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Nutrisystem Protein Shakes – New Drink Mixes
But only a few complained that the frozen meals they offer in their program are terrible and therefore they could not follow the program. No, they are lightweight and are not going to cause issues. The first week was really tough and I had a hard time, but I stuck to it. Aside from its chocolate-milk taste, its creamy texture is unexpectedly pleasant. They taste good, so they're a treat!

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Nutrisystem Week 8– Protein Shakes That Are Good? #NSNation

I have been sick, so that has effected my adhering to my plan. For the month, you will receive 4 boxes; one for each week.

You can choose from 3 flavors; chocolate, strawberry or coffee. You can order all of the same flavor or you can mix it up. I love the chocolate and strawberry, although the coffee is also very tasty. I have created a few different concoctions to break up the routine a little! I love to add fresh strawberries to my strawberry shake by using the blender so it is more like a smoothie. If you add bananas to either the chocolate or strawberry flavors you get a really delicious treat.

Sometimes I will replace the water to skim milk and add the fresh fruit so it is almost like a shake. You are allowed a power fuel for your morning snack, and with skim milk being a power fuel, I will combine that with my breakfast protein shake. What you will love about the protein shakes is how effective they are in keeping you from getting hungry. Aside from its chocolate-milk taste, its creamy texture is unexpectedly pleasant.

Key Nutrients per serving - 2 scoops. Oh, the many ways to love this versatile shake! It tastes good with just water, but you can make it a yummier treat by dressing it up with fruit, mint extract, cinnamon, cocoa, or coffee.

As this is TurboShake, which is known to get clumpy, keep in mind to shake it right. Good tip from a user: If your taste leans toward something less sweet, you may want to drink just half a serving at a time, or blend the drink with coffee.

This NutriCrush shake is just as filling and delicious as its chocolate counterpart, but the vanilla flavor makes it so versatile that you can whip up your own meal replacements with it. I add this to low calorie almond milk, a tablespoon of nonfat cheesecake pudding mix, and ice. As amazing as that sounds, Nutrisystem intended this shake to be just an appetite-quencher between meals and not an actual meal replacement.

TurboShakes and NutriCrush satisfy our taste buds and our tummies, making us so much more immune to sweet cravings. Imagine actually enjoying what you eat without putting on pounds? Now if only the Nutrisystem food scientists could figure out how to make the rest of their food taste good too! This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Share on Buffer Share. Share on Facebook Share. Share on Twitter Tweet. Share on Google Plus Share. Share on Pinterest Share.

Nutrisystem Week 8– Protein Shakes That Are Good? #NSNation