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GM Diet Day 5
The only way for me to get back on track was to do the f. I definitely liked two meals a day and I did lose some weight doing that. Thank you a-kay for liking the post.. I weightlift and was throwing in a little cardio. I find that these Fat Fast recipes make the cycle much more pleasant, even if I still get pretty grumpy.

What to watch out for

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Stay away from blenders until after your juice fast. They are great for smoothies when you come off of your fast Brian. I just stumbled to your site by chance. I am planning to start my 3 day cleanse.

I would love my husband to join in too. He is diabetic, so I wanted to know if you have any advice for him. Also, use plenty of produce that contains protein. I wish you both the best.

Piper, why was your first attempt a failure? I would stop with the supplements assuming they are protein or other nutritional supplements but continue with any medications you are on. Hi Donnie, Today is my third day being on a 3-day cleanse.

The first two days were awful,but my third day is going great. I do not crave solid food and feel a lot energized today. I think I will add four more days and jump to a 7-day cleanse.

In two days I have lost 4 pounds and my aim is to lose 26 pounds more. I have few questions for you. If I forget to take my juice to work which I often do , how can I pass the rest of my day without fainting? There are few convenient store and a grocery store.

What would be the best thing to buy from there? Are tropicana juices alright? Also, what should I do when I crave salt? Samir, congrats on day 3 of your juice fast! Stay away from any store bought juices if you can.

The only one I would suggest you have if you are in a pinch is the green juice from naked juice. Everything else is just going to load you up with sugar.

As far as a salty taste, include more celery into your juices. Celery contains natural sodium and works well to help with that craving. Let me know if you have any questions Samir. Thanks again for your advice, you have no idea how grateful I am to you for inspiring me to regain my health! I got it now. Congrats on completing day 3 Ivette!

Donny, thank you so much for creating this site! A couple of weeks ago I stumbled across your site and read through for a couple of days and then tried out the 3 day cleanse.

I lost 5 pounds and felt better overall because it allowed me to stop kick my caffeine addiction. I took a break from the clean eating for a bit because we had family visiting us for a week but because I was eating smaller portions, I continued to lose a few pounds. I decided to do another juice fast because other than drinking coffee, I started to pick up on some of my old bad eating habits, which included, indulging in sweets and overeating.

My goal is to get down to which is a few pounds more than what I weighed 12 years ago when I got married, before having 3 kids. I was always blessed with a fast metabolism and consequently was able to eat anything I wanted without it changing the outer appearance of my body.

However recently because of years of poor food choices I became overweight according to my standards and though my only health complaint were migraine headaches, I knew that I needed to improve the quality of my internal health. I may stay on the cleanse after tomorrow, I will play it by ear.

I will say that this time around, I have not been as tempted to eat as I was on my first cleanse. Example, today I only had 3 all day. I ended up getting a headache today, I guess it was because I needed more nutrients in my body. I very much dislike kale and cucumbers also but I usually add cucumbers because they render a lot of liquid.

I understand that my palate may change after continued cleanses, at least I hope it does. Anyhow, I have stopped adding celery and beets to my juices also as I felt sick to my stomach just with the smell. I wish I was like some of you that drink it quickly and find it tasty even. Sarivette, congrats on your juice fast and your weight loss. Not all juices are going to taste great to all people.

The substitution list is a great place to start: You should be drinking your juices within 15 minutes to get the max benefits from them. Juices are absorbed within 15 minutes of you consuming them. Find juices that you like and experiment with those.

Start with taking a recipe you really enjoy and then try substituting 1 or 2 things in it. This is a great way to not only experiment but to try out new ingredients. The juices per day is just a figure. Everybody is different and some people can go with only 3 juices per day. So as long as you listen to your body, you will be fine. A enjoyable juice makes a huge difference. I wish you all the best Sarivette. Thanks Donny, your advice is most helpful.

I plan to experiment with different vegetable combinations like you suggested. I do enjoy a few of the recipes that you have posted, but they tend to be the sweet ones that one would consume in the morning.

Try not to force yourself to drink them, start out making juices that you really enjoy, even if they are more fruity. After a while start to use less fruit and more veggies. Your body will adjust. Beatrice, a Vitamix is not a viable option for juicing. Read this article for a more in depth answer as to why you must use a juicer to juice: As far as the recipes go, mix and match them anyway you like.

Let me know if you have any questions Beatrice. Hi Donnie, 1st day on juice diet.. So far so good. Can I drink herbal tea ie mango and cinnamon? Emma, congrats on day 1 of your juice fast! Herbal tea is great to drink while on the fast! Try to keep it decaf if possible. Cinnamon and mango sound delicious and I bet make for a good tea! For example the 6 suggested recipes called for 8 apples where the shopping list said 24, and 14 cucumbers where 4 and a half will do.

Eddie, take a closer look at the plan. If you follow all 6 juices that comes out to be 8 apples per day. No need to sellotape them back on the tree. I think you are looking at it from the perspective of 3 juices per day. In actuality you will have between juices per day as you feel hungry. I hope this helps to clarify it up a bit for you. Let me know if you have any questions Eddie. Just have one question. Can I drink just 1 cup of milk with a little coffee in it in morning?

