depending on how they are produced. Histamine has many roles in the body and some with histamine intolerance are affected in terms of mood.

When I was drinking Shakeology loaded with Amino Acids, therefore full of free glutamates I got so miserable I thought I had a brain tumor and was going to die. It took me the longest time to realize what was causing it. Since then I have experienced similar though more short-lived due to the fact that I recognize the reaction now, and am more likely to determine the cause reactions to bone broth, gelatin, and amino acid supplements.

For people sensitive to these foods it is so important to figure it out and eliminate the cause because the reaction is awful. Thank you for getting the word out and helping to educate people!! This is so important. What about Glycine though. One of its functions is being a powerful inhibitory neurotransmitter. So while gelatin and bone broth might be relatively high in Glutamate, they are far better sources of Glycine.

Gelatin also happens to be very low in methionine and deficient in tryptophan as a bonus! Which makes it ok. Again, the problem comes when you add acidity, sugars or pass degrees and cook over longer periods of time which unbounds the glutamic acid, becoming an unstable molecule that will look to bind with sodium or potassium now becoming Monosodium glutamate, monopotassium glutamate which are the problem when consume in large amounts and pass your threshold.

I have to agree — it becomes unnecessarily alarmist, since you will never be able to tell if you are sensitive. I can see people avoiding gelatin and bone broths as a result of reading this! When you are sensitive, you will have no trouble telling. At least for me, it is one of the strongest reactions I have ever experienced. I am learning which foods affect me by paying attention to my reactions — the lists are not alarmist; they are simply guidelines to help people like me suffer a little less as I learn what I can tollerate.

Thanks so much for the helpful post. And I will definitely stay away from packaged foods — the side effects are very frightening! Bonded glutamate is great! We need it, that is why is so common in nature. Free glutamate above your personal threshold is the problem! To learn more about this also take a look at https: Chris, I would love to hear more of your opinion on this and how common is this in your experience with patients?

Its seems very similar to the diet component fodmaps with treating SIBO that Kelsey and Laura discussed on their podcast.

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Enrollment for our Practitioner Training Program begins September 5. What is glutamate and why is it so important? Is there a link between ADHD, autism, migraines, and glutamate? All glutamates are not created equal MSG, or monosodium glutamate, is a synthetic chemical that is added to manufactured and processed foods to make them more palatable. Can lowering dietary glutamate help treat autism and ADHD?

How the blood-brain barrier protects your brain The BBB is a layer of cells surrounding most of the brain, that acts to limit the compounds entering the brain. How to lower glutamate in your diet What we can take from all of this is that some individuals do have a particular sensitivity to glutamate.

Free glutamate may be listed as any one of a number of ingredients: Natural sources of free glutamate: Foods matured, cured, or preserved, such as matured cheeses Parmesan and Roquefort and cured meats Fish sauce Soy sauce and soy protein Mushrooms Ripe tomatoes Broccoli Peas Walnuts Grape juice Bone broths and meats cooked for long times generally using moist cooking methods such as braising Malted barley used in breads and beer Wheat gluten Dairy casein Please share your experiences and post a comment below to let us know if you notice any symptoms after eating foods containing free glutamate.

Sign up for FREE updates delivered to your inbox. I suppose this one is unlikely after 16 years though. LCHF stands for low carb, high fat. A type of diet that typically contains Michael, you are absolutely right: A lot of people are very happy with using these pills and it makes following a lactose-free diet a bit easier. Yes, typically their efficiency will depend on the person and the extent of their intolerance.

I am self diagnosed with a Lactase problem, found Lactaid many years ago and it worked wonders; been taking it religously with dairy for 30 years or so. Now all of a suden Lactaid is not working? Hello — I am from Turkey and I have had Lactase intolerance for more than 30 years as well. I have been taking Lactaid during all those years and it worked for me.

