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43 Replies to “Ever Wonder Why Indigenous People Had Straight Teeth?”

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Why a top food poisoning expert won’t ever eat these foods

Which is what set him on his quest to study indigenous peoples. The groups he studied ate very different diets, but they all ate large quantities of these fat soluble vitamins. Ten times the amount eaten by people in the s and '30s. And people in the '20s and '30s ate a lot more butter, lard, eggs, and whole milk than we do today. If you haven't yet, check out Dr.

Nutrition and Physical Degeneration. You can read the whole thing online. Just looking at the photos will blow your mind. It's amazing to see portraits of all these different cultures, all with perfectly beautiful straight teeth. The good news is, according to a wealth of data out there including Dr. Price's book , crooked teeth are not irreversible. Nor are they caused by bottle feeding or pacifiers. Price Foundation, reported in the organization's current quarterly journal Fall, that an in informal survey of Weston A.

Price Foundation members with adopted babies who were raised on bottles of homemade formula made from raw milk see the recipe here , 6 out of 7 of those kids ended up with naturally straight teeth. I wish more people out there knew about this. Think of the money people would save on braces! Which is why I can't stop thinking about it and am compelled to keep writing about it. If you're new to this information, and you find it interesting, check out Dr. Price's book and visit the Weston A.

Price Foundation website to learn more. If you're not new to this information, share this post with someone who is. You never know how powerfully you will impact someone else's life by reaching out. I know how much healthier my daughter will be, and how much healthier her children will be, and you can't put a price on that.

I'm eternally grateful to my Uncle Roy for sending me the link to the Weston A. Price Foundation when my daughter was 4 months old. And I'm equally grateful to Dr. Weston Price, Sally Fallon Morell, and everyone who works to get this information out there. Another wonderful article on the wondrous results of traditional eating!

Thanks for sharing the pics, too: I had my wisdom teeth out in The dentist told me that my mouth was too small for my wisdoms. He then began to tell me that diet was the reason so many ppl have issues with their teeth. I have worn glasses since the age of 8 and probably needed them before then. I had to have all kinds of teeth removed so that I would have room in my mouth for teeth. I also had to have my wisdom teeth removed at age 18 because there was no room for them and it was extremely painful — they were also in the bone.

She says that around the time of the first Agricultural Revolution, 10, years ago, when people started cultivating and eating grains, health problems resulted. Among these were oral and dental problems and tooth decay. I would love to read your stuff I have had thyroid Dease since 9 , now I'm Liz or Ann Marie or anyone else , when you sprout grains, do they become more like a vegetable? Do sprounted grains still cause the same problems as unsprouted grains?

And what about legumes? For the first time in several months I made a spaghetti dinner. I used to think this was a healthy meal but now considered it junk food. I only discovered the Weston A. Thanks for the link. Great post, Ann Marie! Just from looking at the title, I knew it was going to be about Weston Price! Everyone who eats should read it! I do not think it is necessary to give up all grains but I do think if you are going to eat them, you will want to soak or ferment them first.

Price was right about the link between processed foods and declining oral pathology. There has been a small amount of research since then, but the citation below which came from around Prices time, is also close to the truth.

Furthermore, the cooking of food greatly diminishes the need for use of the teeth; and thus tends to diminish the circulation of blood to the jaws and teeth, and to produce under -development of the maxillary and contiguous bones—thus leading to contracted dental arches, and to malocclusion and impaction of the teeth, with complications of great seriousness.

In societies where consumption of tough foods has remained popular, one does not see the degeneration depicted by Price.

I was just commenting to my husband yesterday how we have these tooth and skull specimens in museums that have been unearthed after hundreds and thousands of years and they are in impeccable shape. However it is absolutely normal for babies, toddlers and young children to have dental decay at such young ages. If bacteria was the cause of such decay then the specimens in the ground would not withstand such a bacterial assault over time.

By following Weston Price Diet the last seven years, my three oldest daughters have straight teeth now. They were not coming in that way at first. My 2nd girl had teeth that were completely twisted sideways. They are now straight. I am excited to see what wisdom teeth bring. It just goes to show that by switching your diet during your growing years does have a lot of impact for better or worse.

My youngest daughter has some crazy teeth right now. I am praying that she will follow her older sisters and as she grows, she will also have straight teeth. Catherine, I love it. If the bacteria theory held any water, why would those teeth still hold up?

That is so encouraging! Price stuff, but I always wonder about life-span. Did the people with great teeth live very long? Does he address that in his book? Are our longer lives now because of other breakthroughs in medicine despite our processed foods? Just something I wonder about when I think about our predecessors. Price extolled the health of those groups who were healthy, and described the high rates of infant mortality, endemic diseases and malnutrition in the groups that were not healthy.

Much of the value of his research comes from the fact that he was able to observe healthy and unhealthy groups of the same racial stock side by side, and thereby demonstrate the correlation between diet and disease.

Although we will never be able to ascertain the life expectancy of the primitive peoples he studied, Price noted great longevity among certain groups, such as the Eskimos and the South Sea Islanders.

The author says that Paleolithic hunter-gatherers lived around 30 years and that principal causes of death were infectious disease, trauma and perils of childbirth. As you can imagine, cavemen did not have cushy lives like we do — with cars with safety belts and comfortable heated homes and television.

I think you are right that our longer lives now are due to breakthroughs like modern plumbing, improved sanitation and modern medicine. A woman does not have to die in childbirth today — they can do a C-section or other intervention.

Much of infant mortality in prior centuries was caused by an inability to intervene as with surgery , but more commonly it was probably due to infection. The biggest causes of death in the 20th century were things like tuberculosis, small pox and the like. Improved sanitation and hygeine was responsible for the decline of most infectious diseases.

The bubonic plague in the middle ages was caused by rats and other animals infested with fleas that carried the bacteria. The rats largely died off from the plague and the fleas started biting human hosts. Interestingly, what caused the swarm of rats that carried the bacteria was sewage and filthy, overcrowded living conditions. During those times there was no such thing as indoor plumbing and people just dumped chamber pots full of urine and sewage into the streets. European cities were buried in sewage.

Town residents splashed the contents of garbage pails and washtubs out into the street on the heads of carefree passers-by. Stagnated slops made stinking pools; and a great number of town pigs crowned the whole picture. People emptied chamber pots right out of their windows making streets look like cesspools.

Bathrooms were the rarest luxury. Fleas, lice and bugs swarmed in rich and poor houses of London and Paris. Unsanitary conditions, diseases and starvation personify medieval Europe as it was. Even the noble class could not afford to eat their fill. Noble families were happy if at best two or three of ten children survived. Delivery was quite an undertaking for women: Street illumination also was poor — oil lamps, splinters or wax candles at best.

There were not any cleaning agents or the notion of personal hygiene in Europe up to the middle of the 19th century. One Italian nobleman said in his memoirs that in the 16th century it was impossible to walk along the streets that resembled a fetid stream of turbid water. He had to hold a scented handkerchief or a small bouquet to his nose not to vomit. Get a total-body workout with these strength-training routines that target every major muscle group.

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