Caffeine is a toxin you try to rid your body of when you go on a juice fast. You can take tylenol or ibuprofen while you are on the juice fast. Once you overcome the caffeine withdraw it will be easy for you. You can do it Rati! Just choose any 4, 5, or 6 juices and everything is there for you to get started. Have the morning ones towards morning, the lunch juices around lunch, and the dinner ones later on in the afternoon as you feel hungry. Everyone is different so you may only need 4 juices whereas some people might need 6.

Let me know if you have any questions Angie. After the detox , since you dont eat actual meals. Do you gain all the weight back? Cause I see this as basically just a liquid diet but when foods come back so does the weight.

Also , be careful when you finally eat , dont eat like you normally would. You will have to find a restroom pretty fast. Not to sound disgusting , but im telling you that going from liquid to solid takes a toll on your digestive system. Eat light and eat right BTW , these juices sound better than the Oz detox.

Amy, if you go back to your previous eating habits, of course you will gain back the weight. Juicing not only helps you lose weight but helps you to get on a better diet once you are off the fast. Read through this article as it will help you to understand how best to eat after your fast: I just started on the juice cleanse! I want to use it going into a new diet! But, I bought a juicer like you said, but I bought a citrus juicer… and I do not think this was the correct machine to buy… will this still work?

Coral, shoot me a link to the brand and model of the citrus juicer that you purchased. Going to give the 3-day fast a try. Daphne, congrats on 88 pounds lost.

How long did it take you to lose the weight while on weight watchers? As far as substitutions just take a look at the substitution list here: I am going to try this juicing fast but I have a few questions. I wanted to know about bananas. You do not have that listed. I have bought fruits and veggies but how will I know if I am doing it right or giving my body what it needs if I make my own juices.

Can I do fruits without veggies in am and included veggies in afternoon and evening drinks. I really want to know becuase I am really excited about this and I would like to do it correctly. I need to lose pounds and I need to feel better due to some health issues and I believe this will cleanse my body and give me more energy throughout my day.

Thanks for your website it really has give me a boost reading others comments. Use at least 5 or more ingredients. Make sure I use at least one protein rich ingredient kale, spinach, romaine lettuce, etc.

Juices are at least 16 ounces. If you stick to that and have between juices per day, you will be fine Monica. Let me know if you have any quetsions. I am encouraged with this site. Im also a newbie starting a 3 day juice diet. I want to cleanse, detox and lose weight. I have lost 16 normally but would like to lose my last Is this a morning noon and night thing or is it every 3. Can we add a protein drink plus less fruit if we want to? Judy, welcome to JOJ!

You should have between juices per day with each being about ounces. Just listen to your body and have a juice when you are hungry. If you must have extra protein then I would suggest only using a pure unflavored protein isolate powder to mix into your juices.

This wont cause too much of a difference in your results either way. Hi, I am almost done with day one and I must say I have never heard my stomach growl so loud in my life. I thought a monster was under my bed. I had to take a long nap to save the fridge from my hunger lol.

I saw that you said we should drink 4 juices but you only list 3 a day. I am trying the 3 day plan to see how I do, I have pounds to lose and I am getting married soon How much do you think it is possible to lose while juice fasting? I am a judge foodie and love to eat…thank god for fast metabolism.

However, I have a friend who is trying to loose around pounds and she was able to shed about 5 pounds in 3 days. I wish you best of luck and congrats on the upcoming marriage! After you go through detox that will stop.

Detox usually lasts days. There are six recipes for you to choose from on the list Ebonee. You should be taking in between juices per day based on how hungry you get. That will definitely help with your stomach issues. You can have whatever juices you want to try out too.

Feel free to experiment! I just saw your comment about detox lasting days. How do you know when you are out of it? This is the first time that I have gotten past a day.

Your recipes are milder than others, which is helping me. I am down 2 pounds after the first day. Feel free to experiment with your recipes and try out new things if you want to.

It keeps it fun and exciting. Congrats on the weight loss so far, you are going to do great Dave! Does it get easier? Mary, that dreadful feeling is because you are going through detox after years of your previous eating habits. Give your body time to undo all that and get back to a healthy state. The taste will get batter as your taste buds reset and adjust. Meaghan, read through the site. I recommend you have between juices per day with each being between ounces.

Norma, if you did that it would defeat the purpose of the juice fast. Eating any solids on the fast will work against it. Juicing works by resting, cleansing, and hydrating your digestive system. Stick to the juice for a a few days and then start including solids. I just started juicing on Monday.

Ok well sort of, I just make a mean green everyday and drink it. So Ive decided next week because I have a wine thing on Sat. Im excited to try this. Nikki, congrats on committing to a 3 day juice fast! Try it out for 3 days and then extend it. Try rolling up your spinach or kale into a big ball when juicing it.

It will help you to get more juice out of them. Give it a shot and let me know how it works out for you heather. It should work out fine for you. Hi Donnie, I just got a juicer for my birthday yesterday, and I will be starting a juice fast tomorrow morning. I have been procrastinating this for a while now, but since I got the right kind of juicer, I am definitely going to start tomorrow.

I am thinking I will start off with a 3 day fast, but my goal is 7 days, at the least. I work hours a day, and my work day starts at 5am. Is it going to be ok to store my juice in the refrigerator here at work? And if so, what do you recommend for a container to put my juice in to keep it fresh the longest? Thanks for your information here and I will keep you posted!!

Happy Birthday Tammy and congrats on starting your juice fast! It will be fine to store your juices in the refrigerator at work. Just make them in the morning and keep them stored in air tight containers like mason jars or thermoses. Keep me posted on your status. Hi Donnie, thank you!! It was hard the first 2 days, but i feel better today!!