I also found out that I needed to take more tablets for more concentrated products like ice cream. However, suddenly, I started having problems even though I am taking Lactaid. So, my question is: Can this medicine lose its effectiveness? Thank you for your help. For example, everybody even lactose intolerant people has some level of lactase in their body the enzyme that breaks down lactose. When you combine the supplement with the natural levels in your body, then usually people have enough enzymes to digest lactose.

However, our lactase levels can fall quite a lot and sometimes suddenly in the aging process — this is why some people develop lactose intolerance at an older age. I could have written this comment, except I have been taking lactase supplements for 40 years! For instance, if you take 3 Regular Strength, take one when you begin consuming your dairy product, one when you finish, one an hour later. To be honest, if I had a dairy intolerance I would probably be the same. A life of no cheese sounds terrible….

Could taking Lactaid every day have any affect on your potassium? She takes Lactaid three times a day. Could that be contributing to the potassium not being absorbed? One thing to note though; if you buy actual Lactaid milk, that actually contains quite a bit of potassium — around mg per cup. Another idea I consider a misconception, is the idea of removing milk from the diet for a period and then reintroducing it to see if there is a problem. That explains why I am more able to take dairy when I have been drinking lactose free milk Anker in New Zealand add lactose.

My daughter age 9 just found out the hard way that these types of pills do not work for her: I am East Asian. I had problems with things like yogurt, cheese and ice cream my whole life until I finally figured it out. One day many years ago I had a small amount of ice cream and I was sick afterwords for many hours. I experimented and stopped dairy for about a week until my symptoms went away. Then re-introduced a couple of bites of ice cream and I got sick again.

It was most of my life. I am quite sensitive to dairy. I need more than the dosage they recommend all the time. Are usually just avoid milk, dairy, milk derivative products. Lactaid pills has saved me many times. Hi Sally, sorry to hear about your problems with lactose. Hope you have been OK recently!

I understand that a large proportion of East Asian people have problems with dairy, primarily because of lactase deficiency. Glad that the lactose pills let you avoid those accidents — it must be quite frustrating because dairy is added to so many things.

It seems like it would be OK based on the alcohol and medicine interactions list here: I no longer drink but when I did it never had any adverse effects with my Lactaid nor did it cause it to not work. I am definitely lactose intolerant and love sour cream, however sour cream and ice cream causes me even greater distress than regular non-lactaid milk.

To me, it seems as though the lactose is more heavily concentred in sour cream and ice cream, although it could depend on the brand as well. If your reactions to lactose are not too bad, it could be worth progressively testing to see if it helps, but there is no point in making yourself feel ill. I asked the question about whether there is extra available lactase enzyme in Lactaid milk or whether it is all used up already in the conversion process.

Glad that the Lactaid milk works well for you! I just turned 56 years old European descent. I did the normal thing of taking all dairy out of my diet for a month or so and felt so much better. I have tried various brands and quantities of the lactase enzyme pills with various side effects: Is it possible that that a person is not helped at all by taking the pills? Sorry to hear about the lactose intolerance.

It is possible that someone may not be helped by taking these pills, and some people find that they need more of them as time goes on. The reason for this is because lactose intolerance is caused by a deficiency of the enzyme lactase, our production of which falls with age, and so some people require more lactase than others as time goes by. I can understand how this is a big hassle! It might be worth speaking to your doctor to see if there are any medical options? Please log in again. The login page will open in a new window.

After logging in you can close it and return to this page. Facebook Tweet Pin 11 Email Print. Thanks for the comment — and have a great weekend! LCHF cured my L. Feels like a miracle. Was sugar the problem all along? An interesting story too, and not so usual. A type of diet that typically contains.

Michael, you are absolutely right: The things people do for their favorite dairy product! As far as I know, there is no reason why Lactaid would affect potassium levels. I just started taking the pills after 4 years is that good for the body? Hi Samantha, You started taking them after 4 years…? Sorry to hear that, Amanda. Thanks for that feedback, Shanna.

It seems that they worked well for you! Hi Angie, Sorry to hear about the lactose intolerance. About Contact Disclosure Privacy.