Last night was the first time I have slept straight through the night in a very long time!! Thank you for all the great tips and recipes!! I am going to move on to the 7 day, today is my 3rd day!!

Congrats on 3 days and 5 pounds! I also noticed that my sleep patterns were much better than before my juice fast. Have an awesome day! I had been food tested last year and have cut out most of the gluten and dairy in my life. Currently once a day I am on a protein shake of Brown Rice and coconut milk have been doing this for close to a year. A lot of salads with a protein for lunch and suppers.

I have lost some weight, now I am hoping that this juice fast will kick start some more weight loss but most of all feeling more energized.

I plan on being committed to this plan at least once a month for either 3 or 7 days. You have made this a lot easier than I thought possible. Thank you so much for all you help. Just one quick question: I train every day for about hours a day, not all at once, anyways, would it be a could idea to start the 3-day juicing or no?

If you want to lose that amount by the 28 this of this month though, you may be a little late in starting. Good luck in your tournament! Angela, there are 6 recipes and you can choose any if these for your three day fast. Hope you understand it better now. So much info to process I feel overwhelmed sometimes Keep calm and juice on!

Your body needs to heal during this time. Listen to your body and when it tells you enough is enough you need to listen. Like you said, keep calm and juice on! Thanks for the suggestion. But when do you think I can get back to running? Just depends on how I feel? I made the Morning Glory juice for my first breakfast on my 3 day fast and it is almost too sweet, even for me.

Heather, adding onions is a really great way to add some flavor to your juices. For the Bruschetta juice, start off with only 1 clove of garlic as it is strong.

I was wondering about third day? The recipes are for three days Colleen. There are six recipes to choose from. You should have between four and six juices per day so feel free to have any juices you want. Would adding an unflavored protein to eat drink do enough for me? Matt, you should be fine as long as you add an unflavored protein isolate to your juices and keep lifting.

Kim, I come up with all my own recipes and plans. While I do consult with trained nutritionists, I am not one myself. Feel free to consult with your nutritionist if you have any concerns. Also, congrats on getting ready to start your fast!

Thank you so much for this great blog!! Townley, congrats on starting your juice fast! You can do this! Any problems with that? So I was able to convince 5 other people in my office to join in on the 3 Day Juice Fast Plan starting today. We thought there was strength in numbers to help get us through the challenge and we based our shopping off of the shortened list provided on this page.

Buying and make juice for everyone was quite the ordeal which was made more difficult by the fact that the shopping list was inaccurate to the point of excluding 5 items completely and not having the right counts for apples vs. Kurt, welcome to JOJ and congrats on starting you fast! Sorry for the shopping list mishap.

I had edited the page a while back and must have clipped the list short when I re-published it. Thank you for pointing that out. Keep me posted on your fast Kurt! Sorry lots of questions…but one more for the day…my girl friends are having a body wrap party…is it safe to do body wraps while juicing? Go for it, have a great time! And in making my own recipe what it the suggested amount of fruits and vegetables for each glass of juice. Hope this answers your question. I LOVE sushi my favorite food and after the fasting, do you recommend to eat or avoid certain type of food?

Or can i go for my sushi? Also, do you recommend the use of spirulina? Can I put some mint leaves? Spirulina is also a good choice and mint leaves are fantastic in juices! Try out all of those fruits as they all juice well and add a spectacular flavor to any juice. Half the fun is experimenting and coming up with your own recipes. Have at it and happy juicing! I just started a 3 day Juice Fast today. How long after I drink that do i drink my breakfast juice? Right away or should I be waiting?

Dan, thanks for your comment! I typically have my water with lemon right when I wake up. Then I go about my morning routine and have my juice last before I leave the house.

I will definitely be joning you on Monday the 15th. I have been able to loose some weight with regular exercise and a low carb diet, but seem to have hit a plateau. I want to start with the 3 day Juice Fast plan and see if I can finally get rid of these last pounds. Thank you so much…. Rebecca, you are very welcome. I wish you and your husband the best of luck on your juice fast. I am wondering how one would do this that is in a car or office all day?

I used to prep my produce the night before and place each meal in its own gallon size ziploc bag. That way in the morning I just pulled out the bags, juiced each one, cleaned up and was on my way. Make sure you store them in a fridge and they will hold up. Mary, thanks for your comment.

If your trainer has any doubts or questions just refer him to the site. First off thanks for making this site, it really is a good guide for those of us new to juicing!

My question is how much spinach do you use when substituting for kale? Maria, thanks for your comment! When substituting spinach for kale I find that I usually add a handful of spinach per two leaves of kale. You may add more if you like. What a great plan! My question is this: Can I just leave the carrots out of the recipe or should I substitute something else in its place and if so, then what? Thank you for your comment Kathrynthemezzo!

For carrots you may try substituting a fruit do to the sugar content. Or you could simply leave it out. But feel free to experiment and replace with anything you like. Emma, no you cannot use a blender. I wrote an article dedicated to this one topic because I get asked this question a lot. This would add fiber to the juice and take you off of the juice fast. The juice fast works by putting your digestive system to rest.

When you add solids into the mix you are kicking your digestive system back into gear. On the other hand, if you want to throw your juice in a blender and add in some ice it will work to make it a little colder and thicker.

Just make sure you are making your juice in the juicer and not the blender! Only use the blender to blend in the ice with your already made juice. Any suggestions on which juices I should make to get a lot of energy? Thank you in advance, and thank you for this blog, been reading it a lot! You should juice for a week to get the hang of it and then when you juice over the weekends it will be a breeze!

Juices with oranges in them will give you some good energy. You can also substitute oranges for apples on any of the recipes and they will be great! The first three days you might feel sluggish due to your body going through detox but after that its an awesome feeling! Have a great time at summer camp and keep me posted. Starting day two of my first 3 day fast. Not too bad until last night. A slight headache at bedtime but woke up feeling refreshed.

Like the energy rush from the juice. Congrats on day 2 Tim! You can take tylenol or ibuprofen if you get headaches. It sounds like you are having normal detox symptoms. Marcy, that is part of the fast.

Linda, protein is not a problem. You get plenty of protein from your greens. I suggest you read more of the site so you understand the juice fast completely. Also, make sure you read over the Juicing FAQ I put up, it contains the most commonly asked questions about juice fasting that I have gotten over the past 6 months. You can find it at http: Liz R, you can drink tea. Stay away from black teas as they are high in caffeine. Just remember to still drink plenty of water.

Andrea, thanks for your comment. Yes, you should stop taking it unless it was ordered by a doctor. Hello, am starting the 7 day flush tomorrow was wondering are any of the other juices posted on the website interchangeable for the juices on the 7 day plan??

Also I work long hours so will not be available for each meal, do the juices keep well if prepared the night before?? Cara, congrats on starting your fast! All of the juices can be swapped out.

Drink the ones you enjoy the most and feel free to experiment. I have a few questions…. Do I juice the beet greens? And do I juice the whole orange,. Kadi, you can juice the greens if you want to. I usually do not juice the beet greens. Definitely peel the oranges as the orange peel is extremely bitter. Melanie, You can make your juices in the morning and take them to work with you as long as you store them in a fridge.

Does this promote weight loss? Hannah, among many other health benefits, weight loss will happen if you juice. When this week ends, weigh yourself again. U lose the max in this week because you lose all the water weight and the bloating is gone.

Strain out the leaves and drink the water. Any one of the following for vegetarians: By the end of the month you will definitely lose kgs I lost 4.

He also gave me some really good gyan as well. Some pointers for it:. So go on a diet now and get your svelte figure back. I really want to thank Rati for giving me a platform to share my thoughts and ideas without having me to bear with the responsibility of making a whole blog work. So am I… I have tried a number of diets a number of times.. Tomorrow morning I am going to start a thread in forums and we will all note down what all we have during the day.

We may update it every time we eat something or all at once by the end of the day. This will not only keep our motivations up but will also help us achieve our target.

I have studied your plan just 5 mins before i will be following this from thursday onwards hope the result is positive ……. Hi, This is such a nice article. Hi Priyanka, nice article…even I will start the plan immediately. I have thyroid and PCOD. Hi Priyanka, I have gone through ur article n I must say its really interesting.

I am a 22 year old girl working in IT industry so most of the time of my day is spent in sitting in front of computer. I am planning to start this diet plan from 1st August. Hoping to loose some good amount of weight in a month.

Please share some extra tips for the people working in IT. Thanks n lots of love, Rashmi. Hey rati n priyanka thanx fr sharing dis useful actually vry useful diet plan. N doc advisd me to reduce weight. One mre thing i wud lyk to knw is body fat will also reduce or nt???

OMG Priyanka I am so embarassed.. So sorry really… But really i am gonna start this diet tomorrow…. Hehe no probs babes..

So if someone follows the diet and loses weight on it.. I think you have given us something excellent. Woke up today and feeling good about it. Mrunmayee and I have joined in full fledgedly. Thank you so much, darling. I am so looking forward to shed all the weight I gained in past 3 months. Can you please mail me or post the 2nd month diet as well…I need to shed some more kilos..

The 1st month worked wonders!! Thank you so much.. Is there any difference in the calories? Mrunmayee it would be best if you stick to the plan. I liked bread in the breakfast because having bran roti in all the 3 meals would get monotonous.. Even i dont like fried stuff at all, but yes i used to have diet colas like once evryday. I followed it pretty dilligently and I lost 8. I was so damn happy for the entire month and weighing machine was my best friend…….

Then ofcourse I stopped it and as no more weight loss was required. It brought in some discipline in my life but there is a word of caution ….. I was also told to have Chapattis mixed with Wheat Bran and it just became a way of life….. One of my friends was following that diet and god it was awful.. Even im addicted to the bran rotis now, not had a normal chappati from dont know how long..

Luckily I was never told to have all that.. I could have roasted chicken, missi roti which I like. I mean the diet was pretty much like what you have written.

I guess it depends from person to person…. Hi Priyanka could you summerize the Shikha Sharma diet plan? I have to loose good weight in short duration. Thank you so much Priyanka for the diet plan and keeping it simple……i am so motivated by it….. The diet is quite helpful. I will join the One Month Challenge for sure, but will start a couple of days late. Thank you a-kay for liking the post.. Priyanka…Thank you so much. Do try this out its pretty easy you just have to be strict with yourself about the aftre 7 salt thing..

Thank you so so much priyanka ji. I read your blog sumtime back and i know that you want to lose weight as well. Very well written Priyanka! The diet has some good tips which I think everyone can incorporate as a part of their food habits whether weight loss is the motive or not. And the best part is that when you are doing something you know is good for you, you actually feel really light and happy. But when you step onto the weighing machine and notice the pounds melting that is some other worldly bliss..

This is awesome Priyanka. Will start this effective Sunday. The water intake is the usual glasses a day.. But I think everyone has is own way and one thing fits better to one person than the other.

Thanks for sharing this helpful post Priyanka. Thanks soo much for sharing this diet plan. I am soo excited. Earlier i used to either starve or bloate!

But by following ur diet plan im feeling soo active! I thought just Rati, Mrunmayee and Lydia are following this diet. Thanks for commenting and letting us know that you have benefited from this diet. For any further doubts or questions you can contact me here or thru my mail id.. Is drinking hot water throughout the day beneficial for weight loss? I have heard that coconut water reduces fluid retention in the body. Yes drinking hot water is believed to eliminate toxins from our body and increase the metabolic rate as well.

But i feel two glasses of it is sufficient you dont need to have it all the time. The most healthy drink out there with the least calories. Thx Priyanka, great post.. The peppercorns help in absorption of Vitamin B and many other nutrients. Enhances metabolism leading to weight loss. Helps with bloating and flatulence, prevents bacterial growth in the intestines. Pepper also helps to stimulate the secretion of digestive juices or hydrochloric acid which is responsible for breaking down protein in the stomach.

So this little tiny kali mirch has a lot of benefits for our health. Almonds have an extremely high nutritive value since they contain copper, iron and vitamins. Almonds are high in fiber content. But the reason that dietitians tell us to have almonds is, that, if you eat almonds first thing in the morning, they will set the hydrochloric acid tolerance for the day and provide all-day protein digestion.

Almonds are efficiently digested when consumed in this way since stomach acids are concentrated after the night fast. When soaked, almonds act as as protein plus nitrogen. This protein will help your blood sugar stabilize throughout the day. Also its a major source of Vitamin E that is super good for healthy skin and hair.

Yes your diet seems very simple…I will start on it tomorrow…as I have oodles of fat on me which need to get off…. Hiii Priyanka i liked ur diet plan lot…. Hi Priyanaka, I saw your diet chart and am quite impressed with the diet as its not that restrictive. You have mentioned about wheat bran chapaati,just want to know where can i get wheat bran or any indian brands selling this. But i wake up early morning and prefer having a fruit on waking up since i workout at the gym and need the energy.

Also i eat a fruit after workout. Can have ur tea the moment u come home n then dinner n fruit. Im also a working lady rather a doctor with very erratic schedules but i make it a point to carry my tiffins. I just gone under knife in June 22….

I have tried everything and anything, I have lost 15 kg but now since two months its all constant no wt loss whatsoever! I have 15kgs still to lose: Thanks for the diet plan. I have a six months baby and I am breastfeeding her partially as I have joined office.

Can I follow this diet plan? Thank you for posting a very healthy diet plan. I would start by looking at the Atkins plan and follow Induction. Even decaf contains some caffeine as well as another compound that taxes the adrenals and raises cortisol. Avoid it too, especially if you think you may have adrenal issues.

Caffeine disturbs deep, quality sleep and clean sleep patterns, both of which are needed to rebuild muscles, joints and cartilege during sleep. Otherwise aches, pains and stiffness may sidetrack your exercise routine. The other tip is to use more poached eggs or eggs with runny yolks bc they have more available choline, which helps tune up the LIVER — the only organ capable of metabolizing fat from the body.

I think if u are in ketosis and not losing, more exercise will help clear out the LIVER of the estrogens clogging it from recent weight loss. Estrogens get stuck in the fat cells and when the fat cells are processed through the liver the estrogen gets left behind — exercise pushes it out, setting the stage for another round of wt loss. Estrogen attracts fat, so leaving your liver clogged with it can cause some of the estrogens to be re-sorbed into the bloodstream where it can cause lots of different kinds of havoc — all of which lends itself to bloating, weight gain or non-loss , fatigue, cravings, anxiety, insomnia and your basic PMS stuff.

Exercise prevents this — which is even more important if you are at or near ketosis bc it detoxes so much out of fat stores into the liver. If energy to exercise is an issue, feel free to incorporate more salt in your day. The adrenals need salt. This will up your thirst so you will probably get your water in, which will help flush the liver and ironically cause reversal of bloating.

Speaking of ketosis I recommend getting close to ketosis but not always being in full blown ketosis which hurts kidneys. Just do Ketosis Lite. Can you please offer more information about estrogens being stored in the liver? Thanks for the great info. If you could reference sites for further research, that would be helpful, too. The only things I can find on ketosis being bad for kidneys talk about high protein diets, not high fat moderate protein low carb which is what you should be aiming for.

Can you provide any evidence that ketosis without high protein is bad? Can you post references to ketosis being bad for kidneys? All I can find are talking about high protein ketosis, not high fat moderate to low protein ketosis. So, if I have lbs to lose, and I like eggs well enough to eat all the time, could I stay on it for an entire 7-day week?

We eat healthy and have been juicing twice every day for almost three years. The egg fast is best suited to people who are already eating a low carb diet. Going very low carb like the egg fast brings along some severe detox as your body switched from burning glucose to burning fat. But to answer your questions yes, you can do 7 days.

Too many is if you feel stuffed and that number will be different for each person. Thank you for the info. I have been without juice for 3 days now and just a slight headache the 2nd day.

I only want to lose 20 lbs and was wondering about how long it takes for the ketosis to begin and the results to begin to show. If you can give a ballpark on a thing like that. I tried the bulletproof coffee today. It surprised me completely! It was really good!!

Hi Terri, that headache is you detoxing from the carbs! And for these few days, the Insanity workout is probably not a great idea! Can you just go for a walk? Every body is different but if you can keep those carbs at bay you should be in ketosis by the time you finish the egg fast days.

Just weighed in today. Down 4 lbs in 4 days!!! Thanks for this site! Be sure to read my article on how to transition off the Egg Fast.

Well, yesterday was day 8 including the 4 days of the egg fast plus the transition days and I lost 9 total lbs! Can I ask what is the significance of the minimum of 6 eggs per day? I want to be down another 11 lbs and am thinking about starting the cycle over again, but it is extremely hard for me to get the whole 6 down in a day. A minimum of 6 eggs with 6 tbsp fat is suggested to keep your metabolism burning. And get rid of those peanuts!

There is a group called low carb and losing on facebook. Tons of recipes and out of this world support! Also butter makes your pants fall off on youtube. I see you are in Canada. I too am from Canada. Where do you get Kerrygold Butter!? I have looked everywhere for it. Told that the National Dairy Board will not allow its import. I cross the border and buy it in Bellingham at the Costco there.

So in between times when I run out of Kerrygold, I just buy regular butter. It might be eye opening for you! Once you cut out the carbs and use fat instead for energy, your body will start burning fat, including stored fat and the cholesterol in your bloodstream. While eating fat, your cholesterol, triglycerides and blood pressure will go down.

If you are not on egg fast, but you want to be in Nutritional Ketosis, you eat meat, fat and leafy greens with every meal. After a few days, your body will figure out what you are trying to do, and you will have lots of energy and brain power. I have been doing this for 29 years and I am never going back.

I know this is a short term plan, but if someone had a lot of weight to lose 80 could they alternate this 4 to 5 days a week and LCHF the remainder of the days for the first 65 or so?

Or would it be better to keep this very short term, switch to a traditional LCHF diet and only return to this on stalls? I have been stuck at for a long time and even below 20 carbs I struggle to lose weight. The egg fast is basically zero carb not the literal zero because even eggs have a carb but there are no added carbs, so nothing wrong with that! Yes, I use the crepes from this recipe except that I leave out the coconut flour.

So if I am understanding correctly you do the egg fast days in a row? Will it work the same if you did it every other day? Yes, you get the most bang for your buck in those first few days. What were you planning to do on the off days? Did you track your blood glucose levels and if so, how did they react during the days you did the egg fast?

No I did not track my blood glucose levels on this egg fast. Sorry, not much help in this regard! I do track my glucose levels, when I started my egg diet, 2 eggs, 3 times a day, my morning readings dropped quickly from to in three days, checking several times a day one hour after each meal it dropped to levels between 80 and , most evenings were 85 to I quit taking my metformin and glyburide.

I had to quit the glyburide the second day because it was causing lows of After two weeks, my last week average is Three weeks ago the average was I have just about 4 weeks till my next big vacation.

Would love to hear your opinion on a couple of plans I was considering for the last month before I leave! Iv been doing the low carb high fat diet for a few weeks now and as its getting closer to my holidays im going to give this a go. Thanks for the response in advance, cheers! A 3 weeks straight. I think you will find that the losses diminish quite a bit after the first few days and so the question is staying on the egg fast worth it for that long?

B 5 days on, 2 days off. I think this is a good way to do it. Also a great option as long as you transition properly and watch for those things that make you stall again. For example, I had to accept the fact that HWC makes me stall. The main concern that I can not understand is how can I be in a full blown state of ketosis and not lose a pound?

I noticed that if I eat too much fat, i feel bloated. Can I just eat the egg without so much fat? When I started the diet I had a great deal of gas—that is over I have been on a lchf diet and I have never experienced that before. Prior to the diet I had a great deal of inflamation and I must say all that went away! I would suggest a group called Ketogenic Dieters on facebook.

They will give you suggested macros based on your height. If you have a problem with fat it could be your gall bladder. My wife did a gall bladder cleanse and it worked wonders, but it is 6 days of carbs apple juice. She passed 20 or so stones and could handle fat again. She used the cleanse on a site called MyCulturedPalate. First I would like to applaud you on your weight loss and thank-you for sharing the experience. I have only lost 6 ounces—Why? Everyone is lossing 5 to 7 pounds—by no means am I thin.

I can afford to loss 20 plus pounds. Why is it not showing on the scale? Oh I know how frustrating that can be, especially if you are in the FB group and see all these people dropping weight like crazy.

There have been people in the group who report that they see a whoosh of weight loss around the 5th day, so maybe you are one of those. Some people lose inches but not weight on the scale. I wish you all the best. Is this diet only to loose say 20 or so pounds can it work for an obese person..

I started it today I had 2 eggs for breakfast a yougurt for lunch and two eggs for dinner and coffee and water thru out the day.. I also had a cup of cinnamon and honey drink.. I need to loose over lbs any feedback would be greatly appreciated.. Get rid of the honey and the yogurt. Melissa KetoWoman is right this egg diet is not for long periods. However the premise is correct High fat low carb works great I just lost 85 pounds in 7 months about a year ago.

This is a lifestyle not a diet in my opinion. If you go back to your old ways then the weight comes back. Keep your total carb intake below 20 and eat high fat meats and oils…. An average day for me is eggs for breakfast with cheese butter and bacon,,,,for lunch Salad with lots of veggies and cheese and fat dressing with 2 legs of chicken….

After a month of not cheating this is so easy! But you have to not cheat the whole month and the key is being prepared for all your meals ahead. If I am in a jam for breakfast I will go to McDonalds and get the biscuit sausage with cheese sandwich and take the biscuit off….. Good luck I have never felt or looked better!!! Congrats on the 85 pounds Shelley! How awesome is that!? Get rid of the yogurt and honey, keep your carbs to near zero by sticking with the eggs, or use some other zero carb foods, cheese, bacon, sausage.

I am going to try this. I will let you know the result. Thanks so much for sharing. I look forward to hearing if it budges you off that number! I know that frustrating feeling of being stuck at the same weight for weeks and weeks! Basically a way of eating that is less than 20g carbs per day with fats like avocado, coconut oil, butter. Be sure to read the article on How to Transition from the egg fast.

Thanks for your question! I just started looking through your page. A friend of mine mentioned that she did an egg diet for a few weeks and it helped her out, so thats what i goggled and came across your web page. And glad I did, theres lots of information on everything. Thanks for posting all your progress. Thanks for stopping by! I absolutely love the egg fast! Today is day 3 for me and I am already down 5 lbs!

I just feel so much lighter! My favorite part is the simplicity of the meals. That always works best for me! Thank you for sharing all your recipes and experiences! That is great, I am so thrilled you are having results! I am so desperate right now. I had some tortilla chips, wine and 3 thin slices pizza over the weekend and am up 3 lbs.

All from follow this and fail, follow that, fail. As soon as the personal training ended, I crept back up. I have been low carb since last summer. Aside from a couple of small breaks. But each break is a disaster on the scale. I would get to a support group either in person or online. I think low carb is the way to go, but certainly there is confusion with so many different versions of it. I wish you all the best! My first week I lost 12lbs in ,8 days. Didnt over do it but it still hurt.

Starting to creep back down. Stick with what is working. Thank u for sharing. Still a net loss of 8 pounds in that sort of time is nothing to be disappointed about! The whole idea is to get things moving again. The 3lb gain is most likely due to water retention. When you eat carbs, you will naturally carry more water. When I have a cheat day, I will gain lbs but it comes back off over the next few days.

Rather than take a break, schedule in one cheat day a week and see how that works for you. If that makes you too nervous, do a cheat dinner. Some people lose better with that pre-planned cheat day, and it makes long term adherence easier.

I decided to fast this week due to unwanted holiday weight gain and overall health. Beginning weight ; day five weight The first and best effect I noticed is the loss of appetite or I should say feeling fuller longer. Once the desire to eat hits I simply eat a boiled egg.

As for drinking, I sip a cpl cups of organic green tea with raw organic honey throughout the day. I have yet to consume more than 5 eggs in a day. Not by restriction but only because I have no desire to eat. I will continue this for another seven days and as my energy levels out add more walking time. I would have added some butter or mayo with that but you did what you did! Do you have a plan for what you will eat after you are done with fasting?

Then slowly implement meats. I was afraid of the oils and fatty butters as this is a first go round with the Ketosis plan. In the past I tried water fasting and although great results; weight loss and mental clarity wise, I found it easier to gain weight back. I appreciate your article and find it much more appetizing than those with an less openminded approach. But I find that once in ketosis of which butter is a big part!

At least that is my experience. Question, so does using butter and other fatty oils enhance the weight loss? Or, the more fat you consume heighten the Ketosis? It sounds like you are not familiar with low carb eating! Eating fat, protein and up to 20 g carbs a day in the form of veggies will make you incredibly healthy!

The article does tell you exactly what to eat. Also read my other egg fast articles. Eggs, butter and cheese! Follow the basic plan I have outlined here. Hopefully you are already doing keto or low carb. You could feel very sick doing this egg fast if you are not already burning fat instead of glucose. This fast is meant to break the plateau of someone who is already very low carb with fat as their primary fuel.

It is impossible to lose 15 pounds in 2 weeks. Even if you ate nothing, losing 15 pounds of fat in 15 days would require a metabolism of calories a day, not realistic. You might lose that amount by getting dehydrated.

Not recommended but fighters do it all the time. It can be done, after my baby, I had 30 lbs to lose, so as u can tell I was rather slender to begin with. I did Atkins induction phase and lost 15 in two weeks. It was not just water I lost I went down 2 pants sizes visually noticed. I proceeded to owl phase and in 6 weeks was down 25 glorious pounds that have yet to return n my baby is now 2.

There is not a set minimum. I was never able to get past 7 eggs in the day, be sure to do the 1 tbsp fat per each egg. Also read the basic egg fast rules in this article. No milk and no protein powder. The eggs have plenty of protein to get you through that short time frame.

I have started this diet plan a week ago, but result is amazing. I have lost more than 2 x kg weight and my waist become loose also. In beginning days it was little difficult especially headache but after that it is normal. I want to share to share my meal plan. Turkish yogurt, butter and mayo. I used only lettuce as alternative for bread, for curry I have used only broccoli.

I really happy that I m losing weight after following this diet and feeling active and healthy also. The acceptable fats on the egg fast are butter, coconut oil, mayo and yes, you can use olive oil. Not sure how palatable this would be without butter and mayo. If you are in the US, try to find some Kerrygold butter, you will love it! Thank you so much for sharing all of this information! I started off with the fat diet, since I already had been eating pretty low carb.

I am planning to star the egg diet tomorrow. You said cream is not allowed on the diet, but you eat cream cheese pancakes. What is the difference? Yes, I think this would be a good way to get back on track again and many people get back into ketosis quickly.

Cream cheese and cream have different macros. Thanks for stopping by and good luck! I am so glad I found this! I stalled out around March, I think. Maybe this will be the thing to get me going again! But I think I might as well hit the store and get started today! Can I have cream in the morning for breakfast instead of an egg?

No cream on the egg fast. I use the pancake recipe from here but I leave out the 1 tsp coconut flour. Do you prepare your eggs ahead of time? I work full time and have a hard time with meal prep… Do you have any posts talking about that? God bless you for being an inspiration for many of us!! I do prepare my meals the night before because I work full time as well.

I make devilled eggs or egg salad for lunch. I cook a cheese omelette and put it in a microwavable container to have for my breakfast at work. Thanks for the questions! I was super curious…been on low-zero carb lifestyle for the last 1. I am now officially up 9lbs and craving carbs like a maniac!! Do you think the egg fast would help break the carb craving cycle?

This is a real back to basics ultra low carb regime. Thanks for the question and I wish you luck! I am trying this and supplementing with a regular keto diet when i get sick of the eggs. I am only eating 3 to 4 eggs once a day. I will post results. I been on LCHF for just over a month and I am picking up, amidst following a low calorie and low carb plan as well, do you think this kick start will work? I have been out of ketosis for two days now, I am eating the same more or less, however I have been taking digestive enzymes…could this be the reason?

It teaches you what you might be doing wrong in your normal lchf regime. Most people are eating too much protein or they are adding in too many processed items just because they are low carb or zero carb. Thanks for visiting and your great questions! I want to start an egg fast to help me with a stall I have had for the past 3 weeks since coming off of Prednisone.

I have been do LCHF for just over 3 months now. So my question is, is this easy to do if you are away from home most of the day? I am usually home all day, but I have a conference Tuesday and Wednesday of this week and I will be gone all day. What kind of egg meals and snacks would you recommend? If you are able to bring along one of those insulated lunch bags, then you could bring along egg salad, or the egg muffins or even just boiled eggs.

Or just follow regular lchf until the conference is over and then go on the egg fast. Thank you so much, they did tell us they will have a fridge and microwave for us to use and I have one of those lunch bags that you keep in the freezer until ready to use. Excited to see how this helps break my stall. Oh, that will make it so much easier then! Good luck and hope to hear how it goes for you this week! I am sorry I seem to be full of questions. Is it normal for some who have been do LCHF to not be hungry as much while doing this?

I hope that is ok. I eat 7 eggs and 7 Tablespoons of fat and 3 oz cheese. Hii…I want to ask that if I skip bullet proof coffee and cheez and only eat fried or scrambled egg with butter and mayo……is it OK or it effects the weight loss in this diet???

Both the cheese and the coffee are optional on the egg fast. They are there to make it more livable if you need it. What is important is the ratio of 1 tbsp butter or other fat to each egg. Oh wow, I would have expected some protein. So that gives another option then. Thanks for reporting back! Can you eat more than eight eggs a day? Can use bacon grease to cook eggs instead of butter?

Can you have more fat then 7 tbls and finally what is the total carb count you are suppose to have? Yes, you can eat more than 8 eggs, you can have up to I was never able to eat more than 6. The ratio is 1 tbsp fat per egg, so if want more than 7 tbsp fat, then you eat more eggs. So if i have 2 16 oz bpc first thing in the morning with 2 tbl spoons of butter then i have 6 eggs thru the day do i leave out sum butter or mayo cause of the 2 in my bpc. Yes, it does have to be an equal amount by the end of the day.

So if you have 2 tbsp fat in your BPC, then somewhere in your day you need 2 eggs without fat to go with that. Hope that makes sense!

Yes it does thanx so does the 2 tbl spoons of mct oil with my bpc mean even less butter and mayo in my eggs? That is correct, those 2 tbsp of MCT count as a fat and you need to either have 2 extra eggs in the day, or take away 2 tbsp fat somewhere. You need to end the day with 1 tbsp fat to 1 egg ratio. As it says in the article, the total net loss was I followed it for days on and then 3 days LCHF. Are you counting the LCHF for 3 days as your transition days?

I was planning on doing a 5 day Egg Fast with 2 transition days and cycle that for an entire month. My opinion is that if you are doing 2 transition days as per the protocol then go back to egg fast, then yes, 2 days are enough. I am wondering why butter must be consumed with the egg? I eat hard boiled eggs but usually by themselves.

Mayo and coconut oil are just fine as well. One of my favorite snacks is a hard-boiled egg with toasted sesame oil drizzled over it. Would the sesame oil be an ok addition? Hmmm, I would not have ever thought of that. I think as long as you stay with the 1 tbsp fat per egg, then the sesame oil should be fine.

Thanks so much for posting this and being transparent about your results! Was desperate enough to contemplate a fat fast, but this sounds more doable! I am familiar with your blog and have received much inspiration from it, so very happy to send some inspiration your way! Good luck with the egg fast, I actually enjoy it very much but find about 4 days is my max! Your email address will not be published.